Friday Wrap-Up

This is one of those weeks where I feel like I’m coming in hot to the weekend, flying sideways with tires screeching like it’s Tokyo Drift. There are major upheavals at work, one of our senior dogs is not doing well, and we have to start packing/moving stuff to the new barn this weekend. Things are busy and stressful.

Image result for tokyo drift gif
it’s been one of those months, and I’m in the passenger seat.

I’m not in the right frame of mind for deep, insightful blog posts right now. My brain is overwhelmed as it is. But what I can offer, happily, is some levity. Specifically the kind that comes wrapped in a wobbly, fuzzy, pony-baby sized package. That’s right, I come bearing more pictures of Nunez WTW, who I am personally calling Mijo because it’s taking Michelle too long to come up with a barn name.

If you’re not dead from cute after this, I’m not sure if we can be friends.

I also have a few general updates or things I want to mention. Once again I have to plug the US Event Horse Futurity, because I’m completely hooked on watching the videos of these young horses as they progress through the beginning of their careers. It’s been so educational for me already. Best idea anyone has ever had, documenting all of this on video. Watching how the trainers are working through problems and setbacks is something we don’t often get a front row seat to. If you still aren’t following, you really should. Plus if you’re active on the page with likes and comments and shares, you can win swag. OR, if you really want to promote the program, you can buy some swag too. Presto already has the hat… maybe he wants in for 2021?

Maybe I whut?

As to the winner of the Australia vs Germany race, it was definitely Australia. The shirts from Black Horse Clothing arrived on Monday, and I really like them. Full review coming after I get to wear and wash some more, but the initial impression is very positive.

I was getting really worried about my boots (the German package) there for a while, when 5 days passed with absolutely no updates on the tracking. I’m relatively certain DHL strapped them to a dolphin and sent them across the ocean that way. But now they’re saying the package should be here tomorrow, so hopefully that’s true. Pretty new boots would make me happy. If they fit. Please fit.

Here, have some more Mijo, you deserve it.

I took a few days off from riding this week, to let myself keep healing more. My ankle was pretty mad on Tuesday and Wednesday, swollen and bruised again, so I just iced it and rested it completely. The bruises on the right side of my body from the fall are starting to fade a little bit. Nothing is really that sore anymore, except my back. I got on Henry yesterday in my dressage saddle and mostly just walked, with a little bit of trot, and things felt pretty good. I’ll definitely stick to a few more light days before I try to ramp anything back up, but I think I’m over the hump and through the worst of it. Now I just have to be careful not to re-injure anything I think. Being patient is hard, and taking days off from riding is not a particular strong suit of mine. I need to get everything healed up though, because the thought of trying to move all my shit and both horses next weekend with a broken body sounds extra miserable. So… rest it is.

sorry that you have to endure a a closeup of my big white pasty thigh but if you come here on the regular I have to assume you knew the risk you took when you started scrolling. Also, that non-bruised spot in the middle? HUGE DENT IN MY MUSCLE. It feels real good.
This stupid thing was still pretty mad on Tuesday
This is my cankle. There are many like it but this one is mine. It’s a lot smaller today, though! 
Here is your reward for looking at those pictures.

Last but not least, Trafalgar Square Books is having a memorial day sale starting this evening through Monday night – 20% off plus free shipping in the US. I wish I was done with the Eric Smiley book and ready to review it for this occasion, but I’m still a few chapters away from being done. It’s a really interesting book though, and covers a wide range of topics, from riding to horsemanship to theory.  The books description on the website summarizes it best:

Riding well can be a puzzle. This book puts together the pieces, including

– How humans and horses learn
– Striving for partnership vs. dictatorship
– Early training and developing skills
– Demystifying equestrian-speak
– Dressage outside the arena
– Ground poles for the rest of us
– Jumping and cross-country tips
– Solving problems, wherever you ride
– Competition psychology
– Being coached and being a coach

They’ve also got Denny Emerson’s new book, as well as Tik Maynard’s (among tons of others) so if you haven’t picked either of those up yet, now is the time!

Hims wittle tongue

Have a good holiday weekend, everyone!




9 thoughts on “Friday Wrap-Up

  1. Hope all goes well with packing and moving – that alone is mega-stressful. Mijo is super cute – sigh. And my cankle says hi to your cankle. #canklepower Hope the body keeps feeling better.


  2. Glad you seem to be on the mend!
    I’m not sure I can handle the cute that is that baby pony. I mean. LOOK AT HIM! (No more ponies Stacie. You’re an adult. A chubby one.)
    I hope the pup pulls through, and is feeling better soon.
    ALSO, I’m pretty excited for your boots to arrive.


  3. oh i need more books like a hole in the head.

    Good luck moving I hate moving

    Good luck healing

    Hope the pup bounces back. UGH go to bed, pull covers over year head and wake up June 2!


  4. Bebe ponie looks like someone lobbed a snowball at him, and it’s starting to melt and run down his face. Hope your senior dog’s troubles are only temporary, and yours too.


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