WW: Bonus Bebe

Pippa and Patrick had their first turnout together this week, which resulted in A LOT of great pictures, so Foal Friday is already reserved for that. BUT we did have a new addition at WTW on Monday, with the birth of Patrick’s full sibling! Chanel finally released her hostage, a big bay colt, in the middle of the afternoon. He doesn’t have an official name yet so we’ll wait to do his intro post until maybe next week, but I thought everybody could use a little mid-week cuteness and this dude definitely delivers! Nobody’s going to complain about a bonus bebe day, right?

his little lip dot tho
trying to figure out how to lay back down
Success! Nap time.

More to come from this kiddo later on! Happy Wednesday.

8 thoughts on “WW: Bonus Bebe

  1. Oh my, poor Chanel – is it just me, or is he particularly large and un-squished? I think Mr. Adorable there is the equivalent of a 12-lb. human baby! I don’t know how he fit in her tummy and thank goodness he got out alright!

    Foal Friday this week is gonna be epic. Can’t wait!


  2. All babies are cute (the horse kind…up for debate for human babies LOL) but I am *such* a sucker for a blaze! Love him!


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