Foal Friday: Remi’s Glamour Shots

Foal inspections got cancelled this year, either in favor of virtual inspections or delayed ones, so the usual opportunity for pretty, more formal foal photos did not come to pass. It seemed criminal to not have them though, so Michelle and friends groomed and braided the foals and did their own little mini photo shoots with the help of @belindaloeppky behind the camera (all pics here are hers!). And I gotta say, they turned out super cute. Totally worth it. There were so many good pictures of the babies that I figured rather than try to pick just a few favorites of each foal and shove them into one post, each foal really deserved their own post with all their best Glamour Shots. One last time to have the spotlight to themselves before they leave the nest, so to speak, and I’ll link to each of them’s very first introductory post too so we can compare and see how far they’ve come. Since Remi is the oldest, I figured we’d start with him! He’s 6 months old now so he’s in a bit of an awkward, butt-high, gangly phase at the moment, but still handsome.

Remi’s Intro Post

Cantering is his favorite

But he can trot when he feels like it.

Oh, and we can’t forget about how he’s always been really really ridiculously good at posing for pictures.

A few last shots with his dam, Peyton. I think she pretty solidly knocked it out of the park for her first foal, what about y’all?

And who could forget Remi’s iconic Sneetch-shaped facial marking, of course.

It’s been fun watching him grow and change and develop into a proper little young horse with a very sweet and kind personality. Can’t wait to see where he goes from here!

Next week: Oakley!

11 thoughts on “Foal Friday: Remi’s Glamour Shots

  1. Remi is stunning!

    And his markings – it’s like a little girl with a paint kit and a dream carefully did him just that way. 🙂


  2. He’s gotten so big! He’s always looked tall next to the other babies but I hadn’t realized just how big he’s gotten when placed next to Peyton! She totally knocked it out of the park with her first baby. He’s just so handsome ❤


  3. Such a handsome guy!
    Peyton sid an amazing job!
    I love how evenly white his legs are and the Sneetch on his face is just .. *chefskiss*
    Are the foals goung to be inspected at a later date or was it done virtually?


  4. He’s just a stunner! What’s the plan to catch the foals up on inspections? Does missing this year hurt the breeder in any way? I know so little about this stuff, but I know good inspection results are important!


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