Weekend Wrapup and So Long

That long holiday weekend really worked in my favor. I wrapped up barnsitting on Saturday night, got a day to play with my ponies and relax, then a day to play with my ponies and run errands/pack, and this afternoon we head out for Europe. Whew. Time flies.

Presto’s foot is doing as well as can be expected. The vet had to block the foot to cut off the big flap of split hoof and clean out the wound/try to save the horn-growing tissue. He thinks it should heal fine eventually, although whether or not he’s permanently effected his ability to grow a good heel on that side, we’ll have to wait and see. It’s been bandaged since it happened, and will probably stay bandaged for a while. He’s quite sound in the bandage though, and he still gets to be on his regular turnout schedule, so thank goodness for that. The vet is 50/50 on whether or not Presto will be good to go by FEH championships, it’s just too early to tell. I retrieved the entry from the mailbox since it miraculously hadn’t been picked up yet. There aren’t any refunds after closing date but they accept late entries with a fee, so I figured I’d rather potentially pay an extra $30 than lose $290. I’m hoping he’ll be ok to go since he looks so good right now physically, but… we’ll see how his foot is doing in a couple weeks. As usual, Presto has been a fantastic and easy patient throughout all of the doctoring. *muttering something under my breath about having lots of effing practice*


I also got to fit in some rides on Henry, which were much needed. I am SO ready for it to quit being so damn hot, this triple digit shit is getting ridiculous. Not that sad to be flying out of here considering the next 6 days are all supposed to be over 100 degrees. This is a never-ending summer. Hot, dry, disgusting, and totally miserable. Get your shit together by the time I get back, Texas. I’d even happily take low 90’s at this point.

The boys also got spa days this weekend, with a fungus bath/scrub for Henry (his skin is looking better, thank goodness) and haircuts for both. They look like proper beasts again.

These two weirdos. I wish I could squish them in a carry-on and bring them with me. I am willing to admit that I’m perhaps creepily over-attached. I miss them after just a couple days, much less 10. TEN. I’ve already debated what to bring them each back as souvenirs.

Image result for crazy horse lady

In between packing, laundry, phone calls to the bank and my cell carrier, and jotting down every phone number/address/reservation/confirmation code just in case (I had a real “omg I am my father” moment as I was flipping through the print out of my 5 page detailed itinerary), I caught some AEC action. I did find myself pining for last year’s live stream where it showed every level’s XC, but I was glad they did at least show the BN showjumping. The upper levels are cool to watch and all, but I want to see the lower levels too. It’s so much fun to see them have so much fun. Nobody ever looks that excited at the upper levels.

I would also like to point out that at least 2 of the Champions wore pompoms. Scientific evidence of Pom Power, y’all. They’re making a comeback, mark my words.

Our flight leaves at 4 this afternoon, and we’ll be in London by 7am their time tomorrow. I will update as I can, time/adventures/WiFi permitting. I’ll try to post a lot to my Insta stories, at the very least. How ironic is it that this showed up in my facebook memories today?


Still 100% accurate. Lord help Burghley, Bobby and I (and Michelle) are coming!

7 thoughts on “Weekend Wrapup and So Long

  1. have a blast!! Make Bobby behave and dear LORD Michelle needs freaking sainthood to be traveling with both of you! HA

    Also glad Presto’s foot is doing as well as can be expected.Hope it heals fast (I almost typed heels HA Pun).

    I hope you get to enjoy some glorious cooler weather over the pond!!

    Can’t wait to follow along (as I sit here sweeting at 730 am due to the humidity) UGH


  2. Enjoy! I know how you feel. I work so hard all week to get a break from work (which includes horses) just one day a week, then spend that time lying on the couch hankering to go and ride horses. Have a great time in Europe and take many, many pretty pony pictures!


  3. Re the ripped hoof–My old OTTB did something quite similar while chasing himself around the indoor ring one day. He ripped a huge chunk off the heel of his left front hoof, and stopped in his tracks to stare at me. Mom….help!!! His belly and legs were covered in blood splatters. I got him to a wash stall to try to clean it up a bit and see what was what while I waited for the vet to show up. It was bleeding like an SOB. Vet got there and did some stapling–said there wasn’t enough tissue to sew. We put Animax on it to help along the healing and bandaged it up. I forget how long, but it was a long time reapplying goop and changing bandages. Upshot was, the healed injury never bothered him–and he was a jumper–but it looked a bit odd as the hoof always grew out with a vertical slash-like depression from top to bottom at the place where the rear part of it had torn off. It grew out strong and evenly, just looked like a 2-part hoof.


  4. Still very annoyed about the lack of live streaming for Training and Novice. Like wtf, guys- the lower levels are basically paying for this thing (sort of). We can’t at least share our moment with the friends and fam back home? #bitterpartyofone


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