Midweek News

Y’all, I have some very important breaking midweek news that I think you need to see ASAP.

Patrick (the newest foal) has a serious ear situation. (or maybe a sEARious situation? ba dum tss I’m here all week)

Look at those things. He could take flight. They need their own zip code. And better yet, they’re pretty darn floppy and set wide to the sides. Absolute masterpiece ears, if you ask me. You’ll see them in their full glory on Friday but man… I didn’t think the world could go another day without seeing these things. Big floppy ears are my favorite accessory.

decidedly not big or floppy ears, but familiar and well-loved ones

In other news, I’ve ridden Henry twice now this week and he’s felt great both times. Like… really great. Like… too great. If you’re into dolphins, boy do I have the theme park experience for you. It’s hot and humid enough to take a tiny bit of the wind out of his sails so he hasn’t been super spooky, but as soon as we start cantering he plants his nose between his knees and away we go to the dolphin rodeo. I find it endlessly hilarious, although yesterday he came awfully close to an actual buck before he changed his mind and tried to run off with me instead. Bless his heart, none of it is particularly athletic but he gets an A for effort and bonus points for making me laugh so hard I can’t breathe.

I’m definitely glad that his owwie foot seems to be resolved, I missed riding this ridiculous animal every day. Two weeks was too long, although I was really worried that we’d have another 2 month situation like last time and that would have sucked a whole lot more. The rest of the horses will be back from their winter in Florida next week, which means I’ll be able to start taking Henry places again (with only 2 horses on the property right now, leaving one behind alone isn’t really feasible), although we’ve only got another month or so before it gets so hot that he’ll start struggling. Maybe we can fit a few fun things in before it gets too bad.

I did leave the Magic Cushion packed in there for a little extra protection, and the farrier comes tomorrow.

I will say that don’t think having two weeks off has done any favors for his fitness or his fatness. Once I handed Presto off to Megan I had more time to ride Henry, so he’d finally been getting back up to a more normal routine and a little more strength and conditioning before this happened. Two weeks seems to have definitely taken a few steps back on his progress. It also might be time to slightly cut his food back again. It’s funny because every single winter I had this horse at a boarding barn, no matter which barn it was, he got ulcery and lost a lot of weight every winter. Both of the winters he’s been out here, he’s gained weight and had zero ulcer issues. It’s kind of hammered into me from all those years of boarding to be a little leery of backing off his feed too much, lest he suddenly drop weight again, but… after all the time he’s spent here I think it’s safe to say that isn’t going to happen. Even when the pasture is dried up and crispy, he’s stayed round. When he moved here I cut his grain in half, and now I think we can back down a bit more. At least until some of his food baby is gone. You have to admit it does kind of complete his overall mare look though…

5 thoughts on “Midweek News

  1. I am ALL for big floppy ears! It’s the first thing people notice about my clydeX, his 8″ ears that are usually flopped out to the sides.

    I hope this lil feller NEVER grows in to those ears and they stay big and floppy and utterly endearing his entire life!


  2. My dun mare has gloriously big floppy ears (and unfortunately, not a particularly pretty head). Several people have hesitantly asked me if she was a mule:)


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