One Horse Rodeo

Someone is getting more and more wild as his time off for his owwie footie has been extended. This same someone may have come spinning and squealing out of his stall this morning like he was putting on a one-horse rodeo.


The good news is that Henry looks pretty much sound again as he goes streaking and prancing around the pasture, so today his 2 week vacation is coming to an end. Of course the tractor tire is dead so I haven’t been able to drag the ring, thus it’s concrete, and the ground elsewhere is getting really hard right now too (I’m getting concerned at how dry this winter and spring have been overall), so I’ll ease him back into things out on the hacking path in the back, where there’s plenty of cushion. I might get murdered, because he also loves to spook at literally everything back there, so ya know… pray for me y’all. He really needs to get back to work though before the hamster in his brain flies completely off it’s wheel.

also because he is FAT omg when’s he due?

While there was no riding this weekend, I did get one major thing accomplished – my second covid shot! I’m officially fully vaccinated, and it feels great. After the first shot my arm was pretty sore for a couple days afterward, and I fully expected to have some flu-like symptoms after the second shot since pretty much everyone I know has gotten some degree of sick after one of their shots. I was fully prepared to feel like crap on Sunday, I had some soup and some OJ and some Tylenol on stand-by, my schedule was clear… and I felt literally nothing. My arm was lightly sore for about 12 hours, otherwise nada. I actually felt weirdly good yesterday morning, like my body was saying GIMME MORE OF THAT SWEET SWEET RONA. So… ok then. I’m not complaining at all and ended up using yesterday to run some errands instead. I’m tired today but I have a feeling that’s got more to do with the fact that the dogs woke me up twice in the middle of the night to go outside and then I got an early morning wakeup call (okay I was pretty much already awake, but I was definitely awake after that).

Why did I get an early morning wakeup call? THE BEST POSSIBLE REASON OF COURSE. Lark had her baby this morning around 4:50.

It’s a handsome bay colt with a star and two socks who will definitely turn gray and he’s got some big ol’ knees and hocks on him – looks like he’s gonna be a thicc boi like his daddy. He seems very sweet and affable so far, which mostly just prompted us to be like “Pippa is gonna eat him alive…”. HA. He’s a stout little dude though and Lark had to push pretty hard, even with assistance, but they both seem okay so far, knock on wood.

And just like that, we’ve got two foals on the ground! It’ll probably be two or three weeks until we get to see the next one, which will be fun since that’s the full sibling to this guy.

5 thoughts on “One Horse Rodeo

  1. Yay for being fully vaccinated! Did you get the Pfizer or Moderna? I got my first Moderna on 3/22 and I get my second one 4/19. I didn’t feel great after my first for about 2 days, but nothing major.


      1. My dad got his second Moderna last monday. NOT even a sore arm. Mark gets his second Moderna next Monday and he will be in bed for a week knowing him. I got the J and J one and done last weds and had a slight fever for like 15 hours then fine. Arm still sore almost a week later but otherwise fine. My sister got her second Pfizer and just arm soreness and tiredness not bad. Once Mark gets his the family is fully vaccinated!

        ALSO BABY.COLT!!! 🙂 I think its funny Michelle calls you no matter the time 😉


  2. Oh my gosh, he’s so sweet, and now I can’t wait for this week’s Foal Friday post! Is it Friday yet? No? Only Monday? Bummer.


  3. BABY!!!!!!!!!!! What a cutie!
    Congrats on shot 2! Glad to hear you felt well after, I’m so nervous about number two. I got Pfizer, and it seems that one hits a little less hard on round 2 than Moderna… we shall see I guess.
    Hope you survived the first ride back with Henry!


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