Scenes from Spoga

Today I have to run some last minute errands before we leave for Europe tomorrow, and of course since I wake up obscenely early even when I don’t have to, it left me with lots of time to kill before any businesses opened. Naturally I fell face first into Instagram, especially since Spoga Horse is going on right now over in Germany. What is Spoga Horse? THE big international trade fair for equestrian products. Someday I will get to go, but I do also love stalking Spoga on social media. You get to see all kinds of crazy things, and new things, and see brands I maybe haven’t heard of before. My favorite part are the runway shows where the models dance to terrible european club music while wearing equestrian fashions. That mostly happens at the spring Spoga, where the focus is on fashion and clothing, and it is a spectacle to behold. None of those videos have been posted yet for the fall Spoga, but there have definitely been some interesting things floating through the feed nonetheless.

Crazy boots


Bling for days


And all kinds of other bold helmets


Buttonless jackets and holey shirts (I’m waiting for someone to market this as being more aerodynamic)


Bits and stirrups

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Day two at #spogahorse

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And of course… horse goggles.

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How cool is your horse? #spogahorse

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See anything you like? Anyone else following the #spogahorse and #spogahorse2019 hashtags? I like it a lot more than I probably should.

9 thoughts on “Scenes from Spoga

  1. As long as they don’t start putting glitter on BITS…. I mean, geez o pete, they’re slapping it on everything ELSE jumper these days. Even the dressage folks sneak it in here and there. Hunterland is really the only holdout, though the glitter belt trend came and went (thankfully) and I’ve seen one (1) person who dared to have a single crystal on each of her stirrups. There sure are some eye-popping colors, too!


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