Presto’s March/April Training Vlog (and Q&A!)

I was trying to wait to post this video until after the US Event Horse Futurity page shared it, but I also wanted to try something a little different with this one and today is the last day for me to really be able to make that happen. So, y’all get a little advance screening I guess!

Since this is the first Futurity vlog video with Megan doing the talking/training I thought it might be kind of fun to open up a little Q&A opportunity. Part of the goal of the Futurity is spotlighting the young horse trainers and offering an educational opportunity to the public, so it seems on par with their mission. Basically how it’ll work is you guys can submit questions you want to ask her (either about the video, or Presto, or general horse training, young horses, riding… anything you want) and I’ll get answers for you and then write them all up in a post. Hopefully that sounds fun to anyone besides me? I feel like you guys will probably come up with some pretty good questions. Feel free to either drop them in a comment, or you can DM them to me on Insta or message me on facebook. I’ll collect them all, get answers this weekend, and then get it all posted next week!

If y’all like this idea we can do it after every Futurity vlog with Megan (the next one would be July), so let me know what you think!

10 thoughts on “Presto’s March/April Training Vlog (and Q&A!)

  1. That – having Megan explain her thought processes – was really cool; it was interesting to hear the why behind what she was doing and the things she focuses on with a young horse.

    And Presto remains his goofy, goofy self.


  2. I love this! It’s so interesting to hear Megan’s thoughts and explanations, and a lot of what she says is stuff I can and have directly been applying to training my own horse (who isn’t green under saddle but IS still green to jumping!). I also like the Q&A idea.

    So here’s my question for Megan: Can you explain a little bit of what you are doing as a rider with your position over fences to help a green horse learn his job?

    She touched a little bit on staying out of his way, but I’d love some expansion on this, especially on what she as a rider is doing the stride(s) before the fence, over the fence, and the stride or two after.

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  3. Fun to watch how far he’s come already!
    I’d love to hear more from Megan on handling the ‘busy mind’ – since Archie can be a little like Presto in their ADHDness. And then she touched on when he got a little looky at the one jump, but it would be great to hear more about riding those moments, especially on a horse who maybe isn’t quite as naturally bold as Presto!


  4. I would be curious to hear from her husband about his impressions of Presto. Older horses seem to always have bodywork issues- is Presto on a program to forestall that? Does better attention to a developing horse help keep them more balanced later on?


  5. That was a great video – the voiceover was fascinating. Presto is definitely turning into a really cool young horse. My question would be could Megan share more detail on her approach to training young horses – flatwork and starting jumping?


  6. I’d love to ask Megan the same thing I ask all young horse trainers – how do you manage your own nerves as a rider? Babies are unpredictable, and falls are inevitable. Do you find yourself dealing with fear, and how? If not, how do you prevent yourself from going there?


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