It’s a Dangerous Day

Not as dangerous as Black Friday, but still… today is the day that a lot of Memorial Day sales go live, including Riding Warehouse.

This would be more exciting if I wasn’t in a bit of a self-imposed spending freeze at the moment. Between the new boots and the Burghley tickets/airfare and a few smaller things I bought during the pity party I threw for myself at the beginning of the month, I need to chill. Which is sad, because I’ve been living for that Wish List feature lately, adding shit to it like it’s my damn job.


Yeah ok, maybe I have problems. Nothing a cool 2G’s wouldn’t fix, though.

That Schockemohle bridle might be the death of me if I try to resist it for much longer. The whole “buy a Schockemohle bridle and get $50 off Schockemohle reins” promo they’re running right now isn’t helping. I so can’t afford a new bridle right now though, nor do I need it. Although technically if I start showjumping Henry in a bit again, another brown bridle would be nice to have…

Killing. Me.

Shoot, I just realized there aren’t any breeches on my wish list. That can’t be right.


While I won’t be splurging and buying anything fun, I do need a few of the basic essentials for the boys, like magic cushion and poultice and fly spray and salt blocks. I also anticipate needing some new tack room organizational items for the new barn, since we’ll have a much smaller space, but those purchases will have to wait until after we move and we see just how much condensing we have to do and how much space we have.

Image result for packing gif
what it will actually look like when I try to pack

Schneider’s has a lot of good racks and bags and stuff that are on sale right now too… if only I could decide what I might need. I have SO MUCH SHIT for two horses. How do y’all store your blankets and stuff, Rubbermaid bins? I think I could fill two or three big ones. Not to mention all my med supplies, horse boots (it’s possible that I’ve got like 10 sets), and tack. I have a whole drawer full of just bonnets, for crying out loud, and I regret nothing. Having an entire corner of the tack room to myself has been nice, though. I can’t believe we’re only about a week away from the upheaval. Just the thought of moving everything fills me with dread. I’m ready for the fresh start though, and to have a functional arena to ride in. It’s just the actual moving part. Ugh. Guess this would be a good time for a clean out.

Anybody have their eye on something during these sales? A new bridle or some LeMieux pads (anyone tried their breeches yet?) or a new helmet maybe? The new dark brown Mountain Horse boots? A bargain-hunting extravaganza through the clearance section? Let me live vicariously through you…


33 thoughts on “It’s a Dangerous Day

  1. I feel that spending freeze, pet vet bills plus show bills plus an unexpected farrier visit are keeping me from splurging this weekend. I keep all my spare supplies in Home Depot tool grade tubs because my Rubbermaid some how melted and warped last summer. The blankets I try to vacuum seal in those vacuum ziplocks but a few don’t always fit, and sometimes the bags burst. It’s a win or lose kinda of situation πŸ€·πŸ»β€β™€οΈ


  2. Oh I’m already in trouble. Essex classics has 30% off so I grabbed an extra show shirt for $35 this morning and a pair of breeches from Smartpak. My riding warehouse cart is loaded and ready to go for whenever the discount is effective or the code comes out. I’m gonna have to pre it down though since it’s over $400 without the % off..


    1. I have one of those under my bed with some of my winter clothes. What size are you using and how many fit in it? I’ve got heavy blanket x 2, turnout sheet x 3, heavy wool cooler, fleece cooler, lightweight cooler x 2, back on track, scrim sheet x 2, quarter sheet, and… something else I can’t remember…


      1. I think I have the largest ones. Here is my blog post: where I didn’t put a link to the totes bc I’m a dummy, but I know I bought more after I posted this. I can fit at least 4 heavy winter blankets in 1 tote. I can get about 10 sheets in one. I’ve used them in non-climate controlled rooms and climate controlled and have never found critters or mold or anything on my blankets/sheets (but I am careful to only store laundered stuff in these totes). I have 4 horses, a pony and a donkey. I can get all my sheets and blankets in 6 or 8 totes. And at least 1 tote has random stuff with sizes that don’t fit anyone I have now and coolers I won 25 years ago, etc.

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  3. Umm, well, I love your wish list and it has some things in common with mine. I recently bought the Anique shirt (same color). My advice is to get it – you won’t regret it. I like it so much that I’m thinking about getting the white one, even though white is the stupidest color to wear around horses. I’m also planning on getting the Kavalkade Phillip reins. I’m getting a new saddle, so obviously I need new fittings; I’m planning on giving the Schockemoehle leathers and the EquiFit Essentials girth a try.
    Regarding a new bridle, my question to you is this: do you want the Schockemoehle, or do you want to hold out for the new PS of Sweden that’s coming out? (I ask primarily because I am looking very closely as these two).


    1. I was kind of holding out for the black anique shirt, since it would match more of my breeches, but I do like the rose color too. We’ll see when I finally cave.

      I like the look of the new PS figure 8 that’s coming out, but it will likely be out of my budget. There’s also an english brand, Henry James, that I’m really liking the look of. You can mix and match parts for better sizing. And of course, Lund has some new designs in their pipeline as well. TOO MANY CHOICES.


      1. I mean, black is obviously best… but did you see on the Anique website that THEY HAVE MOAR COLORS?!?! I wonder if they are having a Memorial Day sale…
        And I’m SO excited to see what Lund has in store. In the meantime, I’m definitely going to have to check out Henry James – I love the idea of mix and match, because I always seem to have horses that are Frankensize.


  4. You already know the dark brown MH boots are going to be mine. I’m having to put off the purchase til July since my show pair unexpectedly needed replacing last week, but I’m PSYCHED


  5. I’m waffling on a dressage saddle, so no spendies for me! I store most of my stuff is in tupperware bins of various sizes. I have 1 for blankets, 1 for miscellaneous tack, and 1 for show stuff I’m not using.

    I just went through all my stuff – I had so so so much. My favorite local TB rescue ended up with 2 huge boxes of shtuff (boots, pads, girths…) It was actually really nice to clean it out.


  6. I got a straw cowboy hat out of clearance since I think I’m only supposed to wear the felt one in ‘winter.’ I grabbed Copper some bell boots to push it over $50 and called it good. I consider that being well behaved since I’ve show in the felt hat since I was 18 and Copper was 1. Right?


  7. I keep thinking about those stirrups you always talk about. Are you going to SW Saturday by any chance. Can I try them out? 20% off would make that hurt a little less. Still trying to figure out what bit I need to try for the days when the dinosaur wants to completely ignore my suggest to slow down and not sit on his head after the jumps, so maybe some shopping for me this holiday weekend.


  8. It’s just so not fair. There are no such delights to be had, this side of the border…and because the Canadian dollar is so feeble…and then the shipping….*sigh*….but then again, it’s good because I’ve had to buy so much stuff this year that I feel a bit nauseous over the spending. πŸ™‚


  9. The shipping bill for Pone to get home + not knowing sizing on things is preventing me from spending money this weekend, thankfully….


  10. I like the LeMieux breeches. Maybe they are not quite thin enough for summer in Texas but then I have only worn them all day and not ridden in them yet.


  11. I may have already bought some woof boots and a polo shirt for clinics.. I bought a Le Meiux pad from a different site. I “need” a few more things, this is a very dangerous shopping weekend…


  12. I’ve been waiting for the sale. I need another LeMieux dressage pad, so I ordered the gray one. My other one (in plum) has worn so well and I love the D-ring velcros and the choice of individual billet spaces or using the wide strap. One horse needs the individual spots to keep everything in order abut for the other horse, it’s easier to have a generous space. I tried the Weatherbeeta look-alike pad but it was missing this feature and I don’t like that as much.

    Also snagged a purple Kerrits sunshirt (haven’t tried this model yet, but purple!), some fly boots (bright orange!), fly and tick gel (maybe this will work better for faces than the classic rollon), a pair of Horze socks (I never have enough!), and, of course, a bag of cookies. Enough damage for me! Let us know if you get those LeMieux therapy boots, I would love to see a review on those. I have been really impressed with this brand since RW has started carrying it.


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