Survived. Barely.

Me, emerging from the rubble of Black Friday weekend:

Survived GIFs | Tenor

Mostly because I went through those sales like this:

Kool Aid Man Breaking Through Wall GIFs | Tenor

Look, in my defense, a lot of what I got was essentials. I tend to use the Black Friday sales to find the best prices on stuff like fly spray, clipper blades, grooming stuff, etc… things I would be buying anyway, but on more of a discount than I’d otherwise find. And I feel zero guilt about any of those things, because it’s stuff I need and use and would have to buy no matter what. $35 for a gallon of Pyranha?? Sign. Me. Up. This is Texas, fly season never stops. I go through fly spray like water.

I’ve also been really good all year, buying very little “fun” stuff for myself. I’ve been hoarding money until we got past buying the house, moving, and all the expenses that entails. Now that I’m on the other side of those big things, and since I paid off my truck a couple months early (woot), and since my company is doing really well this year… I did a little bit of a Treat Yo’self too. At a discount, of course.

Treat Yourself Parks And Recreation GIF by PeacockTV - Find & Share on GIPHY

It started with non-horse stuff, surprisingly. See, when I cleaned out EVERYTHING in prep to move into the tiny house, I really really really purged. Deeply. If I didn’t love it, I didn’t keep it. Which is how I found myself whittled down to one pair of jeans and zero non-sports bras. Which, uh… could be problematic when this work from home stuff comes to an end. So I did grab a couple pairs of jeans and a real bra, and decided that at 37 years old it was probably time to stop wearing the same cheap shitty drug-store makeup brands that I’ve used since I was 16, and got myself something nicer. I should probably start being kinder to my skin. Granted, I’ve put on makeup like… twice since March… but now I’ll be prepared for if/when I ever go back out in public. And all that stuff was 30-50% off so no guilt here.

Initially I was coming up a bit dry on horse stuff. Then the Riding Warehouse sale went live, and that seemed to be my gateway drug. I’ve been wanting to buy a new girth for Presto, because while Henry’s technically does fit him, it’s on pretty much the highest holes on both sides. I also never really liked that girth a whole lot from the start, so maybe I was looking for excuses to replace it. Either way, I found one at like 35% off it’s original price so into the cart it went, along with a sheepskin grooming mitt (my favorite thing in the winter, and my last one got destroyed by a leaking container of Majyk Cushion years ago but I never replaced it) and a couple things for my blogger Secret Santa gift recipient.

Then I hopped on over to Corro for the essentials, which for me were fly spray, Presto’s flaxseed oil, and a couple Uncle Jimmy’s hanging balls. Then over to Big Dee’s for clipper blades and a couple Jolly Mega balls and a new cover. Yes, Presto’s toys are essential. Both for his entertainment and for mine. He inevitably destroys them though, so I might as well stock up.

tell me this isn’t essential

Since I haven’t really been buying much stuff this year, I’ve been keeping a running list of wants/when it’s on sale/when I have money type items. I wanted another one of the big nice hay nets that I have for Henry so that when I’m hauling both boys they can each have a nice one. Those were on sale, so add to cart.

these bigass 4 flake ones that are super easy to fill

I also finally caved and got another spiked browband, this time in black. I’ve wanted a black one since the day I got my brown one, because that spiked browband is legit one of my favorite things I own. Since it was on sale, I figured now was a great time. Presto can have a spiked browband (very on brand for him, as we all know) no matter what color bridle he’s wearing. Henry might borrow it too, because lets be honest he’s very spiky about dressage.

Custom Curved Spike Browband image 0
I’m not really into rhinestones but man do I love the hell out of these

I’ve also really been wanting to pick up a leather bit to try out on Presto. Or even Henry too, honestly. I’ve had friends that have had really good luck with leather bits on sensitive or fussy horses, and it’s one of the few things I don’t already have in my bit collection.

Leather O-ring Snaffle Bit Rounded
turns out I know the lady that runs this shop and didn’t even realize it til I ordered

I had zero intention of buying any riding clothes for me, but while perusing Horze I noticed that they make my favorite Grand Prix breeches in green. HOW DID I NOT KNOW THIS? I’ve been bitching for years saying that they should make them in more colors and this year they did, and I didn’t even realize it. 20% off, into the cart they went. I live in those breeches half the year (when it’s not hot AF) and some of my oldest ones are starting to look ratty, so… justified? Also, they’re green. Come on.

Last but not least I rounded it out with one completely frivolous purchase, because look – I just really wanted them ok? And SALE.

Estrella Sparkle 100% Leather Tendon Boots - Majyk Equipe

Yup, the Majyk Equipe leather sparkle boots. And I don’t even feel bad about it. See, those navy glitter Punk Ponies boots that I got last year have brought me so much joy every time I use them. For real, I just love them. The only issue with those is that they’re fabric, and fleece lined, so they’re not particularly ideal for any kind of wet weather, nor are they really quite “fancy show” appropriate, IMO. So when Majyk came out with these I legit squealed, because they’re SO classy, and SO nice, but also sparkly and fun. I’m obsessed. I’ve been obsessed since I saw the first photo of them. Did I need them? No. Not particularly. I am I really excited about them anyway? Heck yes. New fancy glittery show boots for the boys and I can’t wait to use them.

I also managed to get most of my Christmas shopping done, which wasn’t much. The only thing I totally failed at was house stuff. I am so paralyzed by trying to buy furniture online, I just can’t decide. It’s really hard for me without seeing it in person first. That gets shelved for now.

How did everyone else do with the sales this year? Did you get some stuff you needed? Gifts? Things that just make you happy? It was nice to be able to pump a little bit of money back onto some small businesses.

23 thoughts on “Survived. Barely.

  1. I haven’t done any BF shopping…
    Nothing really grabbed my attention and I didn’t really need anything ( I have been living in “treat yo’self mode” since the first lockdown in March).
    I am curious how they like the leather bit!


  2. Black Friday coincided nicely with my birthday, and my son was smart enough to give me a SmartPak gift certificate, so I got to treat myself on HIS dime! I spent a whole $4 of my own money and got leather cleaner that I need, a shirt I just wanted, and a new halter for the pony (which he does not actually need – I just hate his current one. Boo, hiss, for halters with no throat snap!).

    Sounds like you had a good time and you deserve it. Drooling over those gawjus boots!


  3. I save up money months in advance for end of November shopping. I too purchase stuff at a discount that I use in my daily horse care/riding, even if I may not need the items until Spring or Summer. The savings offered this time of year are significant and make horse life more affordable for me. Thanks for your annual Black Friday shopping post. Always fun to see what discounts you are able to find that I may have missed.


  4. Like you, I wait to buy necessities on Black Friday for hopes of deeper discounts. The list builds all year. I dropped quite a bit of money this year partially due to that and partially due to my loan refinance that is making my life a bit more comfortable financially. New truck tires, new lights for the barn (and left a nasty review for the ones we ordered last year that all burnt out within the span of 2 weeks at the start of this month), spur covers, leaf blower for barn chores (be gone tiny hay scraps, be gone!), supplements for the horses, blaze orange jackets for the dogs, serresto collars for all canine and felines, dog treats, hoof boot gaiters, and gifts for all family and friends.


    1. Liz did you find a good deal on Seresto collars? I bought zilch except the 1.99 hulu subscription (yes I am sad). But i still love looking at all the stuff posted on Amanda’s BF blog each year. But I do need the collars!!

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      1. Yep! Last year Amazon had them at 50% off, this year, the actual serresto website had that deal and nowhere else. It’s the time of year I always try to buy them because that discount cannot be beat.

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  5. I went a bit nuts with black Friedan shopping this year mainly with riding clothes. Now that I’ve been permanently classified as a WFH employee I can get away with wearing nice riding tops instead of work clothes so mine have been getting a ton of use and it was time to pick up some more. I also got some frivolous stuff including sparkly bell boots because, well, pandemic lol


  6. I got myself a Pivo silver and about 8 empty channel browbands that I will make up for show awards. I also got a string of skull beads that I will use in said browbands. The skull browband will be for me.

    I regret nothing.


  7. My horse is the one modeling his Sweet Billy’s leather bit in the loose ring ad! I have the loose ring and a pelham. He really likes them!

    So far, I’ve bought a set of reins and some leather cleaner and topical essentials from Riding Warehouse. Trying to decide if I should hit order on a PS of Sweden bridle or not… 🙈

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  8. I finally bit the bullet and bought a breastplate, and now I’m just praying it’s the right size and works for the two cows I ride. Also found breathable brushing boots, but they’re back ordered from RW so I’m waiting another two weeks for them to ship.

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  9. Those Grand Prix breeches are AWESOME, I got myself a tan pair for showing (because I learned a long time ago that wearing white for dressage on a grey horse just makes your horse look dirty, and I don’t show at a high enough level for anyone to care what color pants I wear), and wore them for like 3 weeks straight between shows/clinics/foxhunting: time to get myself another pair, obviously!

    I went a bit crazy on all the things this year, but the result is, aside from a trip to the liquor store, I’m done Christmas shopping! Riding Warehouse got quite a bit of my money, as did a local consignment place (I needed a black coat for foxhunting that would fit over my XC vest because I also like not breaking ribs), sadly Amazon got some too. I definitely made use of the Black Friday Sales List (THANK YOU!!!) and got some boots I’ve been lusting after for me for $85 less than list price!


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