Presto and Mimi

I think it’s well past time to talk about Presto’s most special internet relationship: his friend Mimi, who lives in France. Mimi hasn’t always lived in France… she’s from Texas and used to ride at the same barn as me way back in the day. Like way back. Like damn Mimi we are getting old. But now Mimi is married to a Frenchman and lives waaaay over there across the pond. Thanks to Facebook and this blog we have kept up with each others exploits well enough, over the years. I have bugged her on far too many occasions when I was looking at saddles in France (as one does when one is cheap/poor and they’re so much freakin cheaper overseas) but she has been endlessly patient.

When Presto came along there was definitely a connection between the two of them… a little special something reaching out from behind the computer screen. In fact, Mimi says it was really this picture that started it all:


The hair, the swagger, the derpy lip, the nonchalant “whut you want” look on his face… it all spoke to her. Was this her spirit animal? The seed had been planted.

Not long after, I posted this picture.


This time Mimi couldn’t resist the urge, and she posted her own version.

It’s all about the bangs

And so began a trend. Over the past year Mimi has recreated Presto pictures of her own, becoming increasingly good at it.

It’s kind of my favorite thing on the internet. Every time I post a goofy picture of Presto (we all know there is no shortage of those) I eagerly await Mimi’s response. I am the middleman in their relationship, since obviously Presto doesn’t have thumbs or WiFi, but they clearly have a lot in common. Even from 5,000 miles away, Mimi really knows how to channel her inner Presto. They’ve bonded over their mutual love of crazy hair and even crazier expressions. It’s gotten to the point where when Mimi’s husband sees her taking selfies he says “You’re making fun of that weird horse again aren’t you?”.

I swear that someday this needs to be made into a coffee table book or something. I keep collecting the pictures, trying to figure out the best way to share this with the world. Because it really MUST be shared. It’s too good. Their relationship is too special. Let’s face it, Mimi is the hero we need right now.

It’s a little ironic that Presto’s internet BFF is in France, since that’s also where his sire lives. She assures me that his expressions and general demeanor are very typically French. Can’t deny your heritage I guess.

Anyone else’s horse have an International pen pal? No? That’s not normal? Weird.

14 thoughts on “Presto and Mimi

  1. I’m envisioning an every other year self publication (Shutterfly until Simon and Shuster appear) of your coffee table book. A permanent gift for Mimi (and self entertainment for both of you). Your pictures brought a smile to my face – she really has a knack for Presto’s funny faces.


  2. Hahahaha! I have seen some of Mimi’s recreations on FB, but didn’t know the story. Hilarious!
    Rio has a pretty big fan club, but no real pen pals. I have noticed that when I post photos of him (just him, not with me…) I get like 10 times more likes than any other pics.


  3. Loved the pix. Thanks to Mimi – and to you, Amanda, for sharing! A calendar would be a good fund raiser for a fav charity. Since I know you usually have between 3:00am & 4:00am free, you can work on it then. Might I suggest a 15-month calendar ready for sale late summer.


  4. Delightful! How about “Bored Panda”? Or, better yet, Dana’s suggestion of a calendar benefiting a horse charity.


  5. Make a book entitled ‘The French Connection – the true love story of Presto and Mimi’. Guaranteed best seller. 🙂


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