Looking ahead to 2020: Travel

As you guys probably know by now, I love to travel. Ok, specifically I love to travel to do horsey things. Our Europe trips are actual dreams come true, and it seems like with every trip we get a little more crafty at how to cram as much stuff in as possible.

normal people can go to their beaches and ski resorts all they want, it will never beat standing in a field in middle of nowhere in France, petting an Olympic stallion

But, while Europe is my favorite, there’s definitely plenty to do stateside as well. I could travel from event to event and farm to farm pretty much all year long and stay busy and happy, I’m pretty sure (hey lottery, wanna help me test that theory?). But, ya know… money. And real life. I have to prioritize one or two things a year and balance that with horse shows and vet bills and all that other stuff too. Therefore I usually start plotting any trips pretty far in advance. This year we hit the FEH/YEH Symposium in Ocala over the winter, and then Burghley/France late in the summer. It was an expensive year for me otherwise, so while I had originally hoped to also hit either Kentucky in the spring or Fair Hill in the fall, it just didn’t happen.

Looking ahead to 2020, there are a few events on my radar. I’m guessing I will probably have to pick 2, but I haven’t completely decided which ones yet…

Image result for morven park

First and foremost, I definitely want to get to Morven Park in the fall for the first ever 6yo 2* and 7yo 3* to be held on American soil. I think this is huge, and I want to be there and support it however I can. Morven will be priority #1.

Image result for equitana usa

I am watching with rapt attention to see how Equitana’s line-up starts to shake out. It’s a trade fair, it’s an exhibition, there’s shopping, there’s education… I mean, it’s got my name written all over it. I’m just waiting to see more about who all is going to be there for the clinics before I commit. The tickets are cheap but the travel part never is, so I want to make sure the trip seems worthwhile.

Image result for millstreet eventing

On a more far-reaching, international note, I think my next “pie in the sky” Europe trip goal is Millstreet in Ireland. I don’t know if that’ll be possible in 2020, but if not, hopefully 2021. I’ve been itching to get to Ireland, and Millstreet has a lot to offer in one show – young horse classes for 4 and 5yo, a 6yo 2*, ERM series 4*-S, a 4*-L, a pony division of the 2*, and of course… a trade fair. Plus there are a lot of stallions/offspring I’d like to see in Ireland (ahem, Tullabeg Fusion) and it would be cool to fit in a 3 or 4 day riding adventure too while we’re there. Gotta get the most of out one trip! This of course would be the most expensive one though, so… not sure whether or not I’ll be able to swing it with everything else going on in my life next year.

Image result for fair hill 5*

If Equitana and Millstreet both end up being a no-go, then that opens up the possibility of Kentucky or Fair Hill 5*… those are always back burner options that I would love to get to, but aren’t as high up on the priority list.

Anyone else started planning their 2020 events and travel yet? What’s on your radar?

12 thoughts on “Looking ahead to 2020: Travel

  1. Equitana is the same weekend and at the same venue (KHP) as one of my favorite events ever, Jump Start Horse Trials. It’s also statistically the best weather weekend of the year in this part of the country, if that helps!


  2. If you end up going to Ireland and want to do a 3/4 day ride, I highly recommend Horse Holiday Farm in Sligo. We did a trip there years ago and it was amazing. You get assigned a horse, given a map, and you ride from B&B to B&B each day along beaches and through bays and meadows and forests. There are cross country courses as well.


  3. Obviously I can give you lots of ideas on Ireland if you don’t already have it mapped out. It’s a must go, but definitely not cheap so I feel you there.
    Millstreet would be amazing, as would be the Dublin Horse Show. We looked through the program and the list of classes are amazing.


  4. I just moved from Area 3 to Area 7 so I hope to explore the area some this spring. What I am really looking forward to is the possibility of AECS at Rebecca Farm next fall!


  5. I’m considering going to the mustang makeover in kentucky this June, not sure if I can because of work or if anyone will come with but thinking about it. And always Equine Affaire in MA at the end of the year.


  6. Equitana is on in AUS every 2 years, and next year is the Equitana year.

    Not sure how that’s going to shake out for me because it’s looking like they’ve put it on the same weekend as Adelaide International, and if I have to pick between the two AI3DE wins every time.

    I like Equitana for the demonstrations mostly, because in the past the shopping used to be so good it was dangerous, but the last couple of times I went it seemed like people were jacking the prices UP instead of pushing them down like they used to. It was also either super high brow elite level stuff I couldn’t afford on a 50% discount, stuff I didn’t need or super poor quality stuff.

    I’m off to Thailand in 3 weeks, and if things play out nicely, the UK in August for the ISES 2020 conference.


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