Happy… New Year? Maybe?

Some of y’all are out here with some BOLD New Year’s posts. Like…. y’all are making goals and plans and resolutions. I wish I had that level of bravado, but truth be told I’m still worried that 2021 is just going to be 2020: The Sequel. I’ll be skipping all that goal-setting and plan-making stuff this year, lest I anger the beast that is 2021. I mean, my 2020 Plans post was mostly about all the traveling I planned to do. HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA. Ha. ha. *sobbing*

So, yeah… I’m just gonna welcome 2021 with caution and try not to do anything to spook it. I did take some pics of the boys in some festive headwear though, because why not. Let’s just say, though, I hope ’21 behaves better than the horse who was wearing the 21 headband…

So… Happy New Year I guess? Maybe Cautiously Optimisic New Year?

5 thoughts on “Happy… New Year? Maybe?

  1. More like Please Don’t End Up With Zombie Apocalypse year? After what we’ve endured, it’s a reasonable request.


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