Foal Friday: The full WTW Class of 2020

Since all the 2020 foals are finally here, the Foal Friday posts can now be all-inclusive! Right now they’re turned out in pairs – the two older ones Remi and Oakley, and the two younger ones Ollie and Ellie. As you can imagine, the latter pair is somewhat comical, with Ollie so little and Ellie so big. They’ve only been turned out together for a couple days and their dams are still being a bit overprotective, so they haven’t interacted much yet, but Ollie is a spitfire and Ellie is a gentle giant, so I think it’ll work out. So what have they all been up to this week?

When he’s not zooming around the pasture like he was born with a rocket booster implanted in his bum…


Ollie’s been spending some time climbing the round bale like it’s his own personal jungle gym.

I feel like Stormie’s face says “I’ve given up telling him to get down from there”

Right now he’s definitely the most boisterous and exuberant one. They all like to gallop and play of course, but Oakley and Remi have settled down a bit as they explore things like eating grass, and Ellie, while she’s unfolded a lot, still has a whole lot of leg to manage.

I mean look at these stilts

She manages them pretty well though, and remains super balanced, as she’s been from the very beginning.


She’s been doing some running and bucking herself, but isn’t quite as zoomie as little pocket rocket Ollie.

showing that round bale who’s boss (this round bale takes a lot of abuse for some reason)

As I mentioned, Ellie and Ollie just recently got turned out together, so while they aren’t quite interacting yet, they’re getting pretty darn close. They’re definitely curious about each other, and with foals it usually never takes long for them to start playing once the curiosity wins out.


The mares just aren’t quite having it yet, both still a little overprotective and territorial. They’ll relax and give up on trying to keep the babies apart soon, and I bet by next week we’ll have some pics of Ellie and Ollie playing. I kind of can’t wait to see that.

Mare 1 – not having it yet
Mare 2 – packing up her baby and exiting stage left

As for Remi and Oakley, they’ve had an exciting week too. Well, mostly Oakley. It’s been very hot here in Texas (triple digits) and Oakley had a super thick fuzzy coat, so she was sweating to death. Remi and Oakley are both starting their foal shed, but still mostly just on their faces/legs, so Michelle took pity on Oakley and clipped her a bit. Not only is she much happier, we can get a really good look at her color and the dun markings that were under all that fuzz!


I think she’s going to be one of those bay duns that remains pretty light, more buckskin looking, and her leg bars/dorsal stripe/black-tipped ears are quite a strong contrast. Her head and legs remain unclipped (this was a clip job for practicality, not for beauty) but they’re shedding out nice and dark. She’s going to be a pretty color.

Oakley has also caught up a bit closer to Remi in size, their butts are only about a hand different in height at the moment. If I was a gambling woman I’d say she’s going to end closer to the 15.2 end of the spectrum, but we’ll see.


wuv you, Oakwee


As you can see, she still very much owns Remi. He is 110% obsessed with her and she’s got more of the Regina George “why are you so obsessed with me?” response. Remi is still a complete super model, but Oakley doesn’t seem wooed by his good looks and charm.


These two both lead really well and have good manners, and of course Oakley now bathes and body clips too. They’re well on their way to being solid baby citizens.

While the babies will remain in their paired groups for a while, they do share a fence line and have gotten themselves acquainted over the fence a little bit.

The biggest with the littlest 

As their personalities and herd dynamics continue to evolve, there’s one thing for sure: they’re all still ridiculously cute.




tell me she doesn’t have the sweetest, kindest eyes

Happy Friday, everyone! Who’s your favorite foal from the 2020 class?

17 thoughts on “Foal Friday: The full WTW Class of 2020

  1. Oakley and Ollie get my vote. I love Oakley and adore Ollie. I know Oakley will get horse sized I just wish Ollie would 🙂 HA they are great.

    Remi and Ellie are beautiful but way too big for me 🙂 IF I was buying that is. hahaha

    thank you for sharing these four lovely horses with us. I want to follow them all in their careers. Gorgeous babies.


    Liked by 1 person

  2. They’re all so ridiculously beautiful… I think the pony foals with their big dark eyes and full lashes win out by a hair’s breadth. Usandro makes really pretty babies!
    Oakley will be a stunner with her colouring, it’s really a bit sad that Ollie will turn grey.


  3. I am so, so blessed to live right above them and to be able to look out our windows to watch their live action antics and interactions 24/7! It is equally special to be able to go down and get baby snuggles and kisses any time! Each one is so unique and special! We are blessed! I love your postings Amanda, and your photos, Michelle!


  4. I’m not one to pick a horse for color but oh my goodness the dorsal stripe and leg bars just make my heart beat faster. I love the grulla/dun/buckskin colors and when its an athletic sport horse… take my money!


  5. This a random thought here, but what a fun year to be born in the sense of numbers (not world events obviously). In 2030, they will all be age 10. In 2040, will all be 20 years old. Easy to keep track of when someone asks you how old is your horse. Thanks for bringing your readers another round of great foal photos.


  6. I love how different they all are! Not just looks but personalities too. I mean obviously since they’re not related and all… but still, it’s fun to see. Also if Ollie were to wind up at my house he could stay. Just sayin’


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