WW: Presto’s first pro show pics

I finally got the pro pics from Texas Rose last month, and omg y’all this little noodle horse. I couldn’t choose just a few so I ended up buying the all images package like a creepy overly obsessed horsemom, because… ya know… baby’s first event. I had to buy them all, right? There are some really cute ones though, so no regrets.

This angle absolutely cracks me up, he looks even more like a giraffe
cross country game face: check
first photo series! 1…

Who’s horse is this even, it can’t possibly the same one that was sitting in my pasture 6 months ago murdering balls on the regular?

16 thoughts on “WW: Presto’s first pro show pics

  1. Presto has grown up so much! I wouldn’t have been able to choose just one or two photos either. Speaking of balls, does Presto get to hang out with his ball in his down time or is that something he has outgrown?


  2. I remember before Presto did any XC that you said you’d wait to feel out how far he could go in eventing until you saw whether he had the drive and spirit for the XC phase. What are your thoughts now that you’ve seen him run? I’m no expert so may be totally off base but he’s looking like he could end up a very solid upper level event horse (like…even 3*?)


    1. So far I’ve been pretty pleased with his natural instincts. He’s bold and really seems to enjoy it/find it pretty easy. I think it’s tough to know how much scope he has yet, or what his gallop will end up like (he’s still learning) but I definitely don’t see why he couldn’t do anything I might ever possibly aspire to.


  3. I sincerely hope Presto is never too grown up to murder balls in the pasture! Although your wallet might disagree with me lol


  4. So so glad you ordered them all! Presto’s Game Face is strong and should be trending on social media. But I am left wondering and a little saddened by the fact that he might not have had the opportunity to murder some balls over the past few months.


    1. Don’t worry, he has a ball with him at school. He’s just been spending most of his turnout time playing Bitey Face or Triple Crown with the other horses.


  5. I also have a hard time not buying all of the pictures, even though it’s not my horse’s first show…. totally worth it, I love all of those adorable pictures of him at his first big event!!


  6. Obsessed with all of these and don’t for a minute think you’re posting too many! I love the close ups of his face and little eyeball:) It’s really cool getting to follow along with you guys!


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