Foal Friday: Baby Hippo

This is a baby hippo.

While you often seem him wandering around on land, he’s also a big fan of exploring his aquatic side, getting his toes wet and enjoying some water and mud.

There are all kinds of fun activities for a baby hippo to enjoy while he’s hanging out in the water.

He can admire his beautiful reflection.

He can stomp and splash.

And of course hippos are herbivores, so he enjoys chomping on all the extra-moist and delicious noms at the water’s edge.

Which, for some reason that makes the human go “gah, do you have to rip all my grass out by the ROOT!?!”. Whatever that means.


The water is also a delightful place to hang out and spend some quality family time with his momma hippo (from whom he inherited his sleek physique).

Baby hippos enjoy inviting their friends over to admire their pool sometimes too (“friend” and “pool” are both a stretch, admittedly, but don’t tell baby hippo).

Most importantly though, the baby hippo – while quite robust – is still a very regal creature, whether on land or in the water.

After all, the word hippopotamus is derived from ancient Greek meaning quite literally “river horse”, and I’m not sure there’s a better representation of that than Obi.

Happy Friday!

7 thoughts on “Foal Friday: Baby Hippo

  1. I ended up reading this with some calm solo piano music in the background, so it read like a bit of a nature documentary complete with soundtrack….it was excellent!

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  2. Every goofy thing about Obi makes me love him more 😂 he’s definitely my favorite of this year. Just need to win the lottery so I can take him home…


  3. Picking a favorite is impossible this year (well, if forced to I would pick Percy) but I wanted to let you know that I love Foal Friday. I would also like to put in a request for an update on last year’s foals if that is something you can do.


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