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Eventers – we are an eclectic bunch. Spend a day standing out in cross country warmup and you’ll see every color of the rainbow, sometimes all on one horse, and probably at least a little bit of glitter. Coming from h/j-land it took a little while for my eyeballs to get used to this, but now I can’t help but appreciate it. I’m a firm believer in the “this is supposed to be fun” aspect of horse showing, and if decking yourself out in head to toe hot pink for XC makes you even a little bit happier, I say go for it. It might not be to my own personal taste, but you have to appreciate the individuality of it, especially in a sport that is otherwise so traditional and boring. Plus, like… if we’re being forced to do dressage and stadium, I fully believe that we’ve earned the right to wear whatever the fuck we want when we get to cross country and are galloping at solid fences.

Image result for snap gif

I’m a much more boring person when it comes to color, with a deeply ingrained love of navy, but I’ve tried to inject at least a modicum of fun into it. Like, you know… little bits of yellow. Give me some credit, that’s a lot for an aesthetically dull person. Nothing makes my heart happier than a nice crisp, clean, contrasting navy and white. Just like half of the entire eventing population these days, apparently. So I added the little touches of yellow to at least try to be 5% different from the masses.

Believe it or not there are 8 little bits of yellow in this ensemble

While I don’t think I’ll ever break from my love of a relatively sedate color scheme (Presto’s colors are navy and dark green, so…), one “out there” thing that I’ve always secretly kind of liked are pompoms on XC helmet covers. I don’t know why, I can’t even explain it, but there’s just something about a pompom that says “I’m here to party”. They were pretty popular way back in the day, and while they never really seemed to go out of style in the UK, you don’t see them here very much anymore.

I’ve always kind of thought that there are two unspoken rules for pompom wearing:

1) you must be under the age of 15.


2) you must be a mothafuckin badass.

I have a few friends that rock the Pom and they are most decidedly the latter. They’re are definitely 100% here to party AND they don’t give a flying fuck what anyone thinks. They’re serious about what they’re doing, of course, but they never take themselves too seriously. Those are the people I want to hang out with, almost without fail. Is it the Pom that does it, or is that particular personality type just attracted to the Pom? Is there a club that I don’t know about? How do I apply for membership? Is the first rule of Pom Club that you can’t talk about Pom Club?


I admittedly have serious doubts about whether or not I am cool enough to rock the Pom. A unicorn stock tie, sure. No one can really see that. But a pompom… that’s some next level shit. Everyone can see it. From real far away. You gotta be super secure about your badassery as a person if you’re gonna rock one of those as an adult, because there is nothing subtle about it. But lately I’ve stared with increasing jealously at other people’s Poms, and blurted out a weird and I’m sure exceedingly creepy-sounding “I LOVE YOUR POMPOM” anytime I see someone wearing one.

I want to be in whatever club she’s in
Image result for eventing pom pom
her too
this lady is going face first into the water and she STILL looks like a badass
these kids are all 2000% cooler than I am

Although I’m still waffling on a bit on whether or not I can actually pull it off, Trainer did grant me official permission to wear the Pom. I have it in writing, so is that enough to get me into Pom Club or do I need more references?

And THEN, once you decide that you ARE brave enough to let your freak flag fly and wear the Pom, how do you pick one? Do you go for a small one or a big one? A yarn one or a fur one? How the hell do you pick a color?

Image result for yarn pompom rainbow

They even make helmet covers with changeable poms, so you can switch it around depending on your mood, or even take it off entirely if you wuss out. This is the most attractive option to me, although they all come in color sets and I don’t like any of the sets. Still, I’m sure the idea could be easily modified for a DIY version of changeable poms with my existing helmet cover.

Image result for helmet cover change pom

I’m not very cool, but am I cool enough to rock the Pom? I don’t know. Jury’s still out. But, um… anyone know where I can find a Pom Club application?

47 thoughts on “Pom Club

  1. See, the only things keeping me from looking like a 9yr old on the back of her oversized thelwell pony is my white/gray/navy color scheme, lack of pompom, and boobs. Once you put the vest on, the boots mostly go away, and I think a pompom would throw all the jump judge volunteers into a tizzy:

    “Wait! Are we running the BN JR division now?? Or are we still on Srs? Is this rider running out of order?”

    For the sake of everyone, I will keep my boring color scheme and lack of pompoms (and of course, the boobs).

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  2. I was JUST thinking about poms at my last mini-trials! Then I went down a rabbit hole and found a British site (which I did not bookmark, dammit Sarah) which did all sorts of poms and crazy fun helmet covers. And I thought to myself, “well why the hell not”??

    Frankly, I think wearing a pom MUST help with taking ones self too seriously for xc.


    1. What about a yellow pom, to add another accent to your ensemble? Or white, would make a nice accent. And then you’ll upgrade to the rainbow one….


  3. Henry’s got a badass card, unquestionably. So, by extension and association, this means you must, too! Though I think you’d wear it better than him, so get one fabulous enough for both of you.


  4. I say you are legit qualified for a pom. I like the idea of the interchangeable ones, to suit your mood.
    I hang around the western world and man there is a lot of glitter and crazy colours. Most of my stuff is grey or navy, so I feel ya there. I do let a bit of bling sneak in now and then though. I’m really short and I’ve had ring stewards tell me to go away as the youth class isn’t on yet! Lol


  5. LOL I have similar thoughts about the rules of wearing a pom pom… and since I will never fit the badass category, I will relegate myself to the status of Pompom virgin for life.


  6. I have totally not paid attention to the poms, but I must say that I LOVE THEM. I am a lover of navy as well, though I do a navy and light blue. And then I have my bright western show shirts and all the crazy matchy colors so I think I balance myself out a little haha. I think you need that rainbow pom. Show off just how much of a unicorn Henny is 😀


  7. Pretty sure you need a furry, sparkly one. And you should absolutely do it.
    I know it’s hard to believe, but I was very “stick to your boring barn colors, and only black and white in the show ring (ok the second one I still mostly believe)” but at some point in the not too distant past I decided to have more fun. And you know what? Dressing your horse in silly colors is ridiculously fun. Especially when you have boots to match.
    Clearly, you should go ahead with the pompom. I think you’ll enjoy it!


  8. YES TO THE POM! There are two riders in the Mongol Derby this year who have been rocking a pom and it’s made me ridiculously happy. I think you need a changeable option so you can have rainbow, yellow and something sparkly. No navy though, not allowed, must be a fun color! If you could stick a pom on Henny’s ear bonnet that’d be even better… just throwing that out there.


  9. I’m sure you know my thoughts LOL

    In the UK it is rare to see NO POM.

    I ordered mine off eBay, shipped for $.99. Faux fur bright orange, and sewed it on lol.

    When Penny does her first Prelim, she will get her own Pom for her bonnet because, hilarious.

    I vote POM all the way, faux fur yellow:)


  10. This is one eventing fashion trend that I am here for unequivocally. I do prefer the yarn ones. They somehow look badass but also traditionally so. Like, the person wearing them could conceivably yawn their way through the old eventing courses that had hanging logs and huge stone walls and stuff. I am not brave enough (eventing-wise or fashion-wise) to wear one so more power to you!


  11. I have always wanted a pom on my helmet, but I have never admitted it hahaha. Now I feel like it’s time to give in to my heart’s desire hahahahahaha. We could bring back the pom in 2020. I mean, it’s the twenties, so party like Gatsby, amiright??


  12. Yesterday Matt sent me a picture of a unicorn baseball cap that says “Majestic as Fuck” with a multi colored pom on it. He seemed to think it was the perfect XC walk hat. LOL Must be some subliminal stuff going on to make us want pom poms.


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