Well, this month just continues to be a real kick in the pants. I mentioned on Friday that one of our senior dogs wasn’t doing well, and unfortunately over the weekend things continued to decline for her. On Sunday we confirmed what I had feared since the initial bloodwork last Wednesday – liver cancer. By yesterday afternoon she was in full blown liver failure, and we opted to let her go before she got too uncomfortable.


Delia was always a super happy, sweet dog, and she remained that way right up until the end. We opted to put her down outside of the clinic, under the trees, since she always has been a lover of nature. All of the doctors that worked on her came out to say goodbye. They were all really great and professional but still incredibly kind. I really don’t know how veterinarians do this on a daily basis.

Delia was SO’s dog really… he pulled her out of the city animal shelter ten years ago, and they were best buds from day 1. I only got to know her for 6 of those years but I can say without a doubt that while all dogs are great, she was one of the best. While there is no doubt that she was SO’s dog, we were running buddies and great friends. She loved affection (which earned her the title Needy Deedee) and going on walks and hiking and especially her pet cat. Yeah ok, we told Delia that we got Grem for her. They were two peas in a pod.


Poor SO is not doing well at all. This was his first adulthood dog, and for years it was just those two against the world. He bought his house for her, took her everywhere, and his life revolved around her. Just a month ago we were hiking around Bull Creek celebrating their 10 year gotcha-versary and all was totally normal, so this has definitely blindsided him. I don’t think the word devastated accurately describes it. She just went downhill so fast.

Unfortunately I think most of us are all too familiar with how he feels right now. We don’t get to keep our animals for nearly as long as we’d like, and it sucks. But I know without a doubt that Delia had the best life you could ever imagine for a dog, and she was deeply loved. Miss you, sweet girl.

32 thoughts on “Delia

  1. Definitely not the post I should’ve read right before going to work 😭. I’m sorry for your loss. My old girl has been going down hill the last few weeks so your post hits especially hard. June will be 11 years since I adopted her.


  2. I am so sorry. She was a great dog and SO gave her a great life along with you. 😦 I am glad you made the right decision though. UGH.

    So now just Stewie and Quinn. 😦 The house must seem empty! I am sure Grem will miss her too!


  3. Ugh- my eyes are all filled up for you. It never gets easier. My best friend was put to sleep just over five years ago, and I still fight to remember every little aspect. My heart goes out to you and your SO.


  4. So sorry 😦 My husband had to put his dog down after Christmas. She also had liver failure and she went down hill so fast. She was the family dog but really Molly was his dog, she just tolerated the rest of us. It is truly heart breaking.


  5. I am so, so sorry for your and SO’s loss. Words are never enough. She was blessed to have the life with you that she did. I hope your SO can take some small comfort in her long life, well lived.


  6. I’m in the same boat as your SO after losing Elliot. It sucks. I am glad she was able to be outside and peaceful though. Still, so sorry for you and your family.


  7. So sorry for you loss – I know all too well how that feels.

    It really is a beautiful thing we can do for our pets though, to let them go before it’s too bad and while they’re still capable of good moments. Because animals can’t truly speak and tell us where it hurts, it’s so important to have humans in their corner to make that call, as hard as it can be to do so (and even if it’s not hard to know it’s time, it still can feel impossible to have to say good-bye).

    Thank you for being such a kind pet owner that you knew when to make the call. Thank you thank you.


  8. Those whom we held in our arms for a little while, we hold in our hearts forever. Rest in peace, beautiful Delia.


  9. Ugh, so sorry. It seems like it should hurt less at some point but they all take a little piece of you with them. Sends good thoughts that the pain subsides soon so everyone can remember the better times without the heartache.


  10. I am so so sorry for you and your SO’s loss… losing a dog is never easy, but I know when I lost my “canine soulmate” very unexpectedly last year it felt like my life was over. I’m glad she had a good life and was comfortable right up until the very end.


  11. These feelings are still pretty fresh for me too, so I feel a little extra for you guys. I’m so very sorry for your loss. Never enough time with our four legged kids.


  12. I’m so sorry for your loss Amanda. I’m still reeling from the loss of my dog Hugo — the suddenness and the years spent together make it all so much harder. Sending lots of love to you and your SO.


  13. I am so terribly sorry, for you and especially your SO. I am glad you understand how he feels, along with everyone here. Seems like almost all horse people are dog-lovers as well. Rest in peace, sweet Delia. Some day you’ll meet her again across the Bridge.


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