First of all – very exciting development this morning. Presto went XC schooling at Majestic Oaks in Ocala and an Insta friend (who is now my new favorite person, my love is easily bought) was able to go over there and get some media! Everything will be uploaded later but I do have a sneak peek.

Whee (our first onomatopoeia of the post)

NBD, just my 4yo popping down the Training drop into water like the cutest animal in the world (no, there’s no bias here, why do you ask?). I can’t wait to see the videos!

On to our topic of the day. Good news, the filly’s owner did indeed approve my name suggestion, so Pippa WTW is official! I can’t wait for Foal Friday, y’all are gonna die at this filly. She’s too freakin cute. Ok ok one pic where you can see her tippy ears and her little nostril dot, because I’m feeling particularly generous this morning.

Anyway, I was talking to Michelle, and, riding the high of my name selection, I joked that we really should have named all the sportpony foals with onomatopoeias. Like… Vroom WTW. Pitter Patter WTW. Ping WTW. Sizzle WTW. Swish WTW. I mean come on, you’re with me right? Ponies are supposed to have cheeky names. I’m amused.

Not to mention that I’ve basically been practicing naming ponies for over 20 years. I haven’t thought about this in a long ass time, but I remembered that back in high school my friend Stacy and I had this dream of one day having a pony breeding farm. Back then the dream was hunter ponies, but ya know, dreams morph. I also had to take a second to laugh at that, because a lot of riders tell stories about how when they were teenagers they were sure they’d be at the olympics one day, or be trainers, or normal people wanted to get married or whatever. Me… I wanted to breed ponies with my friend. There’s weird horse girl and then there’s peak weird horse girl.

That one girl at school who loves horses - YouTube
i pretty much look like this right now anyway

I even kept a list of all the “great” names I came up with. Back in those days Rosmel ponies were The Big Thing around here, all the cutest ponies had the Rosmel’s prefix. Stacy and I decided our farm would be Special T (oh man, weren’t we just hilariously clever…) so they were all Special T’s _______. My favorite name, which was going to be preserved for a horse (preferably a roan or a palomino, if I remember correctly. Man my knowledge of color genetics back then must have been hilarious) with a white snip or blaze that extended over the upper lip but not the lower lip. Because, ya know… color and markings were obviously very important to High School me. That one would be our PEAK PONY and be named Special T’s Got Milk.

That should be a dead giveaway as to what the big ad campaign was in popular culture at that time.

Gallery: The best 'Got Milk?' moustache ads from the last 20 years
Your 'totally' top guide to the all-time best '90s marketing campaigns |  Brafton

Remember those? Omg HAHAHAHAHAHA. Searching for these photos took me down a rabbit trail, but I learned that this was actually a 20 year long ad campaign that went all the way through 2014. Who knew? It was definitely really popular in the late 90’s, I can vouch for that much.

Too bad I don’t still have that list, I bet they’re all hilariously awful now. Maybe I shouldn’t be naming ponies after all, but I’ve definitely been practicing for a long time at least. I haven’t thought about any of that stuff in such a long time, it was kind of a hoot to think back on it now. Good to know I’ve always been extra weird.

9 thoughts on “Onomatopoeia

  1. I still want to breed ponies, just maybe when we’re old and retired age? I like the idea of being a grumpy old lady yelling at ponies and kids all day.

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      1. Stacy and Amanda I would totally buy a pony from you two. But I am crazy sooooo 🙂 HA!


        And speaking of freaking gorgeous. I am still staring at that Beckham poster. Jeezus


  2. My best friend and I have a whole theoretical barn of Appaloosas with pun names.
    No Appologies
    Every so often one of us will text the other a new name out of the blue and re-start the conversation that’s been going on now for 10+ years.

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  3. This might be your best post of all time. I support the onomatopoeia pony names. Please talk Michelle into that.
    I used to collect the milk ads and also Absolut Vodka ads. I had a little binder for each… And honestly, I have a feeling those binders are on a bookshelf here somewhere. I was weird too. (Was? Am. Certainly still am.)


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