Foal Friday

I’m getting ready to head out to a show (our first recognized Prelim! That looks a lot like it might get rained out…) and I’m short on time, so today you get a short PSA and lots of pictures. Happy Friday!

For anyone who, like me, was drooling over the Schockemohle bridles, RW has them 15% off right now (not sure when it ends, maybe today?). Buy me a black one. K thanks.


Moving on to the best part: more Nalah pictures! She is a week old now but these pictures are from the 4-day mark I believe. She is VERY active and spends most of her time in the air, bouncing from one place to another like a rubber ball. She’s pretty independent, loves to canter everywhere, and has already started jumping things in her pasture. These jumper-bred babies man…


she’s totally smiling

Hope everyone has a good weekend!

7 thoughts on “Foal Friday

  1. Good god those legs!
    Good luck this weekend! Hope the weather cooperates.
    And lastly, thanks for the coupon code. I am sooooooooo tempted I just may have to pull the trigger.


  2. Those legs…that smug look on her face…she is perfect. Glad that 1) I have no where near the ability to ever be able to ride her and 2) she isn’t for sale or her name would be “Divorce Maker” as she moved into my barn.

    Good luck and I hope the weather cooperates.

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  3. Good luck this weekend hope weather holds off it is going to be a shit show here too with weather. UGH…
    Also that baby is adorable!! Michelle must be so proud.
    I need no more bridles but go ahead and order yourself one 🙂


  4. Just crawling out of my ignore everything and everyone hole from the weekend…. This was exactly what I needed. She is adorable. I don’t think I’ve seen one quite so bouncy, especially that early on!


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