Black Kitten

Remember a couple years ago when I went to visit Willow Tree Warmbloods for the weekend and came home with a surprise kitten? Yeah well… oh how the tables have turned.


The SO was not particularly pleased with me when I showed up that day with Grem. At the time we had 3 dogs already, and he had never been much of a fan of cats. Grem was awfully damn cute though, and he quickly warmed up to her. In fact, I came home a couple days later to find him walking around the house with the kitten on his shoulder like a parrot. And now, despite the fact that I literally saved her from likely ending up eaten by a coyote or something, that damn cat likes him more than she likes me. Ingrate. Grem has also managed to single pawedly turn the SO into a complete, total, definitely nutso cat person. Like… he called himself a “Cat Dad” once. I’m still not over it.


He’s been talking about wanting to get another cat for a while. I wasn’t against it, but with everything else going on with the farm and the horses and the tiny house, I didn’t think now was the best time. Mostly because I know that introducing a new cat can be a little tricky sometimes, and I’m not even living at home with them right now.

But I guess last Wednesday when he went into Petco to get food for Grem, the ASPCA was there with adoptable cats and kittens. And there was an all black one, pingponging like an absolute lunatic around his enclosure. The SO had really wanted an all black one, and clearly he’s attracted to crazy since he’s been dating a horse chick for 6 years. This kitten was too much for him to resist. While most people were doing Black Friday shopping, the SO was Black Kitten shopping.


I get a text that night that says “You know how you like cats?” to which I immediately responded with “You got a kitten didn’t you?”. And then I just immediately started getting a flood of pictures of videos of a black kitten bounding around our bedroom like the Tasmanian devil.

I went and met him on Thursday and he is definitely really cute. Really really active, has a lot to say (lord he’s a screamer), and seems to only have two modes: psycho or sleeping.


As of yet the black kitten remains unnamed. We can’t really come to an agreement on that. I think a crazy black cat should have a cool name like HADES GOD OF THE UNDERWORLD or Dementor or Banshee. The SO is over there throwing out names like an 8 year old kid trying to name a black pony… Inky, Blackie, Herman. Blech. It’s bad. I think he looks identical to Toothless from How to Train Your Dragon, but SO wasn’t gonna go for that either.


Grem seemed to feel a little betrayed at first by the new addition, but she’s slowly warming up to her new brother. They’re sharing her cat tower (he took over the penthouse suite, much to her chagrin) and they’ve chased each other around a little bit. I think she’ll actually love him once they settle in. She always wants to play and neither of our elderly dogs want anything to do with that. Or her in general.

Yesterday I got a video of the kitten climbing all over SO’s head, with him giggling like a little kid. I think he’s too far gone, y’all. The cat addiction has taken root.

Welcome to the family, crazy little yet-to-be-named-black-kitten!

34 thoughts on “Black Kitten

  1. Only difference between your SO and my hubby is I had to convince him to let us take home the black kitten that showed up one day at the barn. And ours isn’t a screamer. But yeah, she’s now his kitten to go along with his cat.

    I like Dementor as a name too.


  2. Black kittens are great, I have one myself. She’s 6 months old and she was dropped off with her litter mates at my vet’s clinic as orphans…and my vet is a horrible (actually great) person and convinced me to take one home.


  3. Heart eyes, he’s a handsome little guy!
    Since he reminds you of the Tasmanian Devil, what about Taz?
    I can see why your SO isn’t going for Toothless. There are too many black cats with that name…
    A kitten naming contest would be nice..but just to give you ideas. I do think everyone needs to name their own kids, whether two- or four-legged.


  4. Toothless is so good.
    My husband is a self-professed Cat Lady Guy. We were in Target yesterday and walked past this endcap with all these little desk signs saying stuff like, “Dog Mom” and “Cat Mom,” and Husband goes, “I feel discriminated against. Where’s the Cat Dad one?” So now I guess I might have to find him a Cat Dad desk sign for Christmas, haha


  5. Oh god not Herman! What about Wraith? Like Ring Wraiths from Lord of the Rings? Cause I’d go for Toothless but if that’s “not cool enough” then maybe Wraith? Or even Nazgul. I like that. Gremlin and Wraith. Gremlin and Nazgul. Grem and Naz haha! He’s so adorable tho. Welcome black kitten!


  6. and the collection begins!!!! I have 4 cats. I only actually technically adopted one. The other 3 just happened. One just walked into my house and decided he was going to live with us. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ Grem will love having a little brother once he is past the age of 1 and mellows out just a teeny tiny bit.


  7. So cute! I have an all black female who sounds exactly the same. Sleeping or psycho modes only.

    She has calmed down now as she’s 11, but I love seeing people adopt black cats because they’re the least likely to be taken home due to superstitions about bad luck.


  8. I named my black cat Jiji from Kiki’s Delivery Service but I did consider naming him Toothless. I also think Batman is a good name, then you could call him “Batty” because he’s high energy.


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