Captain Sparkles

On a note related entirely to the title but not at all to the actual content of this post, back in the day I used to ride a TB mare named Jezebel who’s sire was, no joke, Mr. Sparkles (he was Deputy Minister x Buckpasser, what I wouldn’t do to get my hands on another by him now!) and I really did NOT appreciate that name enough at the time.



Presto’s Christmas present (the one from his horse mom) arrived this week, and boy are they delightfully sparkly. Navy glitter does not disappoint. They’ve almost got a galaxy-esque look to them.


They’re from Punk Ponies in New Zealand, and considering how freaking far they had to travel, they arrived pretty quickly, just a little over a week from order to arrival. Their size chart said the boots run small and they definitely were not kidding, I ordered the Extra Full and they fit. Presto is built more like a TB than a WB and typically wears horse sized things. When I took them out of the bag I was a little worried the elastic might not reach around his cannon, especially given how hairy his legs are right now, but it does. Albeit not with any room to spare. If you have a particularly large and big-boned horse, I don’t think you’ll have much luck getting these to fit.

The quality is decent, not like Prestige or Veredus level when it comes to plush sheepskin open front boots, but then again these were only $66 USD for a full set – extremely cheap for boots – so that’s not what I was expecting. The lining of course is fleece, and I’d say they’re more comparable to the LeMieux fleece boots that I’ve seen, which seems more than reasonable to me given the price point. We’ll see how they hold up. Given that they’re…. glitter…  it’s not really something I’d use on a daily basis, more for “special occasions”.

I never noticed until this day that the hair on his coronary band is really long and curly, it’s weird AF

The main draw of these, after all, is how they look. Let’s be real, you’re not buying them because you want the best or most practical boot on the market, you’re buying these because you want some damn glitter in your life (or holo, or patent, or camo, or floral, or whatever other spectacularly weird shit you’re buying from this place). In that regard, they certainly deliver. Once you get a bit of distance there’s nothing particularly eye-catching about them, but up close, boy do they ever twinkle. Which, maybe I’m easily amused, but I think they’re hilarious on Presto, with his punk rock forelock, copious side eye, and giraffe legs. I’m kind of thinking of them as his super hero uniform… without them, he’s Presto, but put the boots on and BAM Captain Sparkles.

Yeah I know, I am for sure going to pay for this some day.

boy it’s REALLY FUNNY right now though

Speaking of which, we continue to creep closer and closer to his 3rd birthday. Less than 4 months to go! I had originally planned to put a few very basic w/t/stop/steer rides on him this month, but then all the sudden he started looking like a weird giraffe/llama/moose hybrid again. Great, another growth spurt. Just what he needed. I may or may not have exclaimed “WHY ARE YOU DOING THIS TO ME?” at him when he went from lovely to heinous seemingly overnight. The neck is… something else. So those plans are on hold for now. No rush. It can wait until his body isn’t so weird and gawky and unbalanced.

For now I just bring him in, put his sparkly boots on, and giggle like a complete lunatic at the sight of it. That’s not weird right?

6 thoughts on “Captain Sparkles

  1. I had a Buckpasser colt once. His name was Mr 2 Bucks. I had to change it, since it wasn’t very “hunter friendly” , lol


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