Foal Friday: The Ellie-phant in the Room

Guys, there’s no hiding it: Sadie birthed an actual giant this year. Ellie. Is. Hugenormous.


For reference, Daisy (the grulla) is 15.3h.

I have this photo saved as heckinchonker.jpg tell me I’m wrong

Despite being the youngest of the 2020 foal crop, at 2 1/2 months old now, she towers over the other foals. Which makes sense with Ollie (full pony) and Oakley (half pony), but she’s even got Remi beat, and Remi is a good size foal from good size parents, plus he’s the oldest. Theoretically he should be the biggest. He… is not. He’s normal sized. Ellie looks like she’s been mixing Miraclo Gro in her milk.

it’s a monster

And naturally, her favorite method of play is to turn into a biped, which makes her look a little bit like Godzilla.


Even Ollie knows to vacate the premises when this thing truly goes vertical

None of Sadie’s other foals have been as big as this filly. They all go through a chonky stage, like Ellie is currently in, but none have had her sheer size. She’s been a beast since she was in the womb (when Sadie was so big that Michelle and I were both a bit concerned that she was carrying twins that had been missed on ultrasound), and it looks like she has every intention of staying that way.

when you try to measure Ollie…
but Ellie be like “pffft why bother, measure ME!”

And, ya know, being that big is really exhausting. Which is why she’s taken to using round bales as her own personal bean bag chairs for naps.

just sprawled out across the entire thing, no big deal

Sadie is quite pleased with her creation though, which makes sense because 1) she’s a total mini-me, 2) Ellie is big enough to reach Sadie’s back so they can (and do) give each other fantastic back scratches. I suppose that’s Sadie’s reward for having to birth this thing.

Despite her size, Ellie is amazingly light on her feet and athletic. Girl can gallop, turn and burn, and contort herself into a pretzel when she feels like it. Her 68% TB might not be so evident when she’s standing around, but you can definitely see it when she’s in motion.


always with a side of sass, because filly

Thank goodness she’s sweet and well-behaved with humans.

It will be interesting to see how she grows over the next couple years… sometimes these giant foals end up being relatively normal size horses, and other times these giant foals end up being giant horses. Time will tell.

Happy Friday everyone!


5 thoughts on “Foal Friday: The Ellie-phant in the Room

  1. She’s beautiful! 🙂

    Great pics! I love the one where the angle makes it look like she’s rearing up taller than all of the farm buildings. 😀


  2. She is so gorgeous. Has she topped 13 h already? She looks as if she’s not that much shorter than Daisy..
    No wonder Sadie needed some extra recovery time….


  3. Is there any way to know what general percentile she was in, in terms of being bigger than like 99% of most foals or something? And are there any health concerns from her size or is she just normal in health but just big in size? So fascinating! Hope she does end up 19 hands 😬


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