My Only One

I probably just dated the hell out of myself by using a Yellowcard reference in a post title but come on, you know they were one of the best bands of the late 90’s, early 00’s. They had a VIOLINIST. That’s hard to top, and it’s why they were 100% my favorite band at Warped Tour (2000? 2001? 2002? I forget).


Henry is back to living the Only Horse life for the first time since 2018. Well, he’s not alone of course, he has Quinnie, but he is the only one that I’m riding or doing anything with. I can’t quite tell if he thinks this is a good thing or a bad thing. On one hand, more attention equals more cookies, and that’s definitely a good thing.

On the other hand, more attention equals more riding, and he keeps swearing that he’s semi-retired. Even though he’s wild pretty much all the time and gets a lot of joy out of yeehawing his way through everything we do.

I’m amused by it, and happy that he feels good enough to be a dingus, so it’s fine. He did manage to get a week and a half off thanks to the winter storm but on the plus side, before the ice started, he finally got to wear his PS of Sweden quarter sheet. Which… his butt has expanded a little and it’s kind of more like a cape, but whatever.

I’ve also ridden him a little in one of my leather bits. Aside from a few sporadic rides here and there, he’s hardly worn a bit at all in like a year and a half. He’s just a lot more pleasant to ride bitless. He didn’t object much to the leather bit though, at least for Henry (if he doesn’t like something YOU WILL KNOW IT). He chomped on it a little, which is pretty normal for him with any bit, but it was probably one of the best first responses I’ve ever gotten to a bit from him. I still prefer riding him bitless but it might be something else to play with going forward if/when we ever make it to another event and have to dressage. Why did it take me so long to get in on this leather bit thing?

I also finally got around to playing with the knockoff Equiband system that I bought for him months ago.

When he first picked up the trot there were many emotions. He was quite displeased. There was some leaping and cantering in place and then an attempt to just run away from it. He started to settle after a few minutes though, and I did feel him engaging a bit more. He never quite stopped being mad about it, but maybe over time and with more use he won’t object quite so much. It’s funny because I used it on Presto a couple times and Presto never even flicked an ear about the dang thing. Leave it to Henry to bring the drama, per usual.

For his first ride back after the winter storm passed he got roped into ranch horse duty and we rode all around the property looking for tree or fence damage. If you’re gonna look like a ranch QH, you may as well do the job of one.

Yesterday we started back to our cavaletti exercises, and this weekend I’m going to set up a gymnastic. I’m really trying to get his strength and fitness built back up a bit before the super hot weather comes again and he won’t be able to do as much. At this point his gut is outweighing his topline. Maybe it has something to do with his cookie consumption? Neh, that can’t be it…

11 thoughts on “My Only One

  1. Glad to hear that Henry is enjoying being an “only child” again, at least for a short while. I am sure deep deep down inside Henry misses Presto.
    Thank you for the review on your knockoff equi-core system. I contacted your supplier, but sadly she is out of stock and not sure when there will be more available. Therefore, I am in the process of having clips sewn onto a saddle pad to rig up my own knock off system to try with resistance bands. I am not sure how my mare will react when I attach the abdominal band (very lightly to start). I expect something similar to Henry’s feelings about it all. My current bum band system is VERY redneck. You inspired me with your set up on Presto and I have taken it just a step further. Visualize a hunter green polo bandage knotted to blue coloured twine which is either attached to a surcingle or the billets of a dressage saddle depending on the day. It’s a look. But it has worked. Combine that with the fact that I bought 8 Ikea potties to use as raised rail holders for pole work gets me some really good looks from kids & parents at the barn where I board.


  2. Yay for Henny and Mom time! He is taking on a similar shape to Eros. But ya know… it’s been cold and they need that extra insulation.
    I’m DYING to get the Equiband on Shiny. But my go button fell off and I think that’s required for use with that… Hopefully she won’t be as… expressive about it as Henry when it finally goes on her!


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