Best Purchases of 2018

I am lucky enough to have collected a lot of really nice equipment by this point in my life. From my Majyk Equipe gear to my Lund tack to my Tucci boots to my Devoucoux saddles to my TraumaVoid and Samshield helmets, and everything in between, I have spent a very long time accumulating a lot of nice things, slowly but steadily upgrading as I could afford it. Because life is too short to not have nice things, especially when your horse is a unicorn.

The nicest thing I have is definitely that handsome horse right there,. Also I could use a few more showjumps and a couple gallons of paint, but hey – they’re jumps, and they’re mine.

If you’ve spent any time around me at all this year, though, there are a few items that you’ve probably heard me talk about more than once. These things have shown themselves to be fantastic purchases, proving their usefulness over and over again to the point where I find myself constantly singing their praises, probably to the point of annoyance to some people. But buckle up, because you’re about to hear about them one more time. These are the top 3 MVP’s of 2018.


Alessandro Albanese Motionlite coat

I’ve had my eye on these things since they first came out, but since I already own a really nice custom coat, I couldn’t totally justify the purchase of another one. And then we decided to go show at Chatt. In Georgia. In July. That was the last push I needed to finally bite the bullet and buy one of these.

My only regret is that I didn’t buy it sooner. It’s SO stretchy, and SO comfortable, and SO lightweight. The air flows through the mesh so well that you can feel any little breeze. It washes easily, fits beautifully, the price point is completely reasonable, and I honestly can’t think of a single negative thing to say about it. If the weather is over 60 degrees, you will see me in this coat, for sure. I often find myself wandering around the showgrounds still wearing it, not even realizing that I’d forgotten to take it off. I want one in every color. Even if it cost twice as much, I would still buy it. If you show in hot weather, you NEED this coat. Period. I even convinced Bobby to buy one, and he’s the cheapest mofo I know.

Trailer Camera system

When I got my new trailer (you da real MVP of 2018, trailer, not gonna lie, but I thought that might be a little impractical on this list…) I knew without a doubt that I wanted a camera system in it. I haul a lot, I haul long distances, and with Presto being so young and precocious, I wanted a way to be able to make sure no one was in trouble back there. I left my tech guru father in charge of picking out the best camera for my situation, and I certainly have not been disappointed. Really I have no idea how I ever hauled without cameras back there. They were extremely easy to install and the peace of mind they’ve provided has been absolutely priceless.

I can see if they’re eating, if they’re sweating, what the airflow is like, if they seem fussy, or if maybe one particular little turd has managed to untie himself and get his head under the chest bar (AHEM looking at you, PRESTO). The picture quality is fantastic, and I have never once had any issues with interference. When I hauled Presto to FEH Championships in September, a cement truck pulled out in front of us and I had to slam my brakes on, barely missing his bumper. I could feel Presto scrambling in the back, but thanks to my camera I could quickly and easily check on him and see that he was fine, upright, and quickly went back to munching hay. I really can’t say enough good things about the value of having cameras in your trailer, and there’s no doubt that they could potentially help prevent a bad situation.

People love to comment and say “I wouldn’t be able to stop watching the camera!”. I always roll my eyes a little at that, because it’s ridiculous. As with anything else, you quickly adjust to just glancing at the camera sometimes, or when you’re stopped, keeping your eyes on the road the rest of the time just like you always do. So if you’re on the fence – install a camera system. You won’t regret it.


Tiger’s Tongue

I already reviewed this thing in depth, so I won’t go into all the details again, but if you’re looking for a cheap and easy thing to give as a gift or throw in your grooming bag, grab one or two of these. I use mine pretty much every day for a wide variety of applications. At only $6 this is an incredibly useful little item, and just when I think I’ve come up with all the possible ways to use it, I find another thing it’s good for. In one day alone I used it to scrub buckets, give my horse a bath, and clean Magic Cushion residue off of a boot – and it excelled at all 3 jobs. Cheap, versatile, and effective? Can’t beat that.


What are your favorite purchases of the year? Any must-have items?

22 thoughts on “Best Purchases of 2018

  1. Boy if you got Bobby to buy a coat it must be good cause he is the CHEAPEST person I know (and I never even met him YET since he somehow flies away on vacation every time i am in Austin, coincedence? I think not). Ha that is a great sales pitch. Buy one, Bobby even got one! 🙂

    I still have not gotten the Tiger’s Tongue!! Sheesh off to put it in a cart now….

    Camera system I totally agree, I am just lucky with my trailer the front windows allow me to glance and check where Remus is at all times and since I haul nowhere far lately I am fine. IF i ever start hauling long distances I might pick one up. BUT I do agree anyone with a trailer that they can’t see into and that haul farther than 10 minutes could use one!!

    That is a great list of MVP for 2018. Thanks for sharing! I should do this as a blog hop since I have so little content but not sure if I bought 3 things this year (I mean obviously I did but not all great important things HA)


  2. I’ve had the camera AND the Tiger’s tongue on my list since you posted about them. I’ve got a winter birthday and it seems like a great time for the camera. It would save me so much time to have the camera. I’m constantly stopping to check on the horses when I haul!


  3. Is that the same as the AA Horseware motion lite coat? I have been eyeing this too and am just waiting for one in my size!
    I’m really loving the Premiere Equine XC pad I bought. I bought it soley for the colour but it by far the best pad I have ever used.


  4. That coat is definitely on my wish list, as is the trailer camera. I keep looking up systems, searching reviews, then dramatically closing the computer lid because decisions are hard. And that top pic of H is gold.


  5. Just got a MotionLite coat, living in hot-as-hades FL, I am super excited to wear it! Wanted burgundy, Trainer made me choose between navy and black. I also want every color now, haha. Feels like a quality item, nice and substantial but cool, a little bit of stretch. Can’t wait to wear it in March at my young horse’s second show!!


    1. There are wipes at costco that come in green and yellow packages (I think the box holds 4 or 6 packages) and they remove magic cushion residue off your hands etc like magic. They are like industrial baby wipes.


  6. wow I can’t believe you got BOBBY to get one!! do they have a mens and womens version? or is it unisex? I wish the purple was a little less burgundy.. I like ONLY show when it’s boiling hot out and coats are usually waived.


    1. Also I’ve worn it at shows where coats have been waived, because I haaaaaaaate pictures without coats. I’m weird about that. But also I enjoy not passing out from heat stroke.


  7. I inquired at my local tack shop about the Tiger’s Tongues and they had never heard of them. Based on your initial rave review I STRONGLY encouraged them to get them in. Have yet to find out if they did or not but I really want one so going in my next RW order for sure!

    The coat looks great on you so glad yo are so happy with it. If I needed a new one I’d be all over one, providing they can accommodate non-regulation size boobs. As I’m sure others know you just aren’t supposed to be both busty and a H/J/E equestrian!


  8. Own lots of coats but never wear them. Hate them. They are restrictive and I don’t want to feel like something is pulling at my shoulder at the top of the arc. Borrowed a Motion Lite when I picked up a sudden catch ride in a class that required a coat and never looked back. I own (and wear) navy, light blue/grey, hunter and burgundy. I get sooooo many compliments on the burgundy (that like they blue/grey gets worn on the jumper) and I love that green is back for my brown hunter. Now to get rid of the rest of the coats that sit in the closet with tags still on them. My horses love the tigers tongue too. Even the fussy one. I want to put fans and a camera system in my new to me trailer which I love just a little too much.


  9. That jacket sounds wonderful for showing!!! I honestly don’t think I bought anything for my horses this year…my mom got a replacement halter and lead when my horse lost his halter which I ended up finding eventually. I guess college does that to you…


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