Ego 7 boots: First Impressions 

Ask and ye shall receive! A full review on these will have to wait a little while, but since several of you wanted to know, here are my first impressions.

I specifically wanted new brown boots for schooling, and wanted to stay under $400. Since Karen’s Ariat’s fell apart in a year, and the Mountain Horse don’t come tall enough unless you also have a slim calf, that nixed both of those. I liked my Mondoni’s a lot, but wanted something a little bit higher quality and darker brown this time around. When I saw that Ego 7 was coming out with chocolate brown, they immediately shot to the front of the line. I first saw Ego 7 a few years ago at AETA and quite liked them. Makes sense, since they’re designed by Franco Tucci, and I love my Tucci’s.

The first obvious difference between these and the Tucci’s is of course the price. The Tucci’s are closer to the 1k mark, whereas the Ego 7’s run more like $500 USD. Which, yes, if I had bought them in the US that would have put them out of my budget. But in Europe they run about 299 Euro, which is around $350 USD. Thus why one of my biggest missions for Europe was finding these boots. Granted, you don’t have to actually fly all the way to Europe just to buy them from Europe… there are plenty of online shops that will ship here and you’ll still come out ahead.

For the price I paid, I’m satisfied with the quality. Not blown away, but satisfied. They are not the fine Italian leather of the Tucci’s, but at the price that should be obvious. They still seem well made and I like the materials and design a lot. They have all the design features of the higher end boots: nice tall spanish top, close fit through the ankle, snaps at the top and at the bottom, a padded “tongue” inside the back of the ankle, and little tab at the top snap to thread the zipper pull through so that it doesn’t fall down. It’s not as innovative and awesome as the snap system on the Tucci’s, but it works. I also like the E-Tex material on the calf. It’s pretty grippy, and blends in perfectly to the pretty chocolate brown color of the leather. We’ll see how it wears over time. I do think that a more squared toe would really take them up a few notches in the style and class department.

I like the little spur rest design that these have, with 3 different “levels”. When I first saw that feature I was worried that it might end up kind of acting like a spur, but I think unless you really ride with a seriously clamped heel then that’s not going to happen. The little nubs are pretty small. I do ride with spurs most of the time, so this particular spur rest design definitely helps keep them in place with no sliding around.

Fit wise, I’m glad I was able to try them on first. The foot seems to run a bit big, IMO, and the calf runs SMALL. Like go up a size from whatever the size chart says you would be. Really I could have ended up in a bigger calf size than I did, but I was limited to what the store had with them, so I’ve made this work. It did require some stretching, and they’re still not quite there yet, but we’ve made a lot of progress. If anything, these first couple weeks has definitely been a testament to the hardiness of their zipper.

To me the instep seems to run a smidge high, I have some extra room there. The ankle is very well tapered though, which gives these a nice slimming look. I also was able to get the regular height, and they’ve dropped to be pretty perfect.

Overall I’m happy with them so far. For a schooling boot, or even a low budget show boot, I think they’re a good choice. I definitely like them more at the $350 I paid than the $500+ that I would have paid in the US.

22 thoughts on “Ego 7 boots: First Impressions 

  1. They’re so pretty! Now I feel kinda lame, I just buy the same tredstep boots at the dover tent sales for $100 (originally $300) every year and just use the newer pair as my show boots

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      1. Your new boots look great on you. Fantastic features at an excellent price point.
        Thanks to your blog post about purchasing your brown Mondoni’s, I too ordered tall boots from Europe. Orginally I was leaning towards the Mondoni Whitehaven boot but wasn’t sure it would fit my superwide calves. I ended up purchasing the Melbourne Field boot by Petrie through I love them. I stayed safe this time and ordered black. The next time it will be brown.
        Last but not least I enjoy following your blog. Thank you for all the hard work you put into it.


  2. How many height options do they have? I wear an XXtall in off the rack boots and they’re usually still a tad short, especially if they drop at all. I’m dying for the brown parlantis, but I can’t find them at any of the euro stores that are actually willing to sell Parlantis to people in the US.


  3. I have Ego7 dress boots and LOVE them! I have worn them for showing and a full season of fox hunting and they are honestly better now than when they were new. If you aren’t in a hurry to buy them Beval sometimes has them on super sale around the holidays. I got mine for around $300! And now I’m on the prowl for brown ones. Because cubbing season. 🙂


    1. I am Canadian and ran into the same problem. High prices, little options on brands and very wide calves. I just purchased new boots from a shop in the Netherlands. Purchase&Shipping&Duties all came in under budget. I spent less than $350 CAD for a pair of Petrie Field boots. I love them and they fit me like a glove.


  4. Ugh, this came at the right/wrong time. I’ve been eying these for awhile because I really do need to quit with the paddock boots/half chaps and buy a pair of big girl tall boots, but…so much dollars.


  5. I’ll be interested to see how yours hold mine. Mine were QUITE tight, but stretched… but then a part of the elastic zipper gave out on one, and I had to send it back for repairs within 6 months of only moderate use.


  6. Hey Team,
    I have just ordered theses in NZ for saddle hunter turn out class, but they have come in with a black gusset? Is this correct? I have never come across a pair of brown leather boots with Black gussets


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