Doodads and Doohickeys

One of the perks of all these orders I’ve been placing lately for trailer stuff is that I’ve also been able to toss in a bunch of small things that I’ve been wanting to buy for a while, but just haven’t. Either they’re items that wouldn’t get used a lot so I always forget about them, or they’re really small things only available a few places and I never had enough other stuff to order that could justify it. Because if there is a free shipping minimum, it’s like CHALLENGE ACCEPTED. But then I’m picky and can talk myself out of things just as easily as I can impulse add-to-cart, so it inevitably turns into an hour-long ordeal and I just give up. The complicated online shopping life of moi.

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One thing I’ve been meaning to buy FOREVER is the portable hanging tack hook like my trainer has. Every time we’re at a show together and she hangs that thing up I’m like omg I want that, look how much better that is, why don’t I have that. And then the show is over and I go home and literally never think about it again until we’re at the next show.

But I was ordering a couple of small things from Big Dee’s the other day, and set off on a quest around their site, looking for a few more things to add to my cart to hit the $70 free shipping minimum. My general approach is to browse through the site, add anything to the cart that I might need/want, and then go back to the cart at the end and start ruthlessly cutting whatever things I can’t really justify. Because that first pass always ends up at like $200+, and that’s dumb. Tell me I’m not the only one who does this?

Uh… just imagine this is the top of a stall front instead of a fence.

Anyway, as I was kind of mindlessly scrolling through the barn stuff, I spotted the folding tack hanger that Trainer has, and right below it, the tack hook. It all clicked and I finally remembered – OMG MUST BUY THIS, and was all too excited to add it to my cart. For a total investment of $15, I’m way more pumped about this thing than anyone sane would be. Especially because the PS of Sweden bridle crown is too wide for the stall front bridle rack that I had been using, and at Chatt it fell off that damn rack, into the dirt, right after I’d just finished cleaning it. Never again! The hooks on this prong are wider, plus its so much easier to clean the bridles when they’re hanging up at eye level and away from the wall.

I also tossed a Tiger’s Tongue into the cart, because I’ve heard people raving about this thing for a while. I decided I had to see what it’s all about. I’ve only played with it once, but so far I’m pleased. It really does do a great job with saddle marks, leg mud, and skin funk, at least, better than the jelly scrubber does. I could see using this for a wide range of things from soap baths to scrubbing buckets. We’ll test the bath theory today.

On one of my many Amazon exploits I finally remembered to toss a heavy duty expandable hose into the cart. I’ve been saying for THREE YEARS that I need to get a hose to bring to shows, because several times I have found myself right next to a spigot but without a hose. It was just kinda the same situation as the bridle hook… out of sight, out of mind. I have one now though, which probably guarantees that I will never find myself stabled near a spigot ever again.

Image result for heavy duty expandable hose

Yesterday I had a SmartPak gift card, so I finally caved and got the navy halter that I’ve been eyeballing since they first released it. Since I’m also on a “horse show stuff” kick, I was waffling about throwing this folding clothes rack in there. It would be nice to have somewhere better than a bridle rack to hang my coat, xc vest, helmets, etc, especially where they aren’t touching the usually dusty/dirty stall front. I just couldn’t decide how I felt about it though (it seems kinda big?), so in the end I decided to hold off. Does anybody have that rack, or use something else for hanging clothes near their stall at shows?

Mostly I’m trying to use this “trailer prepping” time to also re-think and re-organize my horse show setup as well. Do you have any cool little racks or tools or organizational items that you find to be super helpful at shows? I have saddle racks, and my cool new bridle hook, but maybe there’s another super handy thing that I’m missing out on. It’s just gotta either be collapsible/folding or small enough to easily pack in my trunk!

23 thoughts on “Doodads and Doohickeys

  1. i do the same thing with big ds… and then i get these emails like “you left something in your cart do you need help???”

    slow your roll bro, give it a week it’ll be full.


          1. I have a problem with how it hangs. The hook part only fits well on the stall fronts at a couple venues I go to… at the others, I have to shove something up under the hook (usually a roll of duct tape) to keep it upright and stable. I wish I had gotten the one with the little arm going down the front instead, that seems to work better on a wider variety of stall fronts.


  2. If I had a trailer, I’m pretty sure I would want a pegboard in it. They’re kind of one of those things that are like, “Eh, I don’t need that. It won’t actually be that useful.” And then you get it, and it’s like, “Wow, this is pretty awesome. How did I not have this in my life sooner?”


    1. I definitely DON’T want that in my trailer lol. I know myself too well, I would just end up with tons of shit all over the place, 99% of which I don’t need! I rarely show out of my trailer, so I don’t need to keep a bunch of stuff in it… otherwise it’ll just turn into a storage box.


  3. I online shop exactly like you do. My problem is that often one site will not have all the little odds and ends or specific brands that I need, so I’ll end up going back and forth between 2 or 3 sites, adding things to my cart to reach the minimum for free shipping, and then trying to decide which little bobble I can do without this time, and if it’s worth it to go above what I wanted to spend to get something that I really want and only kind of need, when there’s something on another site that I really need but don’t want to buy alone. I should probably just suck it up and pay for the damn shipping, I would probably save money that way lol.


    1. Same x 100! I love being able to price -compare and stack discounts. I totally build my ‘dream cart’ and pare it down to what I actually need and what gets me free shipping.


  4. Literally just went through this with SmartPak. Actually really needed one thing, but I was $25 away from the minimum. I just threw things into my cart as I went through the sale page, and then went back to my cart and culled until I was at a reasonable amount of items.

    I also just had to buy a few things for my trailer for basic maintenance (new seal on the door, new light for one of the running lights), and picked up one of those hoses. I’m pretty excited about it.


  5. Ugh, I end up with so much random stuff because I have some weird issue with paying shipping. I already told you I have a tack hook like that, but mine doesn’t collapse… and now I want the foldy one. You’re the worst. I like the idea of the clothes hanger too, but agree, a smaller one would be awesome.
    I keep one of these in the trailer tack room:
    I have a pretty wooden saddle rack that I keep the saddles on in the show tack room, but I use that little guy out back in the cleaning area. It also hangs fine on some baling twine again the back of a stall if there’s no place for a screw eye.


  6. me too, I load up the shopping cart then cut. As of right now this week i had a smartpak one going a stateline one going AND a scheider’s going. SOMEBODY STOP ME. I often get irritated that certain places don’t carry the same thing….(I want another aisle guard but schneider’s is the only one with the one i want that is reasonable priced and not kensington. But then another site has other stuff I want).

    Saying that i now want the tack hook you mention Amanda. And I need saddle racks but my tack room has solid walls in my barn so I can’t hang anything…I saw the triple saddle stand in TSC but not sure if I need all that I have one saddle and a spare.

    AND after cussing at hoses my first month here at home with the horses I finally caved and bought a hose like that. AND LOVE IT. It is bright green so I can see it and not think it is a snake (totally done that) and also it shrinks so takes up less room and it totally works without kinking. Great things love that hose 🙂


  7. My expanding hose is one of my favourite barn tools! It’s so nice when I comes time to coil it up and it shrinks down.. plus no kinks in the hose when you’re filling water troughs! Buy a sprayer/nozzle for it – my expandable hose turns into a flying snake when you turn it on without the water regulation of a handheld nozzle (bonus if you find one that’s on/off and doesn’t require you to hold it to keep the water on)!


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