Good Boring

I feel like a lot of my Monday “weekend summary” posts end up sounding kind of the same. “Rode both horses. Presto did cute things. I worship at the altar of Pivo. Everything is steady”. And that probably makes for relatively boring and monotonous blog content, but I have to say that I am not complaining one bit. I like it low drama (pleeeeaaaaase horse gods, keep the drama away).

the cutest face in Texas #notbiased

Plus it’s the middle of summer, and covid, so… nothing special is really going on. No horse shows or lessons on the schedule. None of that bright shiny stuff that makes for good social media content. The most exciting thing I’ve won lately (which I’m actually pretty pumped about if I’m being honest) is a Wanker of the Week sparkly ribbon from the last Buck Off Banter podcast (episode 27, near the 1:06 mark – btw this is by far my favorite equestrian podcast, if you aren’t listening you’re missing out).

Things might seem monotonous on the surface, I suppose, but I’m kind of grateful for it right now. The stress from the tiny house purchase and life in 2020 in general is enough, thank you. The horses being that “steady” thing is very welcome. Plus, maybe I’m like the easiest to please, most pathetic and boring person in the world, but every little thing Presto does these days is thrilling enough to seem like a banner moment to me. It doesn’t feel like I’m lacking in excitement.

basically hacking champion of the world at this point

Plus I’m pretty thrilled that we’ve now edged our way into August and there’s still living grass, and the ground is still decent enough to jump. Usually by now it’s just crispy dead vegetation sticking up out of something akin to concrete. I know it’s coming, it’s an inevitability really, but it’s happening a lot later than usual so I will happily take it. It’s meant that the boys have nice grass to graze on, and it’s meant that I’ve been able to keep jumping Henry once a week.

Since I do get the feeling that our “good ground” days might be numbered, this past weekend I went ahead and jacked the jumps up a little bit and set up a grid. I’ve kept everything pretty much around 3′ all year, big enough to be of some substance but not so big that I’m pounding Henry’s feet or demanding much exertion on his part. And we never jump more than 2 courses anyway, or more than once a week. But still… actively trying not to use up the 13yo crooked-legged event horse over here. Not like we have any shows coming up (hahahahaha *crying*), just trying to keep the worst of the rust at bay.

But this weekend I put a couple of them up a bit higher, made a grid with a square oxer, and released the beast.

i love you Pivo

Been a while since either of us have jumped that height. Like… maybe almost a year. Time flies. He was quite proud of himself though. Except the first time through he did whack the oxer pretty good, and was Very Offended.

angry dolphin

He’s cute when he’s mad. At least he picked up his feet a bit more the next time.

On Sunday we went for a canter out in the back field, where Henry proceeded to squeal and leap and buck dolphin like a total idiot. Whatever. If he’s happy, I’m happy, and he does seem to be plenty happy right now. Summer is a struggle for him, so keeping him happy is the goal.

did get a good chuckle out of this still though, he looks like a deranged carousel horse and I look like Billy Bob Thornton’s character in Sling Blade

Presto had a relatively easy weekend, since he did his ground pole ride last Wednesday. On Saturday we did a lunge in the field, and on Sunday I got on and hacked him all around the property. Henry’s field, the jump field, around the dressage arena, out into the hilly field behind the pond (and over the natural ditch, which he loves), then into the way back around the hacking path. He’s always got his ears on a swivel, taking everything in, but he really seems to enjoy getting out and exploring. Even when he can’t see any other horses and they’re all waaaaaaay up at the front of the property, he never worries about them or neighs or gets nappy. He does still want to trot down the hills though, so I’ve been asking him to halt or circle on them when I feel him start wanting to trot. At this point I’m pretty sure he knows he’s not actually supposed to, he just can’t help himself sometimes. Every time I bring him back to walk he’s like “UGHHHH DANGIIITTT FINE, but this is WAY less fun”.

my Presto socks finally came in from Australia!

This week it’s gonna be H-O-T so we’ll see what actually ends up happening riding wise. Might end up just being a lot more hacking. Such is life in Texas in August. I do have a plan for a fun little experiment with my Majyk Equipe ice boots though, and another Pivo tips post in the works since I’m still getting a lot of questions about that and I’ve learned a lot more myself. Plus Presto’s July training vlog, if I finish it. If there’s anything else you’d like to see around here to help spice up the otherwise semi-boring content a bit, drop me a note!

9 thoughts on “Good Boring

  1. Those SOCKS, tho! OMG – could they be any more perfect?? What a lucky find!

    Sometimes boring is a Very Good Thing when it comes to horses. I know you agree and while it doesn’t make for the most exciting blog content, I’m always happy to see you and your boys healthy and happy. I happen to love jumping grids so that was fun to see!

    As far as other content, product reviews are always welcome and immensely helpful. There is so much “stuff” we equestrians need (and just plain want) that finding out what actually works and doesn’t work in advance is really good for the long-suffering wallet!


  2. Now i cant unsee you as the character in Sling Blade, sorry not sorry 🙂 HA HA HA i am glad it is boring content and no drama!! also the Pivo i have a question…..what if you have more than one horse in the ring how does that work??

    Glad your summer hasnt been too dry yet, us here too I still have tons of grass (that i have to cut) but the donkeys are happy! 🙂

    Remus let out a big old buck in my lesson the other day (reminded me how he like Henry really cant buck) but it shocked me hahah


    1. i like them french fried potaters mmm hmmmm

      So if there’s more than one horse in the ring, the Pivo will jump to another horse if you guys get close together/jumbled up or if it can lock onto another horse easier than it can lock onto you.

      Liked by 1 person

      1. yes so you answered my questions…Sometimes it is one or two in the ring the other day there were like six horses..hahahah hahahah omg i might need you to do shots of that movie for me comparing you to Billy Bob.


        1. If it’s one or two, you’d be fine. Even if it swung off to the other horse you could ride back in front of it to get it back on you. But 6 would definitely be a challenge lol.

          Liked by 1 person

  3. Bridle reviews? I know you mentioned it recently but I’m so interested in the cool custom green one that Presto has! Really reviews in general haha. Keeps the online shopping monster at bay a tiny bit.


  4. I LOVE boring when it comes to horses. I really want to set up a combination for Shiny but I’m so lazy. Like, I’ll have to actually get a tape measure out since I have no idea how to walk pony strides. Itching to jump her a little bigger though, and that would be the best way to start…
    Glad Henry is feeling good despite summer. He looks like he’s having the best time. And Presto… he’s perfect.


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