It’s in the Blood: East Coast YEH Championships

I had every intention of doing my full write-up of the YEH championships divisions for you guys but the past week has just been absolutely insane and now I’m in Ocala with another jam-packed day ahead, so it’s obvious at this point that a lengthy post isn’t going to happen.

I do have the spreadsheets though, so I put the file into Dropbox and made it public. Feel free to poke through it and form your own conclusions or do your own further digging. There’s a tab for the YEH4 and a tab for the YEH5, all the 4yo Futurity horses are noted, and whichever ones that I could confirm for sure were bred in the US are also marked as such. If you’ll be there and want a paper copy I’ll have some extras with me, just find the two ladies in the Willow Tree Warmbloods apparel!

YEH pedigree spreadsheet

4 thoughts on “It’s in the Blood: East Coast YEH Championships

  1. I love these write ups! My past experience in breeding was always in Dressage/Jumpers/Hunters and my knowledge of eventing breeding and thoroughbred influence (besides the well known) is limited, so I find these fascinating!


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