Fall has arrived

Ok, fall has not ACTUALLY arrived in Texas, it’s still 90 freakin degrees here. But the horses are getting fuzzy, the evenings are feeling a little bit less sweltering, and I don’t know about y’all but I’m damn ready for some hot chocolate and sweater weather. Aaaaaaany day now, Texas.

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Part of my impatience has to do with the flood of fall and winter apparel and equipment ads that are stacking up on social media and in my inbox. I look at those and pine for cozy sweaters and coolers, and then walk outside and get blasted in the face with heat and humidity. That isn’t enough to stop the pining though.

Riding Warehouse sent out an announcement the other day saying that they’re now carrying Carhartt, which made me wonder whatever happened to the old Carhartt jacket I had a billion years ago. When it came to winter barn chores, there was nothing better. So I marched off to Riding Warehouse, as one does on a regular basis if you’re me, to check out what else was new. It wasn’t long before I found myself in knee deep in fall and winter items.


We’ll completely ignore the fact that they carry Eskadron and LeMieux now. I’m not really into the matchy-matchy thing, but even my boring navy and white constitution can be swayed by a deep emerald or burgundy saddle pad. We’ll even keep scrolling past the new addition of Uckele supplements, which I am actually pretty psyched to see because now I don’t have to buy my copper elsewhere. No, friends, we must keep scrolling down the New Items page, all the way down to the one thing that truly symbolizes fall for me. My favorite apparel item on the planet. The ultimate in YAAAAAS PASS THE HOT CHOCOLATE.

Yup, you got it. The hoodie.

Yeah so maybe I have the fashion sense of a teenager, but there just isn’t a cozier item of apparel out there. The real tragedy is that I live in a place where you can only wear hoodies like 3 months a year. But this hunter green Horseware one? Um, yes please. They also have some cute baselayers that would totally work under a vest (my next favorite item of apparel) for riding. The green one might already be in my cart. Stop judging.

There are also a couple new shirt brands that I haven’t seen before – Aubrion and Chestnut Bay. Both have some cute things, although Aubrion is really into orange. Tis the season, I suppose.

My favorite item out of these new brands, though? This friggin adorable walk trot canter sweater. A horse sweater that isn’t cheesy, looks comfy, and has elbow patches? I need this. I will buy this. There is a 100% chance.

For the ponies, I was SUPER EXCITED to see that they’re carrying HUG blankets now. These are my #1 all time favorite, the only blankets EVER that have managed to not give Henry shoulder rubs. I already got one for Presto too. I hope enough people order these so that RW keeps carrying them… there for a while only Horseloverz had them in the 1200 denier, and that was really sad because Horseloverz and I are not friends.

I also noticed in all of my scrolling that there’s a new line of health and grooming products featuring CBD oil. I was wondering if/when this new craze was going to make it over to the equestrian world, and it seems we have arrived. I admit that I’m really curious as to how/if this stuff actually works… anyone tried it yet? It’s not exactly the cheapest.

Aside from the evil temptation that is Riding Warehouse, I also found myself staring wistfully at a few things on PS of Sweden’s website. I was pretty excited to see that they’ve relaunched their quarter sheets, although the design is different from their original model. I loved my old one because it had straps that buckled to the girth, which made it really stable and really easy to take off while I was riding. I have two monoflaps, so that style is especially appealing to me since I don’t like sitting on the material, and I don’t really like putting it over my legs, but I also need to be able to take it off easily. Their new wool quarter sheets and coolers are GORGEOUS, but the design is like a regular traditional quarter sheet. A bit of a bummer. They still look really nice though, so I’m debating between the Back on Track and the PS of Sweden. I like BOT stuff, but I also love wool, so I dunno. We’re still a couple months away from quarter sheet weather anyway.

PS always has the best pictures

I also like PSoS’s take on the elastic belt. Theirs incorporates their logo into the buckle and has all 3 of the best colors on the elastic – navy, burgundy, and hunter green. It would match basically everything I own. And at $45 it’s definitely cheaper than a Ruespari.

You know what else it would look good with? This sweater that I am really hopelessly unreasonably head over heels in love with. Green AND elbow patches??? Sold.

Has anyone else started to get excited about all the fall/winter items? What stuff is on your wishlist for the season?


17 thoughts on “Fall has arrived

  1. It is a high of 91F here today and tomorrow and…..The only time I miss living up north is the fall. There is something special about that inner feeling of “holy shit…its going to be dark and cold for months..lets eat all the things and stomp in the leaves and wear layers and eat all the things…did I mention eat all the things?” that you can’t replicate when it is still 90F out. None of my southern born friends understand it at all.

    I’m cheap though so I don’t buy much of anything ever. I do need to measure H’Appy for a blanket as of course the Doofus isn’t growing any winter hair at all while my two sane, normal horses are nice, fuzzy and prepared. I need to reevaluate my life choices.

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  2. I am PINING FOR FALL. OMG. I have Tate’s sheets and blankets in the tack room (Remus’s stash of sheets and blankets takes up three (YES 3!!) totes in my garage still. I am ready. I have started unpacking winter stuff from boxes (DANG I have a lot of hoodies (Love them too) and jackets and winter breeches..umm) I want some crisp fall weather damn it and I WANT IT NOW. (It was 95 here yesterday…and only 79 last nite…that is not FALL). Tate has almost a full winter coat it is amazing how thick his is and Remus is growing the goat whiskers and he has the trademark dapples coming in (he is fuzzier but not as bad as Tate) YOu would think TATE was the one who came from up North. ANYWAY I had a stack of catalogs by my chair in the living room and started leafing through and saw so many cute fall things I shut it up.

    I love the green sweater and the hoodie and i dont even like GREEN 🙂 I am glad RW is carrying HUGS I used to have one years ago. If Remus gets thru his seven thousand blankets maybe I will pick one up. I am so glad I never bought heavy blankets for Remus. He has one midweight at 100 gram and the rest are sheets i think. I think that will be perfect here. BUT I WANT A BIT COOLER WEATHER. So I feel you 100 percent 🙂 Also I want pumpkin spice coffee BUT REFUSE to buy it till it is cooler out 🙂

    Will Presto live with the donkeys all winter too? And I assume once the temps drop you will be gelding the big guy?? COME ON COLD WEATHER!!


  3. I will trade any of you. Fall means winter is coming and winter means dark, cold days of misery and snow and ice and all the other terrible horrible no good things.
    I will appease you for this post and say I like that hat (pom poms are fun) and that green sweater (elbow patches always). I don’t love hoodies, but I do love old school crew neck sweatshirts, so half a point there. And points for RW always for being the actual best.

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  4. I can speak for CBD’s qualities for humans.. oil (taken orally) helps with my anxiety and the times I’ve put lotion on my bad arthritic foot it has also helped a little with that. I think equine products would have to be pretty damn concentrated to do anything.. and the website for that lameaway product doesn’t mention the % of CBD it contains. Interesting.


  5. You are the WORST! I live in Illinois and it’s currently low 60’s and rainy and just crappy today, and I also have the fashion sense of a teenager and love sweatshirts and now I think I need an $80 sweater! It’s so friggin’ cute though, dang. I love my Carhartt jacket and bibs for the winter, especially wearing sweatpants or yoga pants under the bibs so that I’m not restricted as I would be in jeans. Soooo cozy. Now I’ve fallen into the rabbit hole that is RW’s website. Beanies with pompoms, ooooh!


  6. I’m with Holly. I LOVE fall, but it means winter is coming. Maybe a purple pom pom hat will make me feel better.
    As for CBD…
    We actually use it at the humane society I work at for the dogs and cats. We see a marked improvement with cats- it makes them less irritable.
    I used it for Stella, and it did nothing. But, ya know, it probably can’t cure all that comes with being a 15 year old dog…
    It’s supposed to help with physical pain and anxiety. I’m not sure it can be the miracle drug we all want it to be. And I agree that it is expensive. I just can’t imagine it would help horses as you’d need such a high concentration of it.
    Some people swear by it, and to them I say “YAY!” I’m just not on the band wagon. I’d love for there to be a few more published scientific studies behind it before I start throwing money at it…

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  7. I spent all my monies on the new Asmar Rider Jacket…sooo….no more for me….

    Except the hunter green Kastel I ordered….and whatever comes in with the winter orders that I like LOL.


  8. Love that RW is carrying Ukele now – thanks for the heads up. Curious about the copper. What let you know you needed to supplement – did you test hay/pasture? I think I have minerals balanced pretty well but my guy does drink iron heavy well water…


  9. Oh how timely – i was JUST shopping at RW and have a lovely cart loaded on another tab. I am a matchy matchy slave and I am drooling over the Eskadron teal bell boots! Does anyone have a current discount code?


  10. I hate fall and winter. Passionately. But I digress…
    I already ordered the sweater from PS of Sweden… and the quarter sheet. I mean, I’m riding now so…
    Probably gonna need that wak, trot, canter shirt though. I was just realizing I don’t have enough tops in the tan/brown family to go with all my green breeches.
    Also, can I just take a moment to appreciate your semi recent inclusion of hunter green in your life?


  11. yeah i live in the northeast and it’s not fall here either. world’s smallest violin, but I really miss it.

    I might buy that w/t/c sweater purely bc i love anything and everything with ELBOW PATCHES


  12. San Diego doesn’t have a winter. I barely need a sweater in the dead of winter here. I miss warm clothes. Those sweaters were so cute but there is literally no reason for me to purchase any of them.


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