The Baby and The Bebe

Guess who’s still lame?

But I still has cookie please

I was hoping it was an abscess but now I suspect it’s a bad bruise – it’s following almost the exact same pattern of the one from last winter (sorta bad, omg my leg is broken, sorta bad, a tiny bit better, a tiny bit better, pretty much the same…). Hopefully this one doesn’t take two freakin months to resolve because I honestly might kill him. He’s such a massive baby too, zero stoicism in this horse whatsoever, so sometimes its hard to get a gauge on reality when he’s always living at peak drama. I’ve got it packed with Magic Cushion, wrapped, and booted. Why can’t he do this crap in the summer when it’s hot and miserable and I don’t really want to ride that much anyway? Why do it at literally the only time of year when Texas is tolerable? Of course, it’s supposed to be hot AF this week so maybe that’s when he’ll magically decide he’s better.

Ew, pass.

Now I find myself having gone from not being able to fit both horses in to not having anything to ride. Feast or famine, man, feast or famine.

Naturally I’ve had to find some ways to cheer myself up. But, ya know, cheap ways, because all of my money is in Ocala. So first, I knocked something off my list that I’ve been wanting to do for a while anyway.

navy hair!

For the past couple years I’ve been alternating back and forth between putting burgundy or purple color over my natural dark brown hair. It mostly just showed up as a tint in the sun, but those were the only 2 colors that would really show up on my hair at all (blue just turned it black and green sent it even more mucky brown) and I liked them fine, so it worked. But I was getting kind of tired of those two colors, and really wanted to go for something in the blue or green spectrum. That would require lightening my hair first though, which is like… a commitment, so I’ve delayed it. But then I finally ordered the stuff I needed, and my horse is lame anyway so what else is there to do, so first I bleached it (I did like a balayage/highlighting technique, didn’t want to go all the way up to the roots or do my entire head because that requires more constant maintenance which CLEARLY isn’t happening with the hair that I generally only manage to get cut like once a year) then did a couple dye test strips to decide on color. One was just aquamarine, which is like a teal, and for the other I mixed aquamarine with purple, which managed to come out navy on my hair. Not intentional, but I’ll 110% take it. Navy wins every time, so on it went and now I have navy hair. Which is freakin rad. It’s brightening up my otherwise boring life, fo sho.

gonna match all my clothes now since I have so much navy

The other fun thing to cheer me up is this rainbow lead rope that I saw at Tractor Supply. I just stopped in for treats and dog food and they had rainbow lead ropes in the little bins in the front. Real rainbow, pastel rainbow, and a very Eastery looking one. And they were $6. And they’re the heavier cotton ones, which are the only kind I like and can be hard to find in colors. And like… you never really have enough lead ropes right?

it’s on Henry’s halter now

It made me feel a little better at least.

But you know what made me feel even BETTER? Like A LOT better?


Peyton had her BEBE last night! And it was at a very reasonable time, so I got to watch on the cameras. She is a gorgeous, leggy bay filly by 5* eventing stallion Leprince des Bois with a couple socks and a star (and I think a little white dot on one nostril). It’s a P year for sBs so I suggested Pippa, because we saw her sire at the Burghley stallion show when we went in 2019, and Pippa Funnel won that year. Seems fitting! She is already sold so we’ll have to see if her new owner likes that or not, or if she’d rather pick something else. So she’s MaybePippa for now.

She’s still got some unsquishing and unfolding to do (she was cramped in there with those legs!) so we’ll give her a few days before we take her first baby glamour shots. I am very exciting to FINALLY have foaling season underway now though! FOAL FRIDAY SHALL RECOMMENCE! Lark has been acting pretty uncomfortable too so her baby might make an appearance sooner rather than later – she’s 326 days today. From here on out the babies are spaced pretty regularly through the end of May/beginning of June. Bring on the bebes!

8 thoughts on “The Baby and The Bebe

  1. I really hope that the 90 and higher weather this week isn’t a sign that Summer will be awful. Sorry that Henry is still lame but your hair looks great! And happy to hear that the little girl came into the world safely and well.


  2. Oooh, you both look terrific, you with the new hair and that DARLING bebe! Nicely-done.

    Now to get Henry fixed. Does he currently have pads in his shoes, or would those not help anyway? I honestly don’t know. I do know some people hate pads, period. My guy must have pour-ins in front as he has lousy feet, ringbone and very tender soles and they’re the only way he stays sound. I avoid walking him on gravel all the same. I hope Henry feels better soon, Mr. Drama needs to keep you in the saddle!


      1. poor Henry SO abused. 🙂 I hope he bounces back soon. ALSO BABY so cute. Even if I failed at my guess. She is adorable!! Congrats to you and Michelle and everyone involved!


  3. We have a deva with tender feet and have found that packing them with a wet mixture of epsom salts and filler (we use grits from the supermarket) has done a good job. We used it to get him sound after a previous shoing . The blacksmith then came and found that he had indeed bruised that foot. Your milage may vary, but its cheap and we found it effective.


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