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It’s mid-week, work is busy, I have several posts half-drafted but not completed, and I’m running short on creativity. I love posts with questions, I think it’s interesting to learn more about people, so I’m borrowing the ones that Viva Carlos found on Tumbler. Feel free to keep it going!


1. What is the first thing you do when you get to the barn?

Go peek in at the boys. Usually that means a smooch on the nose for Presto and immediate retreat to the tack room to get cookies for Henry, because god forbid you greet him without a cookie.

2. Is there a breed that you would never own?

“Never” is a dangerous word, but I’m not sure there are any circumstances in which you would find me with something heavy and hairy, like a Friesian or a Gypsy Vanner.

3. Describe your last ride?

Stretchy. Last night we mostly worked on stretching and suppling in all 3 gaits.

It’s kind of cool to have an arena again

4. Have any irrational riding fears?

I don’t think so? I’m mostly just scared of making a mistake that ends up getting a horse hurt.

5. Describe your favorite lesson horse?

I rode a lot of sale horses growing up, not really lesson horses, but my favorite in the lesson horse string was Crystal, an appendix mare. She was grouchy but really fun to ride, and super kind.

6. Would you ever lease out your horse?

Not now, but in the future yes.

7. Mares: Yay or neigh?

I actually prefer mares, I dunno how I ended up with 2 geldings.

8. How many time per week do you get to see your horse?

I’m usually at the barn 6-7 days a week.

9. Favorite thing to do on an “easy day” with your pony?

Hack out in the fields, or go exploring. I don’t like being stuck in the arena, I want to ride out.



10. Conformational flaw that bothers you the most?

Back at the knee. That’s the only one I can think of that would be a resounding NO for me, regardless of the rest of the horse.

11. Thing about your riding that you’re most self conscious about?

All of it. Literally all of it.

12. Will you be participating in no stirrup November?

No. I often think that NSN is to the detriment of the horse. I’m a big believer in taking your stirrups off periodically as a regular part of your training, but I don’t like when folks try to cram all of their stirrupless work into one month out of the year and end up putting extra strain on the horse’s back. Moderation, with regularity.

13. What is your grooming routine?

Jelly scrubber or Tiger’s tongue (depending on how dirty) followed by a medium stiffness brush, followed by hoof pick. Sometimes I’ll put Kevin Bacon’s hoof dressing on, if needed. After a ride I hose him off and then fly spray, and then put tea tree spray on all the fungus-prone areas. If the ground is super hard and he worked a lot, I might pack feet with Magic Cushion.

14. Describe a day in the life of your horse?

Right now they’re out all night, so they come in for breakfast, then he eats some of his hay, takes a nap, gets up and eats more hay, takes another nap, gets up and eats more hay, then I show up to ride, then he eats dinner, then he goes back outside. It’s a rough life for Henny.

15. Favorite season for riding?

Fall! Even if it’s a very short season around here. It just feels so nice after 6 months of summer, and tends to be less rainy than spring.


16. If you could only have 1 ring: indoor or outdoor?

Outdoor with all weather footing. Being stuck inside all the time is depressing to me, but I’ll ride outside in any weather as long as the footing is safe.

17. What impresses you most about the opposite discipline (english vs. western)?

I feel like western people generally are better at groundwork and basic training concepts. They tend to expect better behavior from their horses, which I think is a really important fundamental that a lot of english folks are lacking.

18. You have unlimited funds to buy one entire tack set for your horse, what is he/she wearing?

Either a custom Devoucoux or Voltaire with navy piping, with a matching girth, a Fairfax breastplate,  and like 500 different bridles because I like them all. Each of them with Neue Schule bits, of course.

19. How many blankets do you have? When do you blanket?

Each horse has a sheet and a blanket. Henry has a Back on Track as well. I have a ridiculous amount of coolers and scrim sheets. This is Texas, so an extensive blanket collection generally isn’t needed. When they’re blanketed depends on how hairy they are, if they’re in or out, if it’s sunny, if it’s windy, etc. Too many variables.

20. What is your horse’s favorite treat? Favorite place to be scratched?

Henry will eat pretty much anything besides apples. He loves the really rich soft treats like German Horse Muffins and Stud Muffins (I need to try the Slims!), but he doesn’t get them often. His daily cookies are NickerMakers. He also REALLY loves poptarts.

Most Rotten Animal

21. Something about your barn that drives you crazy?

Nothing yet, except maybe the drive. I’ll be happier when all the fencing is hot, just because anything that isn’t makes me nervous. So far so good for everything else though.

22. Roached manes, pulled manes, or long flowing manes?

I like a short mane but I don’t pull them, I use scissors and/or a blade. You can make it look just as good! I’ve had too many that really don’t like having their manes pulled, and I don’t see the need. It does mean my braids are a little bigger since the mane is thicker, but I don’t mind it and don’t really care if anyone else does.

23. Can you handle a buck or a rear better?

I don’t do rearing. At all. Hard nope.

24. I would never buy a horse who ___________________?

Um… reared? lol

25. Favorite facial marking?

Star plus snip. I don’t know why but it’s always been my favorite!

His snip is maybe edging closer to a stripe, but close enough!

7 thoughts on “25 more

  1. I’ve been getting the stud muffin slims for Eros (because he moved past pleasantly plump to dear g-d it’s a beached whale) and he has no complaints so far.
    I wish I could scissor or blade all the manes! But some are just too thick if they need hunter braids. (Looking at you Eros.)
    And lastly, my sassy pony LOVES to rear in the paddock, and I’m really hoping I never see that when she’s either under me or attached to me… I mean, you do you in your free time and all, but hard no on the rearing during human time.


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