Living the Dream

Sorry about the radio silence on Friday. I really really hate trying to write blog posts on my phone and by Friday I just Could Not deal anymore. Apparently I don’t skip days very much, since I had several people message me and ask if I was okay. Ha!

And I definitely have a whole lot to recap from the past few days, and the show, and all that stuff. Buuuuut as I type it’s midnight on Sunday and I’m in the backseat of a truck somewhere in the middle of Louisiana, and of course that means I’m still limited to my phone for writing posts. For my sanity, the real recaps can wait.

Sneak peek though! Thanks Lindsey for the pic!

Mostly I just want to say that my horse was so spectacular these past couple weeks and I couldn’t possibly be more proud of him. My heart almost can’t handle how fantastic he is. He’s not perfect, I’m not perfect, but he’s my wildest dream come true. That horse tried his little heart out for me both weekends, and I can’t ask for more than that. He is a quirky little weirdo but I wouldn’t trade him for all the tea in China. How I got lucky enough to stumble onto this horse, I have no idea.

Although I would have appreciated it if Equiderma hadn’t made all the hair fall out of his face

Chatt Hills was also really fantastic. The barns are incredible, the footing is lovely, and the courses – both stadium and XC – were challenging. It was 100% worth the trip and I’m so glad that I decided to go, even if it was pretty spur of the moment and a little last minute. The venue is top notch, Georgia was beautiful, and the weather this past weekend was phenomenal.

The second weekend also drew a lot of vendors since it was Area 3 Championships, and I got to meet a few people from companies I knew through Instagram. Everyone was so nice and great to talk to. I can’t wait to share a couple of these great small businesses with you guys. Also, shout out to the $2 snow cone vendor. They’re the real MVP of the show series.

Cute reversible bracelet!

I learned so much that I can’t even wrap my head around all of it right now. About my horse, about myself, about riding, about showing, and yeah… even about life. There’s always more to learn and more perspective to gain. The group that we went with really pulled together and rallied, and it felt like a genuine team effort in every regard.

I feel pretty lucky to have had the opportunity to go, to own the horse that I do, and to be able to make these memories. Is this even real life? It was a great time and I can’t wait to do it all again next year (although I admit my vote would be for Coconino again). But for now, Henry gets to go home and enjoy an extremely well-earned summer vacation.

14 thoughts on “Living the Dream

  1. Wait, Equiderma made his hair fall out?? I was just considering buying the lotion to try on Rio’s nose, where some hair has fallen out already and he has some flaky skin. Should I avoid it?


      1. Equiderma (lotion) scalded the hair off of Val’s cannons once. I was thinking it might have been that they weren’t totally dry when I applied it – sweaty + humidity maybe? Congrats on the fabulous horsecation. Looks like it was a blast 😀


    1. Test products on a less visible spot to see how your horse reacts to it. Learned this the real hard way with MTG oil, which everyone on the internets loves, but it burned half my horse’s mane off. Equiderma on the other hand really helps my horse’s sweat itch, which nothing else worked for. I also use their neem shampoo and I love it.


      1. I used it on his cannons, and while it didn’t help at all, the hair didn’t fall out there. I think it was something in combination with sweat. His face sweats a lot, pretty much every/all afternoon in the summer.


  2. that definitely sounds like the stuff of dreams – i’m so glad you had such a good time! henny definitely seems like a special horse and was lucky to land with you, and even luckier that he turned you back on to eventing lol


  3. I’m so glad you went! Clearly, you had an amazing time, and sounds like Henry did too! I love the stuff from MARE (I think that’s the brand? of the bracelet). I just started following them on instagram a few weeks ago.
    Anyway, congrats on a fantastic show and having found Henry all those years back 🙂


  4. Sounds like a fantastic experience! Can’t wait to read more. Also I just wanted to acknowledge how much work you’ve put in the help make Henry the awesome horse he is! Don’t sell yourself short. 😊


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