Presto Training Vlog #4 – June 2020

Look at me being so punctual with a vlog episode! Don’t get used to it. Although it IS a lot easier to motivate myself to make a vlog when I have some decent quality video footage (thanks Pivo – you may not be perfect but it’s a hell of a lot better). I held back on you guys in some of the regular Presto blog posts so I could save the footage for his monthly vlogs. June was a big month for him!

On this one I also answered a couple questions that people submitted after the last vlog, which I’m always happy to do. Just drop a question in the comments or if you’d rather send it to me privately, DM me on Insta or send me a message on my facebook. Hope you enjoy the June recap!

6 thoughts on “Presto Training Vlog #4 – June 2020

  1. Great vlog!
    My question(s): Do you see any similarities between starting him and his mom? And if so: do you anticipate certain problems or have certain expectations based on your experience starting Sadie?
    Side note: I cannot believe just how bleached out he looks. Just how bad has Texas weather been??


    1. Thanks for commenting! I’m not really getting any comments on these anymore so I’ve been questioning whether it’s worth the time/effort to continue doing them.


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