One Last Time

Well, here we are at the end of the month, which means… it’s time. Time to turn the page to the next chapter, time to say goodbye to the place we’ve called home for the past 2.5 years, and time to bid farewell to my beloved fields. It still stabs me right in the heart to think of this land being torn up and covered with houses soon.

what a waste

Bobby is moving his boys to a dressage barn, and while of course I will miss him and Cannavaro, I’m also very excited for him. He’ll be able to pursue his older horse’s dressage career in earnest, be part of a show team, and have readily available professional help for Cannavaro. The footing is lovely in the arena there and they have a covered arena that means they always get to ride, so it’ll be great for the senior horse’s soundness and health. And Cannavaro can get some pro dressage rides to help get him started in his eventing career. I think it will be great for Bobby and his horses, and that’s what matters, so while I’m a little sad to no longer see them on a regular basis, as his friend I couldn’t be more pleased for him.

I’m not sure if Presto will miss Cannavaro, but I will. I still have dibs on him if something ever happens to Bobby.

On Wednesday we all met after work so we could go on one last hack in the field. We walked, we trotted, we cantered, we galloped, there was some bucking, and plenty of laughing. The weather was gorgeous, and it was a perfect little sendoff. Today I’m going to go back out alone and take one last canter across the place that has given me so much peace and happiness. I’ve become weirdly attached to this back acreage where we’ve spent so much time working, playing around, and just decompressing and escaping the worries and responsibilities that live outside of these fence lines. My troubles have never been allowed to come in here with me.


But I also know that the end of this chapter signals the beginning of another. Last night we took a trailer full of jumps to the new barn, and I got to see it again with fresh eyes. The first time we came, I was still kind of reeling and panicking about the quick and sudden ejection after we got the news of the barn closing. This time I got to see it for what it was, and start planning where I was going to put things and how I was going to use the space. It will be really nice to have a good, usable arena (that is dragged regularly!) again. The field where we get to hack isn’t as big or as rolling, but it’s a really beautiful piece of land in it’s own right, and the footing is lovely. It’s better maintained and mowed regularly, so I don’t have to worry about stickers and burrs or wildlife hiding in the brush or random holes.

These frenns get to stay frenns

The barn owner is so kind, really gracious, and cares deeply for the horses’ happiness and well being. We picked out which stalls we wanted, talked about turnout options, got some ideas for how we’ll fit our stuff in the tack room, and discussed feeding plans. While I’m not excited to more than double my commute, I do feel like the boys will all be really happy there, and we’ll still have the same kind of freedom and quiet environment that we’re used to. Now that I’ve had time to process everything, I find myself actually really looking forward to the move.

Soon the boys will all be going out together, and living side by side in the barn. There are fewer horses, more one-on-one care, much better facility maintenance, and lots of options. It’s a good thing. Or it will be once we’re all there and unpacked anyway… moving all this shit is the worst part.

8 thoughts on “One Last Time

  1. I’ve been waiting to hear what Bobby was doing, glad he found a good home for his herd! The more than doubled commute for you sounds rough though, ouch.


  2. The increased commute sucks, but otherwise it seems like a pretty great place! It breaks my heart to see old farms turning into developments 😦


  3. So bittersweet. The new place sounds lovely though, and I think you’ll all be happy there. And if not, there are two small farms on my road for sale, so you could always come to CT…
    It really is depressing to know that beautiful field will just house more buildings. Just what the world needs… more buildings.


  4. Good luck with the move and take care of that ankle! Won’t do to make it worse now. Everything sounds really good at the new place and before you know it, you’ll be used to the commute (but I don’t blame you for being grouchy now). I think the boys will love it and as you said, that’s the most important thing!


  5. Leitchcroft… Redstone Farm…Citation Stables… Northwick… Sundance Farms… Foxrun Farm… Fantasia Farm… all my old haunts, gone now, buried under hundreds of houses, corporate headquarters, six lane highways and malls. And the nearest town is creeping closer and closer to where I board now… so sad!


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