Breechgate Update

I’ve spent a lot of time bitching about breeches over the past few months but I think I’ve finally got things mostly ironed out, so I figured I’d update on which ones I’ve landed on and how they’re working out. I also have a white breeches version of this coming up soon (Luxe EQ to the rescue with that particular conundrum), but for today I’m sticking with the everyday schooling ones.

I’ve got the collection back up to 5 pairs, which seems to be about the right amount. Not excessive, but enough to where I can cover a range of colors and styles. They also range in price, when purchased new anyway, from $40 to $380. So I’m gonna go through and rank them, compare them, and totally play favorites. They might not end up how you think. Here are the players:

  • Equiline Boston
  • Horze Aubrey
  • Montar Megan
  • Quur Cardie
  • Baleaf… uh… “riding pants”?

Winner winner chicken dinner goes to the Quur Cardie, which you probably haven’t even heard of.

that one time I had a big mirror at a hotel

Yeah I’m surprised too. I tossed these in my Epplejeck cart on a whim, mostly because I wanted a pair of burgundy breeches and these were the best looking option of the cheaper ones. Regular price is around $100 once VAT is removed, but I got them during a sale for around $85. They call the color “purple” on their website but it’s definitely merlot, which is what I was going for. They also advise that these run a little small, so I was a bit scared about that, but I threw my regular size in anyway (US 28 = Euro 40) and just crossed my fingers. Quur is a brand that as far as I can tell exists only through Epplejeck so I had absolutely no idea what to expect.

Right out of the bag you could tell that they were styled after Equiline, specifically (IMO) the Equiline Ash. They have some of the same finish details, like the little black triangle on the thigh and the metal square branding above one front pocket. I also have a hunch that this is why they run a little small – Equiline do as well. There are some key differences though, especially with the fabric (the Quur are a stretchier tech fabric that almost has a slight compression feel to it) and the fact that these are actually silicone full seat. I was also hesitant of that but there’s not much grip to the silicone so they definitely don’t make me feel stuck.

I think they’re pretty flattering

They’re super comfortable, I love the cut, they fit pretty much perfectly (I’m on the smaller side of a regular 28 so that makes sense), and the waistband doesn’t gap when I’m riding. There’s also silicone inside the waistband to help keep tucked-in shirts in place, and four real pockets (I mean they aren’t deep but they’re real). I could take or leave the rose gold detailing but it does make them look a little more expensive. Really though, these could cost twice as much and I’d still like them a lot. My only complaint is that there aren’t more color options that I want.

My second favorite is a bit of a toss-up but would probably be the Horze Aubrey.

Like all Horze breeches these run big, so I sized down to 26. The fabric on these is thinner, a good summer weight, and the pockets are so deep I could pack a lunch in there. There are pros and cons to that though… I can easily and securely fit my phone, but the thin fabric plus big pocket means that there’s a pretty massive lumpy pocket outline on your leg. It bothers me a little, but not a lot. Your annoyance at that may vary. These are a bit higher waisted than the Quur Cardie, which I do like when I’m just walking around, but it makes the waistband gap at the top when I’m in the saddle unless I cinch a belt tight AF, which drives me batty. Again, your annoyance at that may vary.

Still though, they’re stretchy and comfy and I like the silver piping, so the pros outweigh the cons. The color options on these suck too, but the price is good. Normally they’re $110 but I’ve seen them on sale a few places, and RW has them for $90 in some sizes.

Next, but very very close in rank to the Aubrey, I’d put up the Montar Megan, which are actually really similar to the Horze, hence why they rank pretty much even for me.

These run true to size, so I got a EU 40, although the fabric is REALLY stretchy so if you’re in between sizes I would go down. When I sat the Horze 26 on top of these, the waists were pretty much the same size, but the Montar had a bit more room in the hip/thigh. The fabric is a bit thicker than the very lightweight Horze (and thus perhaps a bit more flattering), but otherwise they are very similar. The pockets are a more normal depth – deep enough for a phone but not a lunch – and it has the same higher waisted cut in the back. Which… also gaps on me when I’m in the tack, even with a belt. The only reason I put these slightly below the Horze is because I do wish these fit just a little bit smaller and more snug in the waist on me.

These are also silicone full seat, but like the Quur it’s not got much grip to it so I don’t notice it. They’re a little bit pricier at $115ish but I paid about $90 on sale from Epplejeck. Montar does have a nice range of color options with these, which is nice.

The next two pairs are a bit interchangeable for me as far as how much I like them, which is kind of ironic considering they’re the cheapest and the most expensive of the bunch.

The Baleaf breeches (the ones from Amazon) are $40 so you really can’t complain much about that. The fabric is fine, the fit is fine, the comfort is fine, they wash up well… like there is probably no better bargain to be found at that price point. Do I love them as much as the Quur or the Horze or the Montar? No. Which is fair. They don’t have some of the features I like most about those, they’re very basic, and the fabric is obviously cheaper. My only real complaint about them though is that the Small is slightly big on me and they do stretch out as you wear them, so they end up being a little baggy. I’d probably never reach for them for a lesson or anything “public” but I do wear them plenty at home.

The final pair is the Equiline Boston, which I bought at a steep discount from someone on facebook mostly just because I was desperate for green breeches again. If I’d paid the $380 retail price for them I’d be super annoyed, but it was more like $110 so… I don’t hate them. They just don’t make me super happy in any way aside from their color.

First of all the fabric is a bit thicker with more of a cottony feel to it, which isn’t my preference. I’m into the sleeker mega stretchy tech fabrics so this just isn’t my jam. They definitely run SMALL as is normal for Equiline, these are an I-42 and are definitely snug. The little styling details are cute, with the pocket flaps on the back and signature Equiline pocket square and leg triangle thingy, but what kills me with these is the rise. They’re just like… a half inch to an inch shorter than I want them to be, and for some reason they really just want to climb right up into my crotch. Like…. there’s a borderline camel toe situation when I get off the horse. Also the front pockets are too small for me to securely fit my phone into, which is problematic for me.

They’re fine in the way that I’ll probably keep them and wear them occasionally to get my green fix until I find something I actually love in this shade, but would I buy more Equilines? No. I have to be honest, I don’t get the obsession with them. I much prefer the Quur knockoff. A very rare win for my wallet.

12 thoughts on “Breechgate Update

  1. Spot on. I can’t wait for my Cardies to get here. Thx for letting me try them!

    I really wish the Horze and Montar weren’t so long because I Love the way they look. If old style Aqua X came back I would be all over them like white on rice. Those pants were my jam. And naturally the new ones suck and the old ones I had are 2 sizes to big.

    Maybe I’ll get adventurous and try some other Quur at some point too.


    1. I do full seat in the Horze’s and cut off the bottoms since I’m 5’4! I can’t do the knee patch Horze because the knee patch is under my boot lol.


  2. I just bought some used Equiline from FB but I didn’t do my homework. They’re I-44 which the seller likened to a 28, but they’re kinda huge. Agree on the fabric too. Very cottony. They’re fine, and I’ll wear them especially since I like something heavier now that it’s cooler. But wouldn’t pay retail (I paid under $100 each)!
    I just got some of the 9000 series breeches from Dover on sale for $50 (Wellesley 9000) and $60 (Dalton 9000) and I really like them. They’ll be on the blog Thursday if I remember to do laundry tonight. I’m not sure you’d love the fabric as there is cotton in them, but they feel more tech like than the Equiline do. They are lighter weight than the regular Wellesley which is nice. Not that you’re looking for more breeches… but the Dalton ones have a really pretty green.


  3. I’m always on the lookout for new breeches to try so thank you for the new ideas and reviews! My #1 annoyance with breeches is gaping in the back. So I feel your pain there 😆


  4. WHyy do so many brands make great stuff and then totally drop the ball on colors? Tan, black, and navy is close to all you can count on for most breeches which gets a touch on the limiting side of things after a while.


  5. I purchased some Espirit Equestrian brand for $56 full silicone seat that I’m in love with and get tons of compliments on. Tiny US based company, good customer service.


  6. Refreshed to find that I’m not the only one longing for green breeches! Not the khaki-like mid-green, but true, deep hunter or pine green! If you find any that you like, I’d be really excited to hear about it. Although I’m a fan of the (now seemingly defunct?) McCrown seats so I’m simultaneously sad that those seem to be disappearing as many brands are shifting to silicone. I’m *this close* to just biting a budget-killing bullet and buying several pairs of Pikeur Luganas, but the non-green problems endure. Ugh 😦


  7. My favorite pair of breeches I have right now are the LeMieux Freya. Stretchy tech like fabric that’s a little bit thicker, big enough front pockets for my phone, and perfect mid-rise waist. Although I also love them because the full seat silicone is very grippy (and has remained grippy after nearly a full year of use), so they probably wouldn’t fit your requirements. Smartpak has them for about $130 in a good variety of colors. I tried ordering a couple pairs of the Baleaf from Amazon, but unfortunately I found they fit a bit small and the fabric was too thin for my tastes, so I ended up returning them.


  8. Thanks for the breeches review.
    I am late to the riding tight movement. I took the plunge this past spring. I purchased a pair from CanTack – a small Canadian equestrian company. I love them, but wish they had belt loops. With a $75 price point, I can’t complain overly much.


  9. My favorite is the Rompf serafina. Kind of expensive but they have worn like iron which I appreciate because I hate shopping (for clothes for me) and don’t want to do it again for a long time!


  10. Thank you for these reviews! I ride in tights at home but honestly have never completely fallen in love with any breeches, so I’m going to check into some that you reviewed here and am looking forward to the Lux EQ review


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