Foal Friday: Playtime (and mare updates)

No, we don’t have any new foals to debut for Foal Friday today. Stormie has been teetering on the brink for days now, and both she and Sadie look like they might explode at any second. At this point I think they might sneeze too hard and send a baby rocketing out.

release your captive already, pony.
Mama Moo

I don’t think Stormie can hold out for a whole ‘nother week, so… tick tock. Hopefully we’ll have some confirmed pregnancies on other mares soon, too! Best season of the year.

Ok, on to what everyone is really here for: adorable bebes.

“paint me like one of your French girls” – Remi, probably
Remi, dude, there’s a point at which it’s not even fair to all the other horses to be this ridiculously good looking
here comes T-R-O-U-B-L-E
and then there’s this weirdo, Oakley, with the cutest snoot in the West

They’re playing together really well now. Oakley is still FOR SURE the dominant one in the relationship, but Remi isn’t scared of her anymore. Respectful, yes, scared, no. It’s very much a softie big brother/annoying little sister type of dynamic between the two.

No sis, we shall eat each other’s faces

Sometimes you have to stop and greet the neighbors fans, though. It’s part of the job.

Remi: yes, I know, I AM very impressive, thank you for noticing kind sir. Would you like an autograph?

Ok, back to the fun part.

there’s a wee height difference
which Oakley uses to attack from below
and Remi uses to attack from above

But two things are still for sure:

  1. Oakley is still a little rebel child.


2. They’re both still super cute together


Happy Friday, everyone! Informal bets on how much longer until Stormie and Sadie give up their cargo?


2 thoughts on “Foal Friday: Playtime (and mare updates)

  1. Stormie looks like if you poked her in the belly there might be a Stay Puft Marshmallow incident…
    They are so cute, and I can’t wait for two more babies to join them!


  2. I remember reading a picture book as a child that was beautifully illustrated about a foal who gets jealous when a new foal is added to the field and how they become friends. Remi and Oakley remind me of that story ALL the time.


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