I think that facebook’s memories feature is both the best and worst thing on social media. Sometimes it brings up fun stuff that I forgot about, or hadn’t thought about in a while, and then other times it brings up things that aren’t so fondly remembered, or reminds me of good times with people/friends/animals that are no longer with us. I don’t often linger long on the memories page, but today’s definitely stopped me in my tracks a bit with all the different events that happened on this day over the years.

Last year on this day Presto’s little half brother Manny was sold to his new owner, someone that I know. It’s been fun still getting to see pictures of him as he grows and develops, and see how he compares to Presto. In that they really compare very little, they’re so different. Each of them is a lot like their sire.

remember this chonk?

As I’m gearing up for our next big horsey Europe trip next week (I’m on my last half day of work before we leave!) it’s fun to see pics of our last big horsey Europe trip two years ago.

The view from our hotel room in Bruges
I improved the view by adding waffle + gelato

That one was a whirlwind trip, with Bundeschampionate and lots of stallion viewing, and this trip is shaping up to be even MORE of a whirlwind, if that’s even possible. I’m so excited. I can’t decide if I’m more excited for Burghley or more excited for farm tours and stallions. What a hardship.

Four years ago was Henry’s second Novice, at Corona del Sol, which he finished on his dressage score for 4th. This was just after my mom had passed away, so I wore lots of purple (her favorite color) in her memory.

Wow, that’s… interesting. #manesniffer


While I did not adopt purple as a permanent part of my colors (it’s too much for my navy-loving heart) I do still usually have SOMETHING purple on or with me somewhere. This particular show was the first one where I drove home wishing I could call my mom and tell her how it went – something that I’ve experienced after every single show since. Those are the times when I miss her the most.

Back then Novice still looked really big and hard, I remember quaking in my boots about a down bank on this course that I was pretty sure I was gonna die at. I was so proud of Henry when he jumped right down with no hesitation. If only I knew then just how proud of him I would still continue to be, like I can barely fit anymore pride in my heart without it bursting. That horse. How lucky I’ve been.

On a sadder note, that venue, Corona del Sol, doesn’t exist anymore… another Area V venue that’s been lost in the past few years. Sigh.

Ten years ago I bought my first set of body clippers and taught myself how to clip by using Sadie (who was then just a 2yo, like her son Presto is now) as a guinea pig.

first clip!

That was the beginning of something I turned into a bit of a business, my first real money-making side gig. Side gigs are still my jam, even if it does take a lot of bribery to get me to body clip other people’s horses anymore. I still do it sometimes, but I don’t advertise it or seek it out. I’ve had enough horse hair in my eyeballs to last a lifetime, so you really gotta make it worth my while or I have to like you a lot.

stallion Cartier R after his first body clip

It was a great gig though, and paid for many many many a vet bill and horse show. Lots of reminiscing for a Friday morning.

I’m still trying to decide how to handle the blog while I’m traveling. On past trips I’ve always kept blogging as I can from the road, but I know the formatting gets all kinds of wonky and the posting time is a bit unreliable. Plus I’m often deliriously tired and have no idea wtf I’m even saying… which… might be more entertaining, I don’t know. So – would y’all rather I wait and do recaps when I get back and hope I remember everything that happened, or would you rather get the less organized but up-to-date daily (or every other day) posts while we’re there?

16 thoughts on “Memories

  1. I don’t mind waiting for the recaps! I know things can be a whirlwind when you’re really in the moment of your trip, and then by the time the day is done you’re exhausted. So I’d say have a blast and don’t worry about us, but if you can sneak in some Instagram updates that’d be cool!


  2. Yes, yes to updates!! Even if they are quickey blogs, short and sweet. Then do a grand review week after. Every other day is cool too.


  3. And also…. I know I would love to see updates on Manny periodically if the owner is on board! I feel invested in those boogers.


  4. I don’t mind waiting for recaps! When my husband and I were in Ireland, I would take notes at the end of each day about we what did to help with writing our honeymoon blog once we got home.


  5. If you decide to not blog while you are there, at least post some stuff to Instagram so we know you are still alive! And so we can see all of the beautiful sites as well 🙂


  6. You should do whatever you feel like! It’s your time to be not working and enjoying your trip! But like… I’d love to follow along…
    It’s kind of crazy the things that can happen on the same day but different years. I enjoy looking back most of the time, but yeah… sometimes they’re hard too.


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