What’s up… Friday?

Just me or does time move more slowly when you’re waiting on a cold front and impeachment proceedings? Okay okay, no politics on here. But for real, this has been a loooooong week, so I’m just gonna hit on some of the highlights.

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Young horse FEI classes

Finally, finally, finally! News broke that the USA will have it’s own age-restricted international classes at Morven Park next fall, geared specifically toward 6yo’s (2*) and 7yo’s (3*). The Europeans have tons of these, culminating with the World Champions at Mondial du Lion in France every fall. Some of the best horses in the world have come up through these classes, and so many upper level horses. 53% of this year’s Burghley field competed in young horse international classes. 62% of this year’s Luhmuhlen field. 51% of the last WEG field. They’re very effective stepping stones for the best horses in the world, and to help find and develop the next big superstars. To finally be able to have something like this in the US is absolutely HUGE for our young horse producers, our breeders, and US eventing as a whole. I spoke on the phone with someone who is involved and it sounds like they’re really trying to make this into something big, with other fun and relevant stuff going on at the event as well. I will definitely be there, with bells on, to support in any way I can, even if it’s just to put a butt in a seat.

As for the rest of the USEA calendar updates, I remain extremely frustrated that there is still no Modified anywhere in Area 5, but hey… there are FIVE new CCI1*’s (yeah so the closest one of those is 16 hours away too, but what else is new).

Retired Racehorse Project

Know who did awesome at RRP? Fellow blogger Hillary! She and Dobby were on fire, finishing as the 4th highest scoring amateur in the eventing section and even earning a 10 on cross country at the water. It’s a big deal buying a baby horse off the track and getting it ready for something like this in less than 10 months, and she did it while being responsible for a baby human as well. Proud of you, friend! Dobbins looks fantastic and it’s been fun to have a front row seat to their journey. He’s a really cool horse, can’t wait to see how their story continues.


Cold Front 

Yes, when you’re officially on the 124th day of July and have a horse who is relatively heat-intolerant, a cold front is absolutely headline news. Yeah, ok, so it’s just gonna drop the temps down into the 80’s, but I am so freakin excited. Anything is better than triple digits. It’s supposed to get here on Sunday night and I’m pretty sure everyone is counting down the minutes. Now if we could just get a little precipitation to green up the grass and soften the ground (I said a little, Texas, please don’t do that shit you did last year where it rained for like 5 months straight).

At the barn yesterday

Arctic Fox hair color

Okay, this is a non-horsey thing, I admit, but I’m kind of excited about it. Some of you noticed that you can spy a purple ponytail in one of my FEH pictures…


I’m a fan of fun colored hair, but 1) I have naturally dark hair 2) I’m not into all the maintenance that bleaching requires 3) I’m definitely too cheap to get it done professionally these days. I’ve tried several different brands in the past, just putting the color over top of my natural color. Nothing has ever really shown up, or if it did it only lasted one or two washes. I bought Arctic Fox’s Purple Rain color and have been really impressed with it… we’re on week 2 and it’s still purple. Granted, my hair is so dark that any color I put on it really shows up more as a tint than a true vivid color, but I kind of prefer it that way since it’s more subtle for a professional environment. Now I’m kind of obsessed with what to try next… burgundy? Dark blue? A deep emerald green?


Yes, it’s October. Finally. I can start to emerge from my summertime fugue of sweat, sadness, and despair. October is very important, because it’s my favorite month of the year, and contains my favorite holiday of the year – Halloween. What’s not to love about October? It starts getting cooler, there are horse shows galore, it’s the time of year where Texas stops sucking so epically, everyone is constantly trying to plow you with candy, it’s socially acceptable to try to scare the crap out of children… it’s fantastic. Except for maybe all the body clipping. I guess nothing can be perfect, not even October.

Image result for this is some booshit
I want this so bad

And last but not least, my new favorite meme.

PLEASE someone say see ya later alligator to me just so I can have the opportunity to answer with “doubt that, sewer rat” ?

Happy Friday and HAPPY OCTOBER everyone. What good things are going on in your world this week?

20 thoughts on “What’s up… Friday?

  1. We are hopefully getting a drop in temps tomorrow. Yesterday was 101 so we need it. My pastures are dry and crunchy so some rain would be nice too.

    Not much happening this week. I’m home studying today and she a hectic weekend of shuffling kids around and attempting to cram 11 years of schooling into a single weekend.

    But…..after Monday I’m free!!! Back to living again. Fall hikes, trail rides, hunter paces, hopefully my first HT will be in early November (waiting on Trainer AB approval), and a trip to the beach as well. So all I need to do is survive this weekend.


    1. The initial rinse when you’re rinsing all the dye out, kinda yeah. I just rinsed the tub out (scrubbed the drain area with a washcloth) when I was done. Since then there hasn’t been enough color bleed to be messy. There’s some at every wash (I only wash it 3x per week) but not a lot. It basically just tints the water.


  2. It actually FELT LIKE FALL this morning. HT running tomorrow is going to be glorious.
    You know, for those with horses who get to compete. (Not bitter, really…)
    Also, why do people list horses for sale/lease and then NEVER RESPOND TO ANYTHING.


  3. In KC it went from 90 and humid on Wednesday to 55 and rainy on Thursday… Talk about high alert for colic signs!


  4. We go from a high of 17*C on Monday, to a high of 2*C on Tuesday. Yippeeee! Blanketing is sooo much fun!

    I have to agree with you on October being the best month. Who doesn’t love being spooky?


  5. Ha, and I’m here (in CO) going, “crap, it’s going to drop below freezing next week, and we leave for a trip on Friday with our LQ trailer, so now I have to figure out how to keep the pipes in it from freezing!” Which is a much harder deal than one would think because we can’t plug it in at my barn (nowhere to park where there is electric close enough).

    And my vote is Emerald green for hair color!


  6. Fall depresses me up here in the northeast because it’s just a precursor to winter… But I’m with you on October. I love Halloween! Also digging your purple hair. I think it’s time I bring some colors back too.


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