Ollivander WTW

Stormie finally released her hostage yesterday, and with that we’ve got a new sportpony colt at Willow Tree Warmbloods. Say hello to Ollivander WTW!


This is Usandro’s second US-born foal, the first being Oakley at the end of March, and Stormie’s second sportpony foal. Those who remember Nunez from last year might be seeing some similarities… apparently Stormie really likes to throw her pretty, petite head. I think Ollie’s ears are bigger though.




As you can see, Michelle finally got her grulla, although it looks like Ollie will turn gray… the hyperpigmentation/adult coat color are strong indicators. For now though he’s a really beautiful metallic silver color in the sun, with very obvious dun leg bars, ear caps, and dorsal stripe. I bet he will look beautiful as he grays out at least!

look at those stripey ear caps!
zebra legs and dorsal stripe that runs all the way down the length of his tail

Stormie and baby are doing well so far, although Stormie was pretty tired after foaling yesterday. I can see why – Ollie is a big dude for a pony foal, and pretty well-developed for a newborn. He was definitely out of space in there and will take some time to unsquish all the way.


He’s a sweet colt that was super interested in people right from the start. Very friendly and curious. He also looks as though he will provide us with plenty of Foal Friday entertainment in the weeks to come.

baby’s first miniature alien abduction

So with the arrival of WTW baby #3 that means we only have one mare left to foal – Sadie, with a Presto half sibling. She’s already passed what is considered the full term mark of 320 days but is still a ways away from the average gestation “due date” of 340 days. She looks quite huge and miserable already so we’re all thinking she might go a little bit earlier than 340, but we’ll see! Sadie definitely does things Sadie’s way.

Happy Monday!

15 thoughts on “Ollivander WTW

  1. Ugh he is just perfect. And I absolutely LOVE the name. Harry Potter theme for the win. Is Michele keeping him?


      1. I too love the name and except for his size I would be over the moon in love already 🙂 HA HA HA , boy, color, and Harry Potter name 🙂 Win win!! He is so cute.

        I can’t wait till the three are playing together…..the devil Oakley, the model Remi and then this squirt (Who probably will be in the middle on attitude or maybe will be a dance off with Oakley?) HA HA Michelle is striking it out of the park this foaling session. They are all SO gorgeous and nice!! YAY


  2. Ollie is gorgeous! Love his coloring and that lovely head and expression.

    But oh my, poor Stormie – he IS huge!! How did Ollie even fit at all? I’m glad Stormie was able to deliver him! Do you think Michele might have to go with a sire who produces slightly smaller babies next time, even though the Usandros have been so fab? I ask as a mom who was very grateful both babies were 7.5 lbs. (seriously, they were less than 1 oz. different), and not the 10 lb. whoppers so many women are delivering these days!


    1. Usandro is a pony, only a few inches taller than Stormie and with normal pony size foals. Studies have shown that foal size is determined more by what the mare’s body can accommodate. Sometimes they do just grow extra big newborns though!


  3. I LOVE his color!! I so wish he’d stay like that. I’m curious to see where these Sport Ponies go for homes. Are they intended to be little eventers? Adult or kid rides? Maybe do a blog post someday on the Sport Pony market. I’m 5’8″ with long legs, so I don’t think a sport pony is in my future, but I do know adults who prefer a smaller ride.


    1. There is a pretty big sportpony market with dressage riders these days (now that people have figured out what gaits they can and cannot ride) and it’s getting much bigger in eventing too. H/J is the only sport where you really never see an adult on a pony, which is a shame. The pony jumper program is so huge (and beneficial) in other countries.


      1. Now being on a technically “pony sized” horse (Iggy is 14.1) at 5’1″ I’m obsessed and don’t want a big horse again. Would 100% buy a pony. It’s so much easier for me to get my leg on/around and I don’t feel like a small bug annoying my horse.


  4. At 5’4” but with shorter legs, I love a larger pony. I like feeling like me legs actually fit all the way around! Owning a pony is for sure in my future.

    What is Nunez up to? Is there any way to get updates on past foals?


  5. (My legs not me legs! Also re: ponies I began riding in Sweden actually where ponies are much more common across the board than in the US it seems. Started on Shetlands and then for a while the biggest I had ridden was 15.2 until a monstrous 18.1 came my way until he was sold to a more appropriately size woman who was 6’4”)


  6. I’m keeping an eye on the foals this year because I’ll be in the market for an oversize sport pony colt (1-2yo) in a couple years. I’m sure she’ll sell him before I’m ready but man I want this one!


  7. Does Sadie have some Arabian in her? The head makes me ask but the rest of her, well, not as much.

    I’m also a pony-lover. It hurts way less that way, but the small ones can turn on a dime, which isn’t the good thing it always sounds. (Re: it hurts less…)


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