Take My Internet Away

You know when you’re doing so well with resisting the urge to buy things, not looking at sales, and talking yourself out of stuff you don’t actually need?

This is not one of those times for me.

Yeah I know, as of Monday I was doing pretty well. I’d resisted the idea of buying a new coat and a new pair of breeches for Chatt. All I’d really succumbed to was a package of Quick Knot. Okay, that was actually a lie. The Quick Knot was the only show-related thing I had succumbed to. Okay, that’s still a lie. I forgot about the fact that stupid Dover got me with their stupid 50% off sale and I grabbed a few shirts (the shirts don’t get called stupid because I like them. Just Dover and their sales are stupid, even if they do manage to get me like once a year with something and then I feel really dirty afterward for months. Is there a 12 step program for this?).

To be fair, the shirts averaged out to $25 each. It barely counts.

The things I deliberately didn’t mention on Monday (and they’re really small things, so again – BARELY COUNTS) are:

1) A noseband taper gauge

I actually mentioned this handy dandy little tool in my post a couple weeks ago about nosebands. I was intrigued by it, but too cheap to buy it and pay the shipping from the UK. Plus, like… why do I need to own one of these, aside from sheer curiosity and an obvious lack of impulse control? Oh right, I don’t. BUT THEN, as if by sheer magic, Blackjak Refinery posted on Instagram saying they had a few extras for sale, and it was really cheap and I was like omg nifty little toy thingy ooo shiny and then I dunno, I blacked out or something and ta-da now I have a noseband taper gauge.

I’m insane.

I already played with it on my own bridles (I actually DO have “2 fingers” of space in there, by their standard!) so I don’t really know what to do with it now. I really want to go full batshit and volunteer for bit check somewhere and run my own private study on what % of people have their nosebands set to what adjustment, but I figured that might get me volun-fired and volun-told not to come back. So instead I’m thinking that if anyone else out there wants to try this out and check their own nosebands against an actual measurable standard, let me know and I’ll let you borrow it. But if you lose it or don’t send it back I will absolutely 100% send a glitter bomb to your house because yes I would in fact have your address. Make good choices.

Image result for petty gif

2) A bonnet for Presto

Yeah I know, you’re sitting there screaming “You idiot, he’s a YEARLING!”. You’re not wrong on either count. See, what had happened was, I was sitting there chatting with Sierra of If the Bonnet Fits about how funny it would be if Presto had a bonnet with spikes. He’s so freaking punk rock/emo with his side eye and his “whatever, man” attitude and his ridiculously voluminous hair. If any horse ever deserved a spiked bonnet, it’s him. And then Sierra is all like “I can make anything, just watch” and then again I blacked out and a few months later, BOOM.

looks normal from here
but then – teeny spikes!

Tell me it’s not magnificent.

Actually don’t, because I love it and it’s okay if you don’t. But yeah, that’s how the yearling got a bonnet even though he’s at least 2 years away from realistically wearing one. If you came to my blog looking for good decisions and things that make sense, you made a wrong turn.

But those were the only 2 (ahem 5) things I didn’t fess up to earlier. And they’re all in the “under $50” category so none count.

Image result for logic gif

Then, yesterday happened. I’m still not sure if we should call it an epic win or an epic fail, but here’s how it went down.

I’ve been keeping my eye out for a good deal on a new schooling helmet for the past few months. I wanted brown, and I’d narrowed it down to either a Samshield or a One K, whichever I could find the best deal on. I even got in low-key bidding wars over a couple of new-in-box helmets on ebay, but both went above what I felt was the price that warrants FANTASTIC DEAL in my mind. No problem, I’m not in a hurry. I can hold out for the deal.

Yesterday an auction was ending on another one of these ebay new-in-box helmets, a brown One K in a large long oval (which is like, semi-miraculous in and of itself to be able to find the exact weird thing I need). I’m feeling extra penny-pinching these days since I just mailed off 2 horse show entries, so I set up an auction price for something even lower than my previous FANTASTIC DEAL price and promptly forgot about. I figured no way it would go for that, since even with several hours left to go it was already only $15 less.


Then, while I was waiting for that auction to end, a friend messaged me and said that eBay had a 20% off code running for the day. While that was not applicable to an auction item like the helmet, something else did immediately spring to mind. A few days prior (when I was being a big whiny baby about whether or not I should just bite the bullet and buy the Motionlite coat) I had seen a UK seller with a few different colors and sizes of new Motionlites listed around $175. When I looked before they didn’t have my size available, but when I wandered back this time, they did. So I was like “hmmm, wonder if that coupon code works on this?”. So I put it in, and it DID. Now it was $137 with free shipping. Whuuuuuut. Another blackout, and I awoke to another completed Paypal transaction. Maybe I should see a doctor about this.

Image result for motionlite navy

As I was heading to facebook to tell everyone else about this fabulous deal, I got a “Pay Now” message on my ebay. I had won the brand-new-in-box One K for $99. Again: whuuuuuuuuuut.

So while, yes, I did not intend to make any of these purchases, I don’t feel particularly guilty about them either. However, I’m officially cutting myself off.


Because let’s face it, I really just can’t be trusted with the internet.

24 thoughts on “Take My Internet Away

  1. While I chickened out on buying the burgundy coat (thanks to Kelly and her USEF rules stalking) I did share the sale with one of my horsey besties and she got a navy one! Yay!


  2. The worst part for me is how easy it is to talk myself out of non horsey impulse buys… but something horse related? Take my money. Take all of it. Why is everything so pretty? Why do I need it all? Why can’t I control my grabby hands?

    Honestly I just try not to check my bank account while I sit around a pile of my beautiful things, rocking back and forth and giggling softly.


    1. Yeah I’m the same. I can’t remember the last time I bought an item of clothing that wasn’t for riding. Or didn’t try to buy the cheapest of any particular item in the grocery store. But horse stuff – TAKE MY MONEY.


  3. Oh.. damn it. I don’t suppose you’d be willing to share the link for the eBay seller with the cheap motionlite coats? Asking for a friend. Who just recently said she has to sell her old coat first. Yep.

    Hope you like your One K. I switched to them last year and I don’t think I’ll ever wear any other brand.

    Liked by 1 person

  4. This is my favorite post you’ve ever written.
    Now a few things… I need the link to the olive shirt you got, because someday I will show again, and I need that.
    As for the bonnet, I LOVE it! I ordered 6 new bonnets from Sierra just before my horses both took up retirement. I’m not canceling either. So who’s making bad decisions now?
    I think you’ll like the One K. I find them really comfortable. And that’s a great deal!
    If you need to feel less bad about yourself, just save yourself a photo of my boot cabinet.


  5. I have been wanting to buy a Motion Lite since I found that seller on ebay a couple months ago. I don’t show and haven’t in years, but I just want one anyway. I love the One K helmets. The store where I work carries them and I have been wanting to try on a long oval. The regular fit just isn’t quite right. Which is pretty much the story with every helmet I try on since my head is stupidly oval shaped.


  6. I refuse to take your internet away, because I live vicariously through you for horsey shopping, and also I rely on you to be a guinea pig and try things out before I buy them. I actually commented, though, to ask which shirts those are? I particularly like the one in the middle.


  7. I was so close to putting a Soloshot in my cart because of that eBay 20% off. But for once, reason kicked in, and I didn’t. Mostly because the Pixio is a much better option for me. So if I sell a saddle I have to sell…..


  8. Hahahaha, I love it and I admit I am totally the same way. What is even life if you are not awaiting a horse related purchase in the mail? And please volunteer with the noseband thingy and run a study. That made me snort out loud but now I am intrigued haha.


  9. Ohhhhhhh wish you hadn’t told me about the AA coat…..La la la la…..pretending I did not just read this! VA is soooooo humid!


  10. I would love to get my hands on the noseband measuring tool. I am a TD for WE and am working the National Championship show this year. Where do I buy one or can I buy it from you..


  11. Suggest take the noseband-thing to the next volunteer bit check, and let people play with it and measure their own nosebands. Probably a lot of people would like to see where they are on the green plastic noseband scale, if they aren’t being measured by an official but are doing it themselves. 🙂


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