The Race is On

I think the toughest part of ordering fun custom things, especially something like boots, is the wait time. The estimated 8-12 weeks can definitely feel like an eternity, especially when stressful things are happening elsewhere in your life and you really just want something pretty to give you some temporary happiness. Major first world problems.

When you have no idea if what you ordered will actually look good, because you’re just living on shitty screenshots of swatches.

But I was still pretty darn excited to get the email yesterday saying that my Pioneer boots are on their way. That was a pretty fast turnaround, especially considering they also had to travel from the workshop in Italy to the store I ordered from in Germany before they could start their trek here. It’s been less than 5 weeks since I ordered. They’re shipping here via DHL which, in my personal experiences from ordering overseas, has taken anywhere from 3 days to 4 weeks. Their tracking also sucks. Hopefully they used an airplane for this one instead of pack mules/dolphins.

Image result for dhl memes
there’s a reason that so many DHL memes exist

Not long before the boots shipped, it’s also possible that I ordered something from Australia. Let’s just say that following equestrian apparel companies on Instagram has been my downfall more times than I can count. This time it was a shirt that got me, and I felt like I deserved a pretty new shirt, and the price was good, and it was really easy to talk Hillary into getting something too so we could split the shipping. Mostly I’m just glad that I resisted the urge to buy one in every color. Small victories. Hopefully it fits.

I’m having a real moment with the perforated top trend, sue me.

So now I’m watching and tracking both of these packages, coming from opposite ends of the world. The race is on to see which one will get here first. It’s a pretty freaking boring race, though, I have to admit, since none of the tracking has updated in over 24 hours. I keep checking far more often than is reasonable. But nah. Crickets.

This would be more fun if it was like airplane tracking, where I could see the package as a dot and it was actually moving along it’s trajectory.  That should be a thing.

I did self-medicate with a couple other small purchases, one for instant gratification and the other a pre-order because I’m a glutton for punishment right now I guess. After my Stockbobble post last week I totally caved and got the other glittery anchor stock tie that matches the one I bought for Trainer. It arrived a couple days ago, and now I’m just looking at it on my kitchen table and realizing that my next show is like 2 more months away. So it was like instant gratification… but not.

I also officially booked my flights for Burghley (yes I bought the actual Burghley event tickets before my flight…) and signed up for my next Yes.Fit race. I just had to do the Nessie one, because the shirt is so awesome, and the promo code YMzLFJU6 still works. The street views of this virtual race are really cool, since your path on the app basically just goes around Loch Ness.

This kind of makes me want to book a cycling trip in Scotland, to be honest.

Hey, maybe I’ll stumble across Nessie carrying a Pioneer Boots box.

I think we should take bets on what gets here first – the Australia package or the Germany package? I want my pretty new boots, dangit.


9 thoughts on “The Race is On

  1. Okay look – I just need you to post links directly to the things you’re buying because I also need that shirt, and the boots, and usually whatever else you post…

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  2. If the shirt is coming via Australia post, I’d bet on it. Last time I bought something from Australia, it took about a week to get here.


  3. my DHL packages either arrive in literally 2 days or never come at all. I do not understand how that company works. I really want to do that nessie race… I don’t know when I’d have time to run though… I have NO IDEA how I trained for two freakin’ halfs.


  4. Your shirt will definitely come first. I got boots from Germany last year and they took 25 days to arrive. There were no updates on DHL – one day they just showed up.


  5. I don’t want to jinx anything, but I’ve had really good luck with DHL lately. Things arrive most often in 4 days or less. I ordered something from Italy that came in two days. (Don’t get excited it was just a terry cloth sheet for the pony.) And some pony boots from Punk Ponies arrived in under a week too. I think the shirt might be faster… but I HOPE it’s the boots first!


  6. I would say the thing from Australia because it’s faster to post things to and from Aus internationally than it is to post things within Aus!


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