Chatt: The In-Between

After the show ended on Sunday we packed all our stuff up and headed back to “base camp” a couple hours away in Alabama. That way the horses could get turned out, the humans could get a little R&R, and we could do some schooling before heading back to Chatt Hills for week 2.

In case you forgot, base camp does not suck

And what have we been up to since then? A lot.

Monday was your typical post horse show day of errands and laundry. The horses got turned out immediately when we got home on Sunday and stayed out until early Monday morning. They seemed happy and refreshed. I got to work washing all the saddle pads from the weekend in the barn’s washer and dryer, and getting all that red Georgia clay out of my XC boots.

My loves

Then I ran some errands, including a trip to the real fancy Walmart in Leeds, Alabama. If you have never been to a Walmart in a small town in Alabama, I highly recommend. It’s everything you would expect it to be. 10/10, must see.

Very prominently displayed on the center aisle

Due to the possibility of someone coming to pick up the jumps that were in the ring, we moved our jumping day up and did some grid work on Tuesday. We set up a crossrail, one stride to vertical, one stride to oxer, and then a small plank 2 bending strides to the left of the oxer and a small plank 2 bending strides to the right of the oxer. You had to think fast, have good body control, and slow the feet down a bit. This was a good exercise for pretty much all the horses.

The only real casualty of the day was my finger, which got a plank dropped on it while we were setting jumps. It doesn’t hurt enough to be broken, it’s just swollen and kinda funky-looking. I rubbed some dirt in it, it’s fine.

Yesterday morning I got woken up at 3am by flashes of lightning and distant rumbles of thunder. Sound familiar? Yeah I pretty much had a repeat of last week’s warrior dash, just a new middle-of-the-night version. I’m getting pretty good at dragging lots of horses up the hill to the barn at once. Seriously Alabama, we aren’t friends anymore. There was a 5% chance of rain overnight. FIVE. I released a lot of expletives when I opened my radar app.


After a change of clothes (because I was literally soaked through with sweat) I managed to get back to bed for a couple more hours of sleep before getting up to feed the horses. Once everyone else showed up we all hopped on for a quick dressage school, then headed out for a trail ride over the mountain. We went up, we went down, we went through, we went under… it was legit. We’re definitely not in Texas anymore!

Whoa wild event horse
I got tired. Too much running at 3am.

Today we’re doing more intensive dressage rides and running through our tests, then tomorrow morning we head back to Chatt to do the whole thing over again.

I could really get into this whole adult summer camp thing that I’ve got going on here. I’ve got my pony, I’ve got some books… all I’m really missing are the s’mores.

This is the proper way to ice a finger, right?

And Presto of course. But the barn worker sent me a video of him the other day and said he’s doing just fine. I’m sure I miss him way more than he misses me.

9 thoughts on “Chatt: The In-Between

  1. what a great fun time you are all having (besides the 3 am storm and the finger being swollen, OUCH) And how cool you get to stay in between at such a cool place sure beats 2 weeks in your truck tent!! 🙂 And yes we went out yesterday in stifling heat to our walmart (HA same kind of stuff in ours) and coming back up the drive I was like what’s that?? Damn huge ass tree branch fallen off in our driveway. So I have to think a mini-storm came through while we were out. It is crazy the amount of pop up storms I have seen in the few weeks I have been here. Never last long, and go quick but can hit in the middle of the night or in broad sunlight, never even clouding over. WEIRD. And it bodes well that I am going to have a few 3 am calls like that once Remus is here. UGH…..

    Have fun, good luck this weekend and Presto will be SO excited when you return (Not really HA) That video was hysterical btw of Presto that I saw. 🙂


  2. This is the perfect type of vacation in my opinion! Well, besides the swollen finger and rainstorm warrior dashes. Henry’s face in the bareback lying down pic is so perfectly him.

    And hey, don’t knock the redneck farmer overalls haha! My husband has those same ones hahahahahahaha for doing barn chores! And in this heat he often doesn’t wear a shirt underneath…’s….an interesting look LOL!!!!


  3. All I can really say is HOW JEALOUS I am of this adult summer camp. I need this in my life!

    A week to get away from work filled with beautiful properties, big trail rides and lessons sandwiched between two comps.



  4. Oh shit, that finger does look broken tho. Seriously. It might just be a hairline fracture but if it swells up like that and doesn’t get any better in the next day or two I would get it checked out. Speaking from several broken fingered experience here, unfortunately. 😛 On a better note, it seems you’re living the dream!!!


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