Foal Friday: When Pippa met Patrick

Finally, the moment we’ve all been waiting for! The first two babies are now officially co-habitating, and their introduction to each other was every bit as entertaining as I had imagined.

Sometimes mares and foals are a little slow to integrate at first. The mares can be a little overprotective, and the foals can be a bit shy. I kind of had a feeling that wouldn’t really be the case with these two though (at least not Pippa) and it definitely wasn’t. They spotted each other right off the bat and were very much interested right from the start.

It took almost no time at all for Pippa’s curiosity and boldness to get the better of her, and unsurprisingly it was her who made the first move and initiated first contact. She left her dam and marched up to get a closer look at Patrick.

At first Lark wasn’t too sure about this little hellion trying to corrupt her sweet little Patrick. You can pretty much hear her yelling “PEYTON! Come get your little demon kid!” and Peyton yelling back “I GAVE UP ON HER A LONG TIME AGO, DEAL WITH IT!”. Which is true, Peyton cannot control Pippa whatsoever and has mostly given up trying. She’s a helicopter mom no more, but not by her own choice, by Pippa’s.

when you know the local riff-raff is gonna be a bad influence on your kid but there’s nothing you can do to stop it

With no assistance from Peyton it didn’t take Lark very long to give up either, and ta-da, just like that… Pippa and Patrick had their first nose touch!

Which, true to form, Pippa quickly turned into their first gallop. I’m not sure how much of a willing participant Patrick really was, but he, uh… humored her.


Pippa, having such a high % thoroughbred and bred to event, really loves to gallop. It’s her jam. Patrick on the other hand, bred to jump the big sticks, is more of a bouncing kind of guy. He’s like a little rubber ball all the time, and given the choice, that’s definitely his favorite activity.

vertical bounce
lateral bounce

He tried to get Pippa to try out some bouncing instead of just galloping laps all the time, but I think it backfired on him a little bit.

See Pips, you just start like dis…
You mean like this?
How about THIS?

Poor Patticakes. He learned a lot about fillies this week. Mostly that they’re scary and cannot be trusted.

they sneak up out of nowhere
pretend like they just stopped by to say Hi
and then BOOM she tries to nom your face WHAT DA HECK

I mean, I think we all felt a little sorry for Patrick in advance with this one. Pippa is an absolute spitfire, scared of nothing and no one, and very much likes to have things her way. Patrick is pretty bold and smart too, but there’s just no match for a filly like Pippa. She runs that pasture, for sure. Her way is THE way.

That’s not to say that Patrick was a total shrinking violet or a pushover either, though. He held his own at least some of the time and definitely isn’t scared of Pippa despite the fact that she can be… a lot.

maybe he’s a glutton for punishment
he learned what “The Danger Zone” is

Ok maybe he’s a teeny bit scared of her though. Honestly that’s for the best. Safe choice.

When he gets too tired of playing Gallop (ok being chased, Pippa flat out chases him for entertainment) he pretty wisely retreats back to Lark. Pippa is bold but she’s not stupid, and she knows better than to try to cause too much trouble right there while Lark is within reach. Lark is his safe zone when he needs a time out.

back to home base

Really for the most part they seem pretty well-matched. Pippa is the clear boss, for sure, which… I think she’s going to be the boss of this whole crop. Maybe Ollie’s full sibling could give her a run for her money when it comes to sheer chaos and anarchy, but I don’t think it’s possible to out-alpha Pippa. She’s a born boss mare and she isn’t shy about making that clear. Patrick seems to like her though, and they’re having a lot of fun chasing each other around and playing.

Most of all it’s really fun to see babies out there playing together again, and I’m more than ready to keep adding more to the baby herd. Just wait til there’s 6!

10 thoughts on “Foal Friday: When Pippa met Patrick

  1. FIrst I am here for that romcom title When Pippa Met Patrick. HA! Come on am I the only one who read the whole post with a movie trailer voice? just me? Okay then.

    They are adorable! OMG. Swoon. SO CUTE.

    Thank you for sharing! CANT wait for the newest one to join in as well as the rest of foals to pop out!!

    Liked by 1 person

  2. What a fantastic Foal Friday. Pippa certainly knows her own mind, I feel for Peyton. Luckily she has the support of other mares to assist in the education of her spitfire filly. Patticakes is a stunner, even with the removal of his star. He has certainly mastered the “blue steel” pose. I love the shot of him simply floating away in the air.
    Things are going to be quite busy when there are 6 foals on the ground. Is Sadie the last mare expected to foal?


      1. That’s fair. Sadie did push out the horse equivalent of a 10lb human baby. Just typing that makes my lady parts cringe.


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