Trending Positive

I feel like things are a little bit boring around here lately. Which is fine because next week is set to be busy, and maybe the next month or so really, so it’s like the calm before the storm. The calm is just… kind of boring.

We did get some rain though, which might be the most exciting thing that’s happened in the past week. (this is how you know it’s a bit of a boring time)

We got almost 3″ last week, and despite not getting it for as many days as predicted, things have already started to green up significantly in the past few days. My happiness level goes up in direct correlation with how much green grass there is. We did lose a big beautiful tree though, which was very sad. Luckily it fell in probably the best possible place, missing the trailers or any structures. It did fall on top of the arena drag but thankfully it’s unharmed.

so sad, poor tree

I’ve already got a big tree in the back that fell during the summer that is set to be repurposed as a jump so this one won’t meet the same fate. I hate losing these trees, they’re part of what makes this place so pretty (“oaks” is in the name of the farm for a reason).

With all the rain Henry ended up getting a few days off, which he didn’t seem to mind. He’s working on his winter bod. Yesterday I took him out in the back for a little hack around and he was absolutely WILD, which is always a good thing, IMO. Keeping this horse happy and feeling good is all I really care about when it comes to him.


Go for a nice relaxing hack they said. It’ll be fun they said. #equestrian #horsegirl #horseback #sundayfunday

♬ She’s Out Of Her Mind – blink-182

He’s real borderline with needing to be body clipped but I was really hoping to wait a couple more weeks. We’ll see how he survives the 88-90 degree high temps this week. I might cave sooner.

I really want to get back to exploring all the RideIQ lessons with him (they add more every week and it’s AWESOME, there’s so many on my list to try) but at this point I’ve conceded the fact that it’ll probably have to wait until I get back from Maryland and we return to our regular routine. Unless it wants to rain some more, which I’d be totally fine with. The ground is much improved though with the rain we did get so hopefully I can jump him some this week. I have him entered in a little DerbyCross type thing towards the end of the month that we can maybe – fingers crossed – actually make it to.

Let’s see, what else. Oh, I got more additions for my tack trunk sticker collection, plus some decals (peep the helmet poms on the rider, how’s that for detail?) from HB Equine Designs. Highly recommend.

The mare glare sticker is on point for Henny

In non-horse related stuff, I went into a store this weekend with the SO to get some Halloween shit I wanted (it’s my favorite holiday, leave me alone), and I stumbled on the coolest faux leather jacket for a ridiculously good price. I couldn’t pass it up, it just spoke to me. Except I don’t really know how to dress, much less style anything, so I don’t have a clue how I’m going to wear it. Shoes, shirt underneath, jeans… I dunno. Hurts my brain just thinking about it. I’ve done some googling for ideas because that’s the level I’m at. The jacket is rad though, no matter what. Surely it can carry whatever bad outfit I put with it?

Last but not least, I completed two more Airrosti appointments last week and go for my very last one tomorrow. I have to say, my back pain has been slim to none since I started, and when I have had little flare-ups, doing the specific things they showed me has always helped resolve it. I’ve also learned a lot about how my different parts work together, how to isolate certain muscles, and have really worked on targeting the weak areas. I see improvement for sure and have a new awareness of how all these parts work together (for better or worse). My hamstrings are still shit, and we’ve worked on those the past couple sessions, but overall it’s better.

Once my Airrosti experience is wrapped up and I get a couple weeks on the other side of things just trying to maintain it on my own, I’ll have to do a full write up of my thoughts and opinions. It’s too early to say at this point really if it’ll make a difference long-term, but it’s trending positive.

Fair warning, I’ll be away all next week so the blog will be on hiatus. I’m not dead, I’m just flying to Florida next Monday and then up to Maryland on Wednesday through the following Monday. Ample notice. I don’t have many post ideas for this week though, honestly, so if there’s something you want me to write about, drop it in the comments and I’ll try to put something together.

Happy Monday, maybe?

10 thoughts on “Trending Positive

  1. I always appreciate the heads up that you’re not dead! Though I’m incredibly jealous that you’re going to the Maryland 5*, it’s like the “who’s who” of American eventing (with more international names than I was expecting given Covid!). Alas, I’ll have to stream it like the rest of the lesser-cool people. Are you planning on doing an “In the Blood” on it? I don’t always follow those posts but I usually learn things. Though many of the top horses ran at Kentucky too, so I suppose we could go back and reference that one. Maybe an In The Blood for specifically the YEH divisions? That might be interesting!

    As for other post ideas, maybe a “Henry’s Least Favorite RideIQ Lessons”? You could summarize the point of the lesson for those not subscribing to RideIQ, and explain why you liked it and Henry didn’t (because of course it meant he had to work really hard), or why you both loved it, or didn’t love it, or whatever. I know there’s a handful of us who found and subscribed to RideIQ because you brought it to our attention, so I bet others would enjoy Henry’s perspective on it!


  2. Love the video (hah! go henry) and love the jacket. I am a bit of a fashionista…but thankfully lack the body to pull off a lot of what I like, so it keeps me from buying too many clothes. Well, only a little. I still buy a lot of clothes, just not hear the amount that I would if I could live up to the images in my head. 😀

    I’d wear the shit out of that jacket – it can go with just about anything – skinny jeans, booties, loose flowy top. Jeans, converse style sneakers, french tucked v-neck t-shirt. Skinny jeans, booties, button up over a tank…add a scarf/beanie when it gets colder. There isn’t much it won’t go with. I have 2 motorcycle style jackets (mine are a brushed fleece that is suede like – burgundy and olive green) and they are staples in my non-summer wardrobe.


  3. Happy to help style the rad jacket. For the most part, it works with everything. Especially your glitter boots.
    Can’t wait to read all about your trip! Seems like something exciting is brewing in Florida…


  4. I know it’s different than your usual In The Blood where you focus more on aggregate numbers, but I’d love to get more details on specific horse and rider combos you’re excited to watch at the 5* and what you appreciate about your favorite pairs! This would also be helpful for giving some individual background when I watch the stream because the commentators truly never give enough…

    I’d also love to hear what WTW is planning for the next batch of foals, or at least maybe what you’d love to see happen!

    Also if you’ve thought about which dressage saddles you’d like to try, would be interesting to hear! I know it’s early days and sounds like no one is responding, though, so get if that isn’t a “thing” yet haha.

    More than three things feels a bit excessive so I’ll stop there!


  5. We’ll miss your daily updates, but enjoy the show! BTW, I really, really appreciate your product reviews and letting us know about the websites for cool stuff. Really looking forward to your annual Black Friday report.


  6. I love just day-in-the-life of Henry and Presto posts. Since P is still off doing Big Boy things, maybe an update about how life in the pasture is going for Henry? Is he out alone? Spending some time inside under a fan? Is he getting sufficient oatmeal pies?!


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