What’s in a Name

Well guys, apparently Facebook (as so many others that have come before) has decided that my presence is intolerable. Or, more specifically, my blog’s domain name and title. They sent myself and WordPress a trademark violation notice, with that super professional-sounding corporate way of threatening to destroy your life that really just makes your eyes roll around in your head. Sure Facebook, ok. I feel like y’all have bigger fish to fry but whatever.

Facebook To Test GIFs In Comments For The First Time

So I have two options: change the name of the blog and get a new domain name, or ride it out and hope facebook forgets about me and that WordPress doesn’t shut me down.

As tempted as I am to flip them the bird and go with the latter option, truth be told I’ve been considering a re-branding for a while anyway. The only reason I haven’t done it is because 1) I’m lazy. It’s a lot of work to redo all this stuff and buy a new domain name and change all my social media blah blah blah. Ugggggggggh. 2) I have yet to come up with a name I really like.

When I started this blog, almost 6 years ago now, I never actually thought it would go anywhere. It was a very tiny for-fun thing that I did for my own entertainment. I still do it for my own entertainment, but it certainly grew to something much bigger and has lasted a lot longer than I ever expected. If I’d known it then, I probably would have chosen a different name right out of the box. I mean… at that point the story WAS mostly about how and where I got Henry. I’d only had him for about 6 months, it was still very new, we were still in h/j land, and things were very very very different than they are now. IMO I think we outgrew the name a long time ago… the story is so much more than that now. Plus the use of the word “pony” has been very confusing for a lot of people, understandably.

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people have expectations of this and I cannot deliver

That said, I still have no idea what I want to name it. I know that I don’t want something wildly specific that won’t have any relevance in 5 years (been there done that). I know that I don’t want it to be just my own name, and I don’t really want it to be the current horse’s names. And I really don’t want any part of the current name in the new name at all, to be honest. If I’m going to all the effort of re-branding, I might as well use the opportunity to totally revamp. A lot of my pages and my layout have been long overdue for an update for quite a while anyway (is that weanling Presto on my header photo? maybe….). I don’t mind if I lose followers so it doesn’t have to tie in. I’m coming up totally blank though.

A few suggestions that I haven’t hated: BreederOwnerRiderEventer (or drop the owner part and just BreederRiderEventer), Chance the Eventer (a lot of people know me by my last name), Hennything is Possible… but nothing has really grabbed me yet. I’m struggling to find that balance between generic enough but not too boring. Something that encompasses everything. This is hard. The name is important.

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So here I am once again asking the hive mind for some assistance. I know there are people out there much more clever and creative than I am, so if you have any suggestions please please let me know. I’ll even sweeten the deal and say that if I pick a name you suggest, I’ll send you a $20 e-gift card from RW or Corro (your choice)!

37 thoughts on “What’s in a Name

  1. Tale of Two Ponies
    Adventures in Horse Life
    Henry and Presto’s Excellent Adventures
    Amanda’s Excellent Eventing Adventures
    Amanda’s Pony Adventures (or Horse Adventures)


  2. I really appreciate that the acronym for BreederOwnerRiderEventer is BORE and although I feel it does not remotely describe you, there could be some excellent lols in that 😆👌


  3. A Chance of Eventing
    The Magic of Happenstance
    Magical Happenings
    Magic Happens
    BOREd in Texas (then define BORE in the subheader)
    Hennything Happens was one above i really liked.


  4. Long time reader, first time poster:
    Here comes Henry, with a bit of Presto!
    A Chance with Henry & Presto
    Henry’s leap with Presto
    Chance Eventing with Henry & Presto


  5. I like Sarah B’s idea “A Chance of Eventing.”

    I also like Hellonwheels56 idea “Amanda’s Excellent Eventing Adventures.”

    As for my own suggestion, I will throw in “Taking a Chance with Eventing.”


    1. I like “Magic, Chance and Happenstance”….or “Brothers Derp”. LOL The first one has a bit of mystery and musing, plus it’s fun to say.


  6. To play on some others’ suggestions:
    50 Shades of Bay
    The Amanda Chronicles
    The Presto & Henry Chronicles (or The Chronicles of Presto and Henry)
    A Tale of Two Bays
    The Magic and Happenstance Chronicles (or The Chronicles of Magic and Happenstance)
    My Two Derps
    My So-Called Eventing Life
    Everything Happens by Chance


  7. US BORE and Bred (instead of born and bred and unsing your BORE acronym mentioned above, but perhaps too much ‘splaining would have to going on)
    Glam Rock Eventing, or Punk Rock Eventer (since you love those black sparkles, metal studded brow bands, etc. and I feel that there are some good logo opportunities here. Heck, Dark Sparkles In My Heart would suit you too, methinks)
    Good luck! Branding and re-branding are tough stuff. Hence the existence of https://clientsfromhell.net/. Cannot wait to see what you and your followers come up with!


  8. The Three-Day Journey
    (Eventing) Horse Trials
    Eventing Expeditions, or 3Day Expeditions
    The Chance Eventer’s Log
    An Eventer’s Narrative
    Chance Eventing Narrative
    Amateur Eventer Report
    The Chance Eventer
    A Horse Chanced Life

    I could go on. I really like naming stuff like this! Good luck!


  9. I love the idea of playing on your Chance name. Maybe Chancing Rainbows? You are lucky to have a great last name that could mean so many things. Definitely do not call it Tiny House 🤣

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  10. Hennything on its own sounds kind of cute. You could also take a chance at another lawsuit and try The $900 Twitter Pony. Idk, I’m bad with names. Hope you find something you like!


  11. Take a Chance Eventing. I feel like it kind of alludes to being an adult amateur, plus you took a chance when buying Henry and also with Presto’s health when he was a baby. I also like Magic, Chance, and Happenstance which was suggested by someone else.


  12. First off, many thanks for sharing with us. What you do takes an incredible amount of time and effort. I enjoy every minute of it. A live 24/7 Presto cam would make my life complete. That, or a golden filly to join the group. Presto & Henry need a little sister..😀
    There is nothing wrong with rebranding. Change is a good thing. Your blog has matured and grown.
    I too am challenged in the naming department. But I am going to throw a couple names into the pile all the same. My offerings are:
    – All by Chance Eventing
    – By Chance Eventing


  13. Eventing With A Chance of Goofballs lol
    Or a classier Eventing With A Chance of Magic
    Or Texas themed, Eventing With A Chance of Drought

    Or of course, Give Oatmeal Cream Pies A Chance


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