Comic Relief

The cut on my foot is finally healing up well. It was NOT a fun first week, the location of that gash was terrible if you enjoy things such as wearing shoes or walking. By day 3 I figured out that the best solution for cleaning stalls was a bag over my foot plus a flip flop. That way I could keep it clean but there wasn’t anything pressing or rubbing on it as I walked. I was rocking some serious farm girl couture.

innovative medical equipment

I stayed the course and didn’t ride until I could put it in a riding boot without screaming. That took almost a week. But once we got to that point it came along pretty quickly after that. By Friday I was able to wear both of my barn boots again too, and just in time, because it started raining on Friday. My bag + flip flop solution would not have worked so well in the mud. The cut is healing up well though, and while riding boots still aren’t quite as comfortable as my wider barn boots, I just put them on right before I mount up and it’s totally fine. I’ve babied the cut as much as possible, keeping it clean and bandaged and not over-doing things, so it’s coming along. It’s frustrating, but what else can I do.

Of course, as soon as I did get a couple rides in, the rain started. It rained on and off on Friday and then aaaaaalll day on Saturday, which we really needed, it hasn’t rained in months, but it did make things super squishy and gross around here on Sunday. Presto was VERY BORED with the extra barn time but I found a way to keep him gainfully employed.


After being cooped up for most of Saturday he put on quite a show for me on Sunday, pulling out all kinds of entertaining tricks. It’s really hard to be that upset about anything when he’s around. He is nothing if not comic relief.

There hasn’t been much going on with the t!ny h0use, at least not that’s finished and blog worthy yet, hence why you’re not getting a THT post this week. Hopefully by the end of today a couple projects will be wrapped up… it’s taken a little longer than planned (DOESN’T IT FREAKING ALWAYS?).

Mostly though it’s just been me hobbling around the farm and being super freaking annoyed that a cut foot has kept me off of my horses. And me spending hours watching Presto be an absolute monkey in the field. That kid can definitely put a smile on my face, no matter what. I love him for that. He’s not lacking personality.

who me?

HOPEFULLY this week I can manage to keep myself and the horses in one piece so we can get back on our riding schedule. I have a semi-exciting thing with Presto that I’ll talk about in another post too, but otherwise… it’s been a bit boring here. Relatively certain Henry thinks he’s retired, and he seems quite pleased about that.

bed head, 24/7

It was 23-freakin-degrees this morning (northerners, come get your weather, it’s drunk and dancing on my lawn) so I will be waiting for this afternoon before I go back outside. Just about froze my damn tits off feeding this morning. Thank god for ski pants.

I’ve also got some updates coming on the WTW babies, and I guess I should do a blog post when all my Black Friday purchases arrive, if anyone would be interested in seeing the fun stuff? One thing already made it and more is coming today. I feel bad for the FedEx guy this week…

6 thoughts on “Comic Relief

  1. I already sent a pre-emptive text to my UPS guy yesterday apologizing for how much we’d be seeing each other this week. He’s such a sweet man. He replied and said it was fine and not to worry, to please keep up my online shopping, and he’d never fail me. We’ll see if he stands by that after this week is over lol! I’ve got about 6 packages arriving today…


  2. Love when Presto hit the dirt behind that tree, he was all like – Oh, just needed a roll – nothing to look at here 🤣 🤣 🤣
    The attempted stick exchange had me crying as well. He is an absolute riot!

    I shower the ups guy with dozens of eggs from my girls this time of year. All the Christmas shopping should arrive this week. Santa is bringing me a Miele vacuum which had better outlive me.


  3. Presto is really missing JB, doesn’t he?
    Tell him thanks for the laughs, I needed them!
    I cannot wait to see him rock his new stuff when it arrives!!


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