What’s In a Name Part 2 – The Primaries

There were A LOT of suggestions rolling in last week for a new blog title – lots more than I expected, so many thanks to y’all for putting on your thinking caps and helping me out.

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I’ve narrowed it down to 5, an official “short list” if you will, and from here I’d like to whittle it down to 2 before we do a final vote. I’m in that place where I like all 5, don’t really LOVE one in particular more than the others, so I’d like input and opinions that might help sway me. They all have some pros and cons. Anyway, top 5, in no particular order:


Unbridled Eventer

Bloodlines, Bascules, and Bridles

Bloodlines and Bascules (or Bloodlines and Bridles?)

Chance Events

Please feel free to let me know which one like most, and/or if there’s one in particular that you really hate (and why! There might be a problem you see that I haven’t though of yet). I’ve tried to consider them from every possible angle but maybe I’m missing something. I’m probably overanalyzing this to the nth degree, but I want to make sure I really think about it before I just pick something and then end up hating it later.

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And of course, thanks again for your continued assistance. I am bad at decisions.

44 thoughts on “What’s In a Name Part 2 – The Primaries

  1. Of those five, my favorite is “Chance Events”. The ones with bascule in them don’t seem to flow off the tongue very well when you say them out loud. Hubby’s suggestion is “Tales of Chance”.

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  2. BreederRiderEventer has my vote. The ‘breeder’ part is really important to you and to your story, while “Chance Events” and “Unbridled Eventer” could be anyone on the internet. I also agree that the bascule ones don’t roll off the tongue. I like a blog title that at least gives you a hint at why this person has an interesting and unusual story worth following, and BreederRiderEventer checks that box for me.


  3. Of those options, Chance Events is the only one I like because it’s the only one that is personally tied to you. Your blog is about more than just eventing, so I was drawn to some of the other suggestions/would play around with the Chance name a bit. (Eg. The Chance Chronicles, Events of Chance…?)

    (Also, I’m at the point of looking at the word/name “Chance” after seeing the suggestions and writing it out a bunch of times and wondering if it’s even a real word.)


  4. Another for “Chance Events”. It covers everything! 🙂 And it’s easy to spell and pass along to others.

    Other thoughts – Sometimes things can have embarrassing ramifications, or no meaning at all, to other people. Esp. when anyone can find it. To that thought …

    I would not use any form of “Breeder”, even mashed up with something else. It is wide open to unwanted silliness.

    Many horse people, even those who jump, aren’t familiar with “bascule“. I’m always surprised by this, but there it is.

    Anyway- Will miss the old title, but yeah you’re right, the Chance horse family has kind of outgrown it. Great move forward to a new name. 🙂


  5. I’m also a chance events vote.

    I like the BRE one too but as a PP said – the “E”‘s just jump out at me like crazy.


  6. Another vote for Chance Events! Breeding is always a chance event. No matter how much effort, time and research you put into it…bringing along any horse, whether a youngster, a horse changing careers or mature horse and also just keeping a horse sound, healthy and happy are all chance events. And of course, you, Amanda Chance, events. I find it fitting!


  7. There’s something that feels good and sounds right about Chance Events. I like that Events is action oriented and a verb. If you are still unsure about “Chance” how about something like Unbridled Events?


    1. If you wanted it to be a little less obvious you could call it Random Chance Eventing. It’s more generic and not obviously your name only.


  8. Also voting for Chance Events!

    It is your name and eventing, but also encompasses all of the little pivotal moments in your journey that came together to lead you where you are now. So many “chance” “events” that lead you to buying Henry, then to getting back into eventing, starting a blog, etc. etc…
    I’m in love with the endless meanings that you could draw when you think about it.


  9. I am the odd one out,”Chance Events” sounds as if I can hire you to plan my next birthday/a wedding, etc.
    They all sound a bit unpersonal to me.
    Of the five above I like Bascule and Bloodlines best (I don’t think you use the plural for bascule when it comes to horses), sorry: Bloodlines and Bascule. But again, I would like smth a bit more personal…


      1. I would prefer a name with some connection to your horses.. from “The 900 fb pony” to “BRE” or “Chance Eventing”. That could be anyone.
        The names all sound so serious, too…I would not expect the content of your blog when reading a name like that.


        1. I specifically didn’t want a title with their names, because if I add another horse, or something happens to one or both of them, the name yet again becomes “not quite right”. I want something that can last so I never have to do this again lol.


  10. I like Chance Events. There is a lot more going on with that than the others – Both words have multiple meanings and can be used to signify action and adventure, and the crapshoot of it all,


  11. My personal favorite is Chance Events as a daily reader, however, from the POV of audience growth (if that’s of interest) I think Bloodlines, Bascules, and Bridles is the top pick. It doesn’t brand it as all about eventing, and adding bridles clearly says “horse blog” to those who may not be into breeding or for those who doesn’t get bascules. My 2 cents.


  12. Rats, my favorite didn’t make the cut… but out of these, I like BreederWriterEventer and Chance Events. I distinctly do NOT like either one with “bascules” in it, but especially “Bloodlines, Bascules and Bridles.” Too long and sorry to say, not every horse person even knows what a bascule is.

    I think Chance Events sounds the best but is a bit too obscure. You could be a party planner – there’s no “horse connection” for anyone doing a search.

    So my vote falls with the first option. Captures your interests and what the blog is all about!


  13. I don’t really like BreederRiderEventer. As another commenter stated, just too many Es, I don’t like that it runs together (think about trying to fit that all on one line on merchandise!)

    I like the play on bloodlines and bridles, but not really digging bascule. I guess that term gets more critiqued in hunters – not that it’s not a necessary portion of ANY jumping discipline, but I feel like no one TALKS about it except in hunters (or in breeding).

    What about just Bloodlines and Bridles? I bet if you did a word count on your blog, those words would appear in the top 5. 😀

    I like things with your last name.. but.. what if you change it?


    1. I don’t do merchandise so that’s not really a concern. BRE is actually shorter than the current name, too!

      Also, never changing last name lol. I just don’t know that I love using my name as part of the title.


  14. Chance Events! The title is short and sweet. Easy to remember. Definitely like the double entendre too.


  15. Chance Events is my favorite, but I get what people are saying re: it being generic and could be an event planning company or something. Maybe add one of the other choices as a subtitle?


  16. Of the options above I like chance events best too.
    I get the intent behind breeder rider eventer, but (and I can’t articulate this well) it doesn’t work as well for me.
    That said go for what makes you happy! I appreciate the content!


  17. #’s 3 and 4 are my picks…Because your target audience will pick up on the meaning, message, and intent instantly. Plus, it’s alliterative, which can’t hurt. The last one is pretty general and open to multiple interpretations. Doesn’t really “hit the spot”. The second one is too punny and the first one too ordinary.


  18. I like Unbridled Eventer. It reflects conversations we have had about bit (or lack there of) rules in the Eventing world. Brings in a bit of flavor of your personality.


  19. You may have already chosen the name that feels right, but I would like to suggest one more. Perchance Eventing. Could add ellipsis, dash, or question mark.
    Long time reader, rare to never commenter anywhere.


  20. I like Chance Events, but you’re right. It needs some jazz. Bloodlines and Bridles is nice, I’d drop the Bascule part. It’s kinda generic too. I like A Chance of Magic, which is your name, Presto, what it feels like to breed, what happened with Henry, and basically everything with horses.


  21. Long-ish time reader, of the available I’d vote chance events and will throw one more out there (that you could spell/style differently): 3 Days 3 Ways, because it ties in eventing and your unique perspective of multiple roles/viewpoints of the discipline
    and (totally optional) subtitle: tales from an eventing breeder, rider, and owner


  22. I know you speak straight from the hip so I will give you my 2 cents.

    I work in statistical journalism for what it is worth and write professionally for 40% of my job.

    The 2 or 3 nouns titles are very trendy (to the point of being 2009 healthy living blogger living off ad revenue type of dated – oop, I’m likely offending people left and right, sorry!) and IMO feel juvenile.

    As a 30 something adult with a rather common, but easy to place in a sentence last name – I really think you should brand your under your adult given name in some fashion. Understood you generally breed for your own private usage, but perhaps WTW / Chance becomes more of a household name (albeit local of smaller scale) in the breeding and ownership space. I think you would later regret not going with something subtly playful, but still extremely professional such as incorporating a given name.

    Perhaps I’m jealous of your simple and fun last name – I would absolutely use in my personal & professional branding if I had the surname “Chance”.


    1. Basically also saying – WTW and your sharp eye for breeding may well take off with Sadie’s other future foals. You may greatly appreciate a professional, simple brand in the near or far future.


  23. The name that grabs me the most is Chance Events, but I agree with others that it could use some razzle-dazzle. Maybe it’s me, but I giggle when I say to myself “Sunny, with a Chance of Eventing” play on words (Sunny, with a chance of rain).
    I agree with everyone about the many ee’s with BreederRiderEventer. Maybe if it was Breed.Ride.Event – adventures by Chance. Or something of that nature.


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