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This one was really Stacie‘s idea so she gets the credit, but I’m always fascinated (and ok mildly obsessed) with horse wardrobes. Show me what you’ve got for your horses! Bonus points if you point out your favorites or why you like/dislike certain ones. Everybody’s always looking for feedback on horse clothes, right? Mostly I’m glad that in the past year or two I’ve given away almost 10 blankets/quarter sheets/coolers or otherwise this would be extra embarrassing. It’s also probably a good thing we live in a place with mild winters, because I can’t imagine what this list might look like if it actually got cold here. ANYWAY, here’s the boys’ collection:

Turnout Sheets

Presto’s Pony-O unicorn 0g sheet- Pony-O has the best patterns, I’m kind of obsessed. They fit Presto nicely too, and they’re holding up pretty well to his terrible abuse (he ripped the front velcro flap off the unicorn sheet but otherwise that’s all he’s done, which is pretty impressive considering how terrible he is).

Riding Warehouse waterproof rain sheets – I have two of these, identical color and size. They’re deep in the body which is nice for a rain sheet, I’ve been pleased with them so far especially considering how cheap they are, and there are nice details like the belly straps having elastic inserts. The navy is definitely more french blue though.

Hug Abrazo turnout sheet – I have two of these also, the one Henry wears and then a smaller 72 that was Presto’s when he was a yearling. I should probably give that one away. Sigh. Hugs are really the only blankets Henry can wear on a regular basis and not get rubs… I went through 7 different brands before I figured that out. They’re getting hard to find, which is a bummer. I’m not sure why more people don’t use these, they’re great, and def much easier than dealing with blanket rubs or bibs.

Another Hug – this was Henry’s original Hug before I bought him navy ones. These got passed down to Presto to wear last year, and he managed to tear the lining and two spots on the outside. Technically it’s still useable though so I keep it as a spare.

Turnout blankets (Texas heavy aka everyone else’s medium weight)

Pony-O – THE BEST BLANKET EVER MADE. For real though, this thing makes me smile every time I put it on. Look at it.

Hug Abrazo turnout blanket – The same as Henry’s turnout sheet but with fill.

Hug Abrazo turnout blanket – Henry’s old Hug, just like the sheet, which is now a spare.

Turnout accessories

All the neck covers. I love that every Pony-O rug comes with a matching neck cover (and I especially love how easy they are to take on and off, the Hug one is annoying in that regard).

Stable rugs

Horsegear Lodix – this is one of the new ones I just got, sort of a knock off of the Kentucky rugs but significantly cheaper.

Back on Track mesh sheet – Henry has definitely worn this a lot at winter shows.

Some rando Dover brand cotton sheet. I got this as a super lightweight option or something for traveling. I think Henry’s worn it once.


Curvon custom cooler – I happened to find this on consignment for cheap in Henry’s colors and size, so I snatched it up. It’s a nice lightweight fabric, which makes it useful for our climate.

Saratoga awards cooler – this is the one Henry won at AEC’s, which he used to wear a lot but now Presto has been using it since it’s his color. I like the fabric on these a lot, it can do double duty as a dress sheet or a light cooler.

Horsegear Allure cooler – the other new acquisition, and the only fleece item in my arsenal. I’m still grumbly about fleece but this is a nice weight and really cute so it gets a pass.

Other miscellaneous clothing

Triple Crown custom scrim – I’m sad Triple Crown is no more, but I do love this scrim sheet. I got it a couple years ago on Black Friday for Presto and as of yet he’s never worn it, but SOON, dammit… SOON.

PS of Sweden quarter sheet – after all the drama of getting this thing from their clearance site it has yet to be a cold enough day to actually use it, but at least I’m prepared right?

Jammies super hero outfit – or hood, I guess, if you want to call it that. Only used to protect braids overnight at shows but it’s served us well. I like the Jammies brand with the zipper.

That’s it! Not too bad right? I’m kind of glad I don’t have a reason to need heavier blankets and coolers, I dunno where I’d store all these clothes.

Show me what your horses have and what you like!

14 thoughts on “Blog Hop: Clothes Horse

  1. Now you made me feel like a true hoarder. I have like 5x as many in my collection. Yikes! My favorite coolers and quarter sheets are Thermatex. They are SO GOOD at drying and keeping warm. Granted I don’t need them a ton in Texas, but they are super useful when foxhunting in colder climates. And they don’t gross and staticky like fleece.
    I also have a newmarket Friday Fox cooler that I adore bc it’s so old school.
    I’m a big Baker fan for everything. All of mine are at least 4 years old and have stood up to PLENTY of abuse both from the wearer and the pasture friends/stall neighbors. My Baker fly sheets are also 4-6 years old and are great when it’s not too hot for fly sheets here.
    Curious what you think about BOT? Does it really work or is it snake oil? I have a bunch of their stuff and I think I like it, but I’m always curious to hear perspectives from other people.


    1. I love the Thermatex stuff, I just haven’t taken the leap to actually buy one!

      I like the BOT stuff. Not like swinging from the rafters omg excited about it, but I do like it. I got mine on super sale from a place in Canada so it wasn’t stupid expensive.


  2. I have fleece coolers for DAYS….seriously, I have like 4 or 5 of them. And one horse. Two are square and handmade by my mom, so I’m not inclined to get rid of those: they live in our LQ trailer and double as extra human blankets when they’re clean! I have one that lives in my little trailer, one (cheapo like $15 at Dover) that lives in my tack stall at the barn, and one that’s actually a terry-cloth towel material that’s awesome for after baths (especially the late spring and early fall baths where they have a longer coat to dry but it’s still warm enough to bathe). I also have a really nice wool cooler that I use after baths (or on really cold foxhunt days!)

    I have two light nylon “keep ’em clean” sheets: my “$3,000 Champion Sheet” (embroidered with my horse’s name and 2019 National Champion, I joke it’s my $3,000 sheet because that’s about what it cost including fuel to get, a whole season of competing in 3 states!) and a teal one that was the first I had. I also have several of those “jammies hoods”, because well, grey horse.

    For winter blankets, I struggle with fit. I have a short (14.1 hand) Arabian. Lengthwise she fits a 69″, but the drop is almost always to her knees: it’s like manufacturers forget that a 69″ “horse” is usually closer to a large pony! I’ve found Weatherbeetas to fit her nicely, so my sheet and heavyweight (360g) are Weatherbeetas. However, my most-used blanket is a 150g: a REALLY hard weight to find, by the way! It’s perfect for winter in Colorado for my horse, who has a tiny bib clip but otherwise most of her coat, but also has a very low tolerance for cold. She’s happy in it when it’s in the low teens overnight but up in the 40s (and sunny so it feels warmer) during the day, so I don’t have to worry much about being around to pull a blanket (I work more than an hour from the barn, so that would be a no-go). I had a Centaur, which looked and felt cheap, and the size 69″ ran SUPER big (as in, I had it on my stepdad’s size 75″ Spotted Saddle horse once and it was only about an inch too short…). It’s been demoted to the “spare” in our LQ trailer since it technically fits both horses, sort of. I replaced it with an Amigo Bravo 12 with the disc closure: which I like, a lot, despite the fact the drop is so long it looks like a dress on her! She can move in it and isn’t the type to get caught in anything, and it’s the right size otherwise.


  3. ZB haaaaaaates wearing clothes and keeps herself remarkably clean, so she has a collection of moose size blankets and coolers she literally never wears. Including my dream rambo cooler that’s only been tried on, never used. SOB.

    Gotta say tho–the one sheet I use very occasionally is a hug. The barn staff get confused by it but it’s the only one she doesn’t pin her adorable moose ears for.


    1. I don’t know why more people don’t use Hugs! Considering how many horses you see with blanket rubs or wearing bibs or shoulder guards… Hugs, people… Hugs.


  4. Good collection! Mine are all in use and quite dirty, but I should do this from a cold weather location perspective. Although, I’m a bit different in that I don’t blanket that heavily. I’m a big fan of Schneiders blankets, but with covid and a crappy exchange rate, new ones are off the table at the moment.


  5. Considering I live in Canada where in winter it can get to -35 Fahrenheit, my horse has a dismal clothes collection.
    For winter, horse clothes consist of 2 old Schniders blankets – a medium & heavy, no hoods. Spring & fall clothing wear consists of a low fill rainsheet I found unclaimed in our barn’s lost & found. The other is a no fill rainsheet. I have a fleece cooler for sweaty moments. Summer time she is nekkid. Maybe a flymask. I need to do some upgrades starting with the winter blankets and will start looking closer to spring for replacements.


  6. How does the Hug sizing compare to Horseware? My young guy is getting rubbed both from a Rambo and a Shires with gussets. I want to try the Hug but not sure on sizing and can’t find much info out there on the interwebz.


  7. How does the Hug sizing compare to Horseware? My young guy is getting rubbed both from a Rambo and a Shires with gussets. I want to try the Hug but not sure on sizing and can’t find much info out there on the interwebz.


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