Headed to Maryland 5*? Let’s Play a Game!

If you’re heading to Maryland this week, Michelle and I would love to meet you! We’d also love to hand out some WTW swag while we’re at it, so we decided to make a game of it.

Michelle and I will be decked out in some kind of WTW stuff at all times – hat, jacket, shirt, something that identifies us – and posting pics on our Instagram stories of where we are throughout the day for each day of the show. If you spot us, come say hi and pick out some WTW swag to take home with you! We’ve got towels, bags, decals, hats – all kinds of fun stuff.

is that holo? yes.
glitter? indeed.

We’ll be posting updates on my instagram stories (breedridevent) as well as the willowtreewarmbloods instagram stories. Play a little game of where’s WTW and get a reward – easy peasy.

Hope to see you there!

11 thoughts on “Headed to Maryland 5*? Let’s Play a Game!

  1. I’ll be there to help my sales rep (Susan from Somerset Equestrian Trading) do vendor set up at the Boy-O-Boy Bridleworks tent on Wednesday, but I’m not sure if I’ll be there later in the week. If I am (or if you’re there on Wednesday) I’ll be on the lookout for you guys. Hope to have a chance to say hello in person!


  2. And now I’m definitely going to look like a stalker on Friday!
    Oh well, at least I’ll have a cute dog in tow to counteract the stan-ishness! 😆


  3. I do wish I could be there. Love that swag and would love to meet Presto’s person!
    Have a great time. Looking forward to photos and insights


  4. Sounds like fun! I hope a lot of folks find you and that the WTW logo shows up everywhere! Someone should try to get it on camera if it’s being televised at all. Have a great time!


  5. I won’t be in Maryland (my home state actually!) But I do live in Ocala, right near the Florida horse park, I figured it would be creepy to track you down here though. Enjoy your trip!


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